TWINJ ff – woh mera dil tha Teaser



A man in his mid 50s is laying on bed with many bandages on his head and forearms and leg. His eyes were closed.

Just then a lady in her 40s entered in room with a tray in her hand. She looks at him with pain in her eyes. But thinking about her bitter past she carry a stern face. And walk towards him. Kept the tray on side table. And sit beside him.

Man senses her presence and open his eyes. And looking in her eyes deeply both have pain in their eyes.

Man feels her pain and fresh tears gushing from his eyes.

Lady throw her face on other side looking at his face. She knows if she look towards him she will surely melts. Which she doesn’t want.

Man:can you make me eat with your hands… like before…

Lady closed her eyes tightly and a lone tear escape her from her eyes. Remembering their sweet yet bitter memories.

Man:pl.. ease……

She took a morsel near his mouth but tears were continuously flowing from his eyes. The guilt was reflecting in his eyes and his eyes spoke that she will forgive him.

He eats a morsel and he again closed his eyes feeling her warmth.

Man: I… I.. lo…

Lady sternly :no don’t…

Man:plz zzz……… cryingly

Lady :no…..
She was also crying.

Suddenly man clutches her waist and dug his face in her lap…… and burst in his tears.

Lady :stop it. Leave me.
You lost all the right to touch me.

Man:no…… pl zzz….. I really ii. Lo….

Lady shouts :I said said don’t.
It’s all over.

Man:no it can’t be over. We can’t be over….. pl zzz

Lady nodded in no……
She was also crying….
And runs out of room.

And man kept on crying on his deeds.

A Boy in his mid twenties  is standing infront of that man with blood red eyes. There is another boy who is also in his mid twenties standing beside the boy looking at man with hatered in his eyes… man came farward and tried to touch his face but the boy jerked his hands away tears flowing from man eyes…

Boy : don’t  you dare to touch me…

Man : I’m  your father…. chocked.

Another boy who was standing beside him said…

We have donated you blood that doesn’t  mean we have any sympathy for you or we accepted you as our father.

Boy : for me and him… looking at the boy who beside him… our father died long back when he thrown out our mother out of his life for another girl.

tell me through your comments how was it….

in this story there isn’t a happy family scenes… this story is inspired by real life story… it is full of emotions pain n pain… this story is old version of twinj…. I have posted this story on wattpad  (on going)…

If you all like this teaser then tell me I’ll  continue it..

  1. Silent reader

    Feels Nice to read your although I have read it on Wattpad and follow all ur stories
    Waiting to read the next part
    Post soon

    1. Noorainny

      Thank you so much dear.
      For following me in wattpad also.
      I’m glad you like my story. ???

    1. Noorainny

      Thanks milly???

  2. Amazing prologue
    Waiting to read more

    1. Noorainny

      Thank you drishti ???
      First episode posted…

  3. Awesome

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      Thank you yashika???

  4. Amazing… can’t wait to read it

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      Thank you devika ???
      First episode posted.

  5. Awesome

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  6. Lovely ff yaa maza aagya

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  7. Loved the prologue!
    Continue soon.

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      Thank you vibhu.. ???
      First episode posted…

  8. Noorie appi waiting 4 ur update.Here and in watty too..

  9. Shalu02

    Superb mind-blowing episode dear

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