Getting you love with my love or obsession part 3

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lets start……. 

After reaching at Sarna mansion. All are happy to see twinkle. Twinkle takes blessing from elders. While sushant and ishan runs towards each other and hugs.
Nikki also hug twinkle.

Ish:chachi plz you stay this night at our house. Me and sushant will play.

All were shocked and widen their eyes specially twinkle. Because ishan called twinkle as chachi.

Tw:ishan…. what you… called me……….. confused

Nik:ohh twinkle nothing… you know na how much naughty he is…… I’m sorry behalf of him..

Tw:no it’s okay…
But I can’t stay you all know…

Man:twinkle plz beta stay and we all are busy in our work and ishan wants sushant and you to stay. Sushant also will get company with isha. In very short span of time they both have become good friends.

Bebe:yes Manohar is right. Atleast for me you stay.

Twinkle agreed.

Ishan and sushant jumping in happiness. All are laughing seeing them.

But kunj is lost in his thoughts somewhere else. Anand shakes him.

Ana:what happened kunj? Where are you lost?

Ku:nothing bhai…. and smiled

Usha:twinkle Will you please help me in making dinner we all are missing your hand food.

Bebe:absolutely right Usha…

Man:yeah after so many days we will eat delicious food by twinkle. I have missed it.

Tw:okay aunty.  you all sit I’ll make dinner for you all.

How many times I ‘ll tell you don’t call me aunty. Call me Maa. Okay.

Tw:but… aunty…

Usha:okay okay you go. I’m coming.

Usha in her mind:
But one day you have to call me mother in law. And you will be my daughter in law. I can’t get diamond like you somewhere else….. smile..
Babaji plz make my Kunj and this girl one soon.

Twinkle making dinner for SARNAS and Nikki was helping her.

In hall bebe usha Manohar and Anand is present. And discussing (whispers ) about some important topic  (ofcource about twinkle and Kunj. How to make them close )

Anan:I have an awesome idea why not we lock both in some room. In this way may be they will come close.

Bebe:no. This very common.

Usha:can I tell some thing.

All :yeah

Usha :as you all have noticed that sushant is very close to Kunj after ishan. I have seen in his eyes. The longing and crave of father in his eyes and he somewhere little bit look at kunj like his father is embracing him.
Why not we all convince sushant and we all know this is not at all difficult.
And twinkle Will also can’t deny sushant wish.

All three are looking at usha with mouth wide open.

Man:wow Usha wow just awesome. Where have you get your genius brain. I’m impressed.

Usha:in your company only ji.

Bebe:Usha what a superb plan. I mean I’m speechless.

Anan:I’m also impressed Maa. Today I’m become your fan. Give some tips to me also.

Meanwhile in Kunj room.

Kunj is standing at Windows cool breeze is hitting on his face and continuesly tears were flowing from his eyes.

Ku:why twinkle why can’t you forget sameer and accept my love. I understand you love him but I love you more than sameer twinkle. I wish one day I will able to make place in your heart for me…… crying…

Kunj closed his eyes tightly. Stream of tears flowing from his eyes. And remember something


A girl is shown who is playing with small kids a silk ribbon is tied on her eyes and she is trying to catch the small children. Her smile is shown with her cute dimples on her cheeks. She is wearing cute short kurti frock with leggings and her scarf was around her slender neck her hairs were tied in bun clutcher.
When a boy entered in orphanage with a lady in her 40s. The boy is mesmerized looking at her. Or we say love at first sight. The boy is admiring her childish behavior.


Ku:how happy I was that day I found my love. My love at first sight. Butt….. chocking
Babaji couldn’t see me happy. He snatched my love.
That day I find out that she was not mine. She was already someone else………. crying bitterly.
You were right sameer twinkle can’t forget you….. but…
I’m too Kunj sarna I’ll anyhow make place in twinkle heart.. and that’s my challenge to you….. looking upwards at sky…

All Sarna family are having their dinner prepared by twinkle.

Ishaan:ummm….. moan in delight.
I love this shawarma. Mumma you never make these dishes for me.

Nikki : baby but you never bespeek about this to me na. If you will tell I will surely make for you na.
But no worries your twinkle anty will make for you. Ok. Happy now.
Ishan : very much.

Manohar : and this mustard greens are amazing.

Bebe : true we have world best cook.

Usha : yeah bebe our twinkle have magic in her hands.

Twinkle looks at usha and lost in her past. Remembering sameer and her moments. And smiled painfully.

Nikki : what happened twinkle. Are you okay.

Twinkle nods.

Nikki : then why are you looking so sad.

Twi: just remember something.

All look at eachother face and understand twinkle is missing sameer.

But here Kunj clenched his fist in anger. That twinkle again and again remembering sameer.

After completing their dinner.

Tw: now I have prepared sweet dish for you all too. Wait I will bring it.

Ishan: see papa chachi prepared sweet for me.

Anand : is that so. But your chachi not only prepare for you but for us too.

Anand tickled ishan and both father and son are laughing. Sushant is watching duo and sadly looking at them and crave for his father.then look at kunj who was making him eat food with his hands.

This all notice by Usha bebe Manohar Nikki and Anand. And gestures eachother.

Just then twinkle came from kitchen. Here… everyone the cream cassata.

Ishan and sushant pounced on it.
And both shouted.

Our favorite…

Both ishan and sushant kissed twinkle on her cheeks.

Nikki : by the way twinkle our Kunj loved this sweet actually its his favorite you know….. teasingly and winked at kunj…

Twinkle looking here and there.

Anand : let’s do one thing why not Kunj taste first. What say bebe…. winked at kunj.

Tw: its not like that any of you will taste it first.

Usha : come on Kunj taste it.

Kunj and twinkle looks at eachother and has a short eye lock break by twinkle.
Kunj has a mild smile on his face.

Kunj take one spoon in his mouth and relishing the taste of cream cassata.

Ku: I have never taste this taste in any cream cassata in my life. It’s just amazing.

Manohar :don’t worry my son soon you will eat these delicious food daily by twinkle.

Twinkle get confused.


Usha : nothing. You have sweet.

All were glaring Manohar for his stupidity.

After their dinner all went to their rooms.

In guest room twinkle was patting and caressing sushant head to make him sleep. Just then her phone rings. The caller I’d displayed DOCTOR BHASIN. She pick up the phone immediately.

Tw : hello doctor bhasin.

D.B: hello twinkle.

Tw : yes doctor.

D.B: twinkle I have called to inform you that sushant reports have come. You may collect by tomorrow And one more thing I want to discuss something with you. About sushant.

Tw : doctor everything alright. Nothing is serious na.

D.B : twinkle it would be better if we talk face to face by tomorrow.

Tw : but doctor…

D.B : you do one thing you come tomorrow evening on my clinic then we will talk. Okay.

Tw : okay….
Babaji please protect my sushant. Nothing should have happened to my son.

Kunj was passing by guestroom that’s when he heard twinkle talking to someone.

Kunj knocked the door. Twinkle open it and looks at kunj.

Tw : sir you…
At this time…. any work..

Ku : no I was just passing from here and sorry I just listened your conversation. You were talking with some doctor….. asked Kunj confusely
Then you were praying for sushant.

Twinkle get shocked….
She was looking here and there and got nervous that now what will she tell Kunj.

Ku : twinkle is everything alright?

Tw : ye.. yess.. yes sirr. Everything is fine.

Ku : then why are you getting nervous. And talking to doctor.

Tw : ummm actually sir sushant was feeling little down someday before. That’s why i was talking to doctor related to sushant. That’s it.

Kunj was not satisfied with twinkle answer and thought I have to find out what is twinkle hiding I’m sure there is something serious about sushant

Screen freezes……

I hope you all liked today’s part….. I have tried to write little bit long update…

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