Twinj: The Group Of My Love #SS (Shot-1)

Twinj: The Group Of My Love #SS (Shot-1)

Hey All!! Thank u very much for your appreciation..It means a u All!! I know that I m late but better late than never..Hehe!! Let’s start with the first shot..
@Taneja Mansion
A room is was a lavish room with three walls painted in royal blue while the fourth one was of navy blue..near the navy blue wall it was the entrance..n a bed was kept there..A huge one..The wall was decorated with some photo frames that were placed correctly on their places..on the other side of the room..It contained a study table..n a book shelf..While on one corner a guitar was placed..on the right side it had a door for washroom..A huge wardrobe of white colour..n on the wall some random pictures were hanged..n on the left side of the room..It had a balcony..The balcony also consisted of a couch n also a swing of wooden chair..There were some pots with different types of flowers kept in order..Some were on ground while some were kept on the a dressing table is shown where a girl is seen getting ready..she was wearing a blue faded jeans n a black shirt..she was doing her hair while singing ‘mere khwabo me jo aaye…’ ..The girl is revealed to be Twinkle…
Screen shifts to sarna mansion..
@Sarna Mansion
Here a room is shown…This one is also a lavish the walls were painted in black with some musical signs with white colour..Two walls of the room were covered with the picture of some side of the Room that is opposite to the door was having a huge wardrobe of translucent glass..With white borders..on one side there was the way to washroom n the rest of wall was covered by a big book the opposite side there was a way to balcony that had a swing..n beside the balcony there was a window..n a study table was kept near the a king sized bed is shown..near to the bed two tables were kept on respective sides..n near to the table..A dressing table was a masculine figure is shown sleeping under the red blanket..His blanket is slowly sliding down..n he is revealed to be..kunj..of course…
Screen shifts to Apex International College..

@Apex International College
4-5 people are shown standing under a huge tree..They were chit chatting n waiting for someone..just then twinkle comes there n they all hi-5 with each other..They were still standing..waiting for someone else..just then UV comes there n says hi to everyone..everyone wishes him..
UV: “Mera hi wait kr re the na?” (U all were waiting for me No?)
Jas: “Bandaron ke liye wait kr ne ka hamare pass time ni h..” (We don’t have time to wait for any monkey..)
While all laugh..
UV: “Kya baat h..khud ke liye bhi kabhi wait ni kiya?” (Wow! Does that mean u never waited for yourself too?)
Jas: “Hahaha! Not soo funny..”
Twi: “Haa yrr..For whom r u Waiting?”
Priya: “Tere pati parmeshvar ke liye..” (For ur husband)
Twi: “Maar khayegi tu pri…” (I will beat u pri)
All laugh..
Aaku: “Are someone callHim no..”

Aamu: “Kyu Tere me balance ni H? ” (Why don’t u have Balance? )
Rohan: “Tum sab kisi kaam ke ni ho..mai hi phone krta hu..” (U all are useless..I m only calling..)
Sam: “Bhai Tu samjhta Kya h hame..?” (Bro what do u think of Us?)
Jas: “Wahi to..abhi ruk..twinki phone lagati h..” (Yes..wait for a moment..twinkle is gonna call him..)
Aaku: “Haa..or Tere se jaldi to twinki ka phone uthaega wo..” (Yes..n he will pick up her phone quicker than urs..)
Twinkle looks at her suspiciously..
Aamu: “Oh come on Aaku..twinki ka Kya kisi bhi ladki ka phone uta lega..haina? ” (Oh come on Aaku..not only of twinkle’s but he will pick up any call that is from a girl..Right?)
All: “Yep!”
Twinkle (sighs) : “Mujhe call wall ni krna..ladki h Kya vo jo itna time laga ra? ” (I won’t he a girl that he is taking soo much time to get Ready?)
Rohan: “WHAT!!”
Soo here I end this shot..I know ki it’s too short..but I have my papers n I m writing..though I thought to wrote after papers but then diwali will arrive…so thought to post it now..I know bohot bakwaas tha..but do share ur views..n I hope that the room description was good..I know ki in this shot it was just their room description..hehe..but I didn’t knew what to write..n when I started writing I thought to start from there..n about the last scene..Think what will time I will surely try to post longer..plzz forgive me..n I m very happy with the response I got on the intro..hope I will get this support further Too..
N I m once again sry to each n every writer..I m really busy..I posted this shot because of Aamu dii..though she said to take my time but I realised that it would be hell late after my exams..soo all credit goes to papers will end on 14th..soo I hope I would be able to give u regular updates..but I have another paper on 15th..on unwanted paper..its FIITJEE paper..n I have to give it.. ??..but I will try to give regular updates..hope..
Thank u all for taking ur time out n reading this shot..
N sry for this stupid comment guys..
Take Care..
Love u all..

  1. Aashiya

    Wow. This is really amazing chotu. I love you. It was really superb. All the best for your exams. Well I had messaged you. So if you get time,reply. Love you?????
    Wow babe,you gonna be a FIITJEEAN. Then we will be in the same category of FIITJEEANS. All the best again baby. Wish you all the luck. Rock big bang??

  2. It’s lovely

  3. short tha lekin superb tha ye episode
    next time yrrr long episode chahiye hume ok
    post soon dear
    luv u dear

  4. wow that was amazing
    post when u get time
    all the best for ur exam
    keep writing

  5. wow that was amazing jas
    post when u get time
    all the best for ur exam
    keep writing

  6. That’s was amazing.

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    Aww thank u sooo much jas posting for me…
    Thank u so much again..
    And ye tha chota packet bada dhamaka?..
    I was laughing reading our dialogues??..

    Mera wala
    “Kyu Tere me balance ni H?”
    Haha sachchi maza aaya..
    I can post whenevev u have time..
    Really loving it..

    Love u?❤

  9. Twinj2000

    That was just amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    But Kunj ki thik se entry abhi baaki hai ?
    Plzzz Post soon??
    Waiting ??

  10. Presha

    Loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u

  11. Twinj

    Iss xm ko toh may aaj maar he dalungi….kya likha hae fir itna maazedar convo. chal raha tha and just becoz of xm u ended it…anyway it was blast entry se lekar convo. tak…mindblowing… uv ko bhi gang may include kiya well done???…
    post asap…ache se paper dena…love u bahat sara….posr asap

  12. Baby

    geez am sorry am hell late love u ♥
    awwwwww ♥
    jasmin i thought when i was not included in friends group insta wale tu mujhe bhul gayi hahaha ♥ hayeeeee thnku soooooooo mch sry yrrr late hogayi read krne ein isko but busy thi n ab thod free hui hun coz of diwali week ♥ but trust me am so happy to knw ki u r living d idea of this he never confessed me until gosh promise u specially for u it will be asap posted on TU ♥ i will try thoda chot hua toh bura mat manna vaisee i will try to make it big ♥
    or merko lagta hai this page was just waiting for my comment hainaa hainaaa hahaha 🙂
    thanku sooooo much ♥
    or yrrr by god ki kasam am sooooo vry astonished and am soo vry adoring ur dis fs ♥
    in love wid it ♥
    love u sooooooooooooo mch ♥
    ab tune post toh kar hi dia hai toh udhar hi milti hun muaaahhh ♥
    ae le lo dikhaaayaaa hi kun inhone ki i can post cmnt here dekh i wrote whole of it n wen i posted it showed dat cmnts r closed for this item uuhhhh soo sadd yrrr but dont worry yeh cmnt mein terko 1st wale epi par bhej rhi hun *pout*hmm cute ya angry pata nahi hahaha ♥
    love ya ♥

  13. Baby

    JAS ♥ comment now for this episode ♥
    Ggosh sooooo pretty rooms hayeeeeee ♥i will die ♥
    it was speechless ♥
    amazing yrr sooooo awesome lovely ♥
    cute hahaha friends ki chats god ♥
    crazy loved it ♥
    marvelous ♥
    n all d vry vry best for ur exam ♥
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    love u lots n lots n lots chotii sisiee ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    kasam lage bhagwaanji ki loved it ♥

  14. Superb episode
    Loved Loved loved it????
    Post when u will get time??
    By…All the best for ur exam
    Love u

  15. Nishuu

    Superb episode

  16. Jas it was amazing awesome yaar
    Don’t think as stupid
    It’s so beautiful the way you described
    I’m so sorry for late
    Was busy
    Love you

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