Raglak ff: She is my wife (part 17)

Later, Laksh came inside his room and was about to wear his blazer, he found Ragini sitting in balcony with a juice in her hand and beautiful smile in her face, obviously because of morning incident. Laksh smirked and thought of a new plan. He put his blazer aside and rolled up his sleeves till his elbow. He sat on the couch and opened his laptop bag and took some file and started to work at home. Ragini noticed this and she was about to ask ‘why he didn’t go to work at office?’ but stopped herself as she don’t want him to think that she cares for him. So she just left the room casually. Laksh knows what is going on in Ragini’s mind which widens his smirk. He started to work there and asked Sanskar to attend his meetings.
By 11’o clock, Laksh felt tired and he wanted some coffee. He was about to call someone for coffee, but at that time Ragini entered and kept coffee on the night stand. Laksh gave a sweet smile to Ragini and said ‘thank u’. But Ragini glared at him and said ‘Don’t think that I have bought coffee because I cared for u. It’s because maa asked to give it to u. That’s it. Don’t over imagine. Okk?’ She said with an attitude look. Laksh felt hurt and his face showed that to Ragini but still he masked it with a cool look and said innocently ‘At least I have my mom to care for me.’ He said that to see Ragini’s reactions but Ragini was already in her world seeing Laksh’s hurt face. Laksh’s eyebrows frowned in confusion of what Ragini is thinking. He goes near Ragini and gently touched her shoulders and asked ‘R u fine Ragini?’ At that time only Ragini came out of her world and looked at Laksh’s eyes. His eyes were full of care, love and also hurt. She was lost in that pool of emotional eyes. Whereas Laksh was searching in Ragini’s eyes for what she was thinking. Their cute eyelock was broken when Uttara came asked the both to come down. They both nodded and felt embarrassed when she gave a naughty smirk and wink while leaving. They composed themselves and went down.
Everyone was present there including Shekhar and Sharmistha. They all were chit chatting. Laksh gave a broad smile to everyone whereas Ragini was seemed to be lost somewhere. When they called out her name she looked at them and just simply smiled. No one noticed that the smile as fake but Laksh did. He was feeling that she was disturbed due to some reasons. He couldn’t point out the reason but still he can feel that she is disturbed, upset and sad too. Laksh didn’t want her to be like this. So he went to the middle of the hall and said.

Laksh: Excuse me everyone! Can I gain ur attention please!?
Everyone looked at Laksh and smiled at him but Ragini looked at him with frowned eyebrows. Laksh gives a cute smile to his lady love and faced everyone. That one cute smile made Ragini’s disturbed face to have a calm look.
Laksh continued: Actually I got a sudden idea. So what I am thinking is ‘everybody is here and so I wish we could have some family time’!?
Everyone looked at him with confusion and suddenly Swara: But already we r having it naa Laksh?
Everyone nodded to Swara’s question with confused look. Laksh smiled and said: Yes we r, but I am having plans to make it more interesting. (He said it like a small kid.)
Everybody chuckled hearing at his eagerness and excitement in his tone including Ragini, which made Laksh’s day. He finally let out a relieved sigh and smiled genuinely at Ragini who was already looking… no…admiring at his each and every action.
Laksh continued: Lets’ play some games, teasing, pulling each others’ legs, singing, dancing, some romances too.
He winked when he said the last part which made the ladies blush (including Ragini) and younger men to have a mischievous grin and elder men to look blankly.
Laksh raised his eyebrows and asked: What say my dear family?
His excitement, eagerness, lovely words and his tone made everyone to accept that plan. Even Ragini too was excited!! They decided to play after lunch.
After lunch, all reassembled in the hall and Laksh came infront of everyone with a bowl full of white papers. He shakes it and looked at everyone only gaining ‘now what is this?’ look. He just smirked.
Laksh: So as I said before, we r going to have a superb family time. I assure that to u all. So now, this bowl has some papers with some words. Everyone should come and pick up one paper and should do whatever is mentioned in that. Am I clear? (Everyone nodded.)

Suddenly Sujatha asked: What if anyone doesn’t?
Laksh gave a mischievous smile and said: Then they r the one going to entertain us the whole day by opening and doing what is mentioned in all the papers from the bowl. (All gasped hearing it. Laksh gave a smirk and asked) so r u ready for it anyone?
Everyone shook their head in no which made Laksh grin. So gents were asked to do it first and so it started from elder men. DP was the first to take a paper. Everyone was eagerly waiting to know what is written in the paper. At that time, DP murmured ‘Should kiss ur loved one infront of everyone on their forehead showing ur love for them to everyone.’ Everyone gasped hearing that except Laksh as he is the one wrote every condition on that paper. Slowly DP’s eyes moved towards AP who instantly blushed feeling his gaze on her. Everyone looked at the old couple with awe. DP moved slowly towards AP while everyone was looking at them without even blinking. But DP stopped before Laksh. Everyone looked at him with confusion except AP. DP cupped Laksh’s face and kissed his forehead. Laksh closed his eyes. It was a beautiful lovely calm and powerful kiss which had so much love and concern. Laksh opened his eyes and it was all teary and so was AP’s. Everyone was looking at this beautiful scene with genuine smile and adoring eyes.
DP: Laksh! I love everyone but didn’t show it up. Everyone knows that especially u. I was always scolding u and dominating u and commanding u. I just did that only for ur better future. U r a naughty and mischievous child, everyone adored u including me. But I adored u secretly. I was feared about ur future Laksh. And so I became a strict, commanding and a dominating father to u. I know that u know all these things but still I am saying because I want to say that I really love my son! I want to say that I am proud of my son! I am happy to see my son successful in both inside and outside the house. I love u beta!
Laksh’s tears were falling like waterfalls. He couldn’t control them, he let them out in his father’s embrace. They both shared a beautiful father-son moment. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Ragini kept her hand on AP’s shoulder and they both smiled genuinely admiring their bond.
Laksh broke the hug and said with a beautiful smile: I love u too dad!
DP smiled widely and kissed his forehead once again. After their father-son moment, it was Shekhar’s turn to take the paper. Everyone was just looking at Shekhar who was having the paper. He murmured ‘Should give a name to ur husband/ wife/ lover’. Now everyone’s eyes were on Shekhar and Sharmistha.
Shekhar just thought for a while and said: Iron Lady.
Everyone looked at Shekhar for a reason for that name. Shekhar: Iron Lady because she stood in the society with her own leg and brought up Swara. She crossed all the taunts and evil eyes of society not only as a daughter and mother but also as a lady. She is a hardworking lady who never gives up in her words. She stood strong even after bearing maa’s torture and knife like words on her. I really adore that nature. So only I am naming her as ‘Iron Lady’.
He said while looking into Sharmistha’s eyes and all others gave a proud smile to Sharmistha. Shekhar and Sharmistha had a beautiful eyelock.
Later it was RP’s turn. He opened the paper and gulped reading it ‘Should paint ur husband/ wife/ lover’s face without showing their face in mirror’. Everyone tried to stop their laugh by biting their bottom lip except Sujatha who was sending daggers to RP. RP pleaded her with puppy face and finally she let him to paint her face but all the while whining like a child. RP painted interestingly on her face and all were eagerly waiting to look at her face. Ragini grinned like a kid who is going to get chocolates. Laksh admired Ragini’s face. He felt relief and happy when he saw her happy face with no worries.
At last RP painted and slowly showed Sujatha’s face to everyone. All stood frozen on their place. It was Sanskar who started to laugh at first. Then everyone started to laugh loudly holding their stomach. Frowning her eyebrows, she went into her room quickly and saw her face. It was painted like a clown. Her nose and lips were in deep red and surrounding it a dark white coating and rest of her face with single white coating. It looked like a read clown. She started to chase RP and at last she stopped with a pout face. RP smiled and came near her and side hugged her saying she is really cute in this. Sujatha asked is that so with raised eyebrows. RP immediately nodded while grinning. She too started to smile looking at him. All were looking at this cute old couple with an awe smile.
Now it was Sanskar’s turn. He read the condition ‘pick up ur husband/ wife/ lover in ur arms and walk all over the mansion’. Sanskar gasped reading it. Swara smirked and grinned at Sanskar whereas everyone was eagerly waiting for a Tom and Jerry fight. As no way to go, Sanskar lifted his 7 month pregnant wife in his arms and started to walk. For some time he didn’t feel any heaviness but while carrying her in steps made him to breathe rapidly. All others knows that it was time for their entertainment.
Sanskar said while catching some air: How come u became this much heavy Swara? I couldn’t even balance u.
He said stumbling a bit. Swara who was till now looking at her lovingly glared at him for his statement. Swara said: U r the one who is responsible for ur state.
Sanskar (not leaving the topic): What? What have I done?

Swara looked at him with disbelief and said: What u haven’t done Sanskar?
They both looked at each other and the baby bump. Immediately their face heat up and both started to blush. They looked everywhere but not at each other’s face because of the embarrassment. All others were laughing inside looking at their condition.
Sanskar tried to say something like blabbering: Uh..mm actually…
But Swara cleared her throat and said: Ahem! I mean…I mean to say that u r the one who is always forcing me to eat more food, fruit and others. I just said that only.
They both once again blushed and smiled sheepishly. Finally their turn was over.
NOW, Laksh’s turn!!! He opened the paper and read the condition ‘……..
……..Hii! Chorry chorry for ending, but I have to!! Hehehehehehe!! So u guys guess and say me, what will be and what can be the condition….come on…I wanna know what u r thinking about this game. I will read ur conditions and will keep the condition which I am feeling as best as I have no idea about that!! 😛 I am sorry for not having Raglak’s scene today but I am sure that next part will be of Raglak’s scene with new twists…I think sooo….so comment guys please….Also I try my best to post it soon…I know I am not good at keeping words but still I will try!! Take care dears! Keep smiling like our Raglak!! Tata!

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