Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 22

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Episode 22

All Maheshwaris and Gadodias are gathered in the dining hall except SwaSanSia and Ragini. The reports will arrive at sharp 11. Now it is morning 9. Swasan aren’t came back and RagLakSia were slept in Laksh’s room. Laksh was feeling restless due to the absence of Ragini in the dining hall. Sia marched to the dining hall with shouting and screaming…

“??aww my seat is missing.”

There isn’t any seat was there for our Cutie pie.

Suj: Chori there isn’t any space left for you here. Tell your Mumma to bring food for u??.

Sia: But Mumma Paapa is not here.

Suj: Haan theek hai and none won’t die in the lack of breakfast for once??.

Sia: Toh theek hai aap mat khao. I’m hungry.

She snatched Sujata’s plate and dare to eat.

Lak: Dragon come here. I am leaving and my seat gonna be vacant.

Annapoorna surprised to see son’s joys are coming back. The fun of talking was lack in his voice post his son’s death. AP glanced at Sia, she felt something special for Sia. She desired for pampering her.

AP: Sia beta come I will feed you.

Sia:? ? really. Ok I am coming aur vaise bhi Maa kehti hai ki Sia sabki dil mein basti hai. Hmm??.

She scoffed at Sujata and left.

Ragini brought SwaSan back to house. Ragini recieved a call and left outside. Swara closed door and checked time.

“Hmm one and half hour is sufficient.”

San: What happened Swara.

She wrapped around his back.

Swa: Nothing I am gonna make you mine by all means right now.

San: Swara are you…

Swa: Yeah honey I’m crazy. Crazy about you.
San: but now, no Sweetheart plz wait for at least n8.

Swa: No then you have to wait for at least 6 or more months.

San:?? Why???

Swa: Look at my face.

San: kk ☺☺ I just want to see this face till my last breath.

Swa: Jitna dekhna hai dekhlo because you can’t even see this face anymore.

San: ?? R u gonna leave me.

Swara clutched his hair and furiously moved his head to behind. Sanskar achingly stared at the ceiling with his widened eyes.

Swa:?? never ever, I will follow you in every births. I am your blessing, I am your curse??. I’m your happiness and I’m your sorrow. I am your fortune and I am your misfortune ??.

She released her hands from his hair and pulled him to the bed. He had only seen lust in her eyes.

She lustfully stroked his whole body and unfolded his mysteries. But his fabrics doesn’t left his whole body. Changed him like a frog for dissection.

“Today I will make you mine by all means and tomorrow Chahat will make you her.”

San: What…

She laughed loudly. Sanskar abrubtly wore his dress again.

Swa: Today Swara will pass away and Chahat Chahat only Chahat hahaha.

San: What the hell, shut up Swara and tell me who is she???

Swa: Sanskar Chahat is fortune and Swara is inauspicious.

She hugged and cupped his face like a psycho.

“San Sans Sanskar please give yourself to Swara. At least give her this one fortune b4 leaving.”

She walked a little….

Swara will die today haan haan she will die.
San: Swara stop this nonsense. I told you earlier also that dont dare to commit suicide ??.

Swa: Seriously Sanskar??? I have a loving family and how can I commit suicide??
But Swara will die tonight. Today everything will be over everything. Our facts will come out. Then mistress, stepmother no no nooooooo

She screamed…

Swa: I’m gonna create my fake death and then a plastic surgery simple.

Then I will enter in your lives as her real mother.

San: Shut up Swara ? I am in love with you but it is not meant that I will accept ur each n every madness??.

Swara: Means you are only loving my appearance.

Sans: swara tum baat ko kahan se kahan lekar jaa rahi ho. Please try to understand. It is really very dangerous.

After a lots attempts also he failed in front of Swara and accepted her decision. She got well dressed in a red sleeveless gown and Sanskar looked on.


Annapoorna hugged Swara and happily handovered her hereditary jewelries to Swara.

AP: Thank you so much Swara. You gifted us our successor. You are our Sia’s Mother.
SwaSanRag and Sujata are shocked.

To be continued…

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