KDB Journey of Destined Love and REVENGE Episode 1

As we all know, the current KDB TRACK is not going well. Since Karan married Preeta to avenge Mahesh and Rishabh, The two babies won’t stop fighting! And now the ‘Rishabh’ actor Manit Joura broke a million hearts when he decided to quit KDB due to less screen space and differences with the Makers. In the future, Joura will be seen in Naagin 4. Anyway, I was very upset when the Makers switched from Preeta-Rishabh to Preeta-Karan, So I decided to write this ff. So Keep in mind before reading that this ff is only welcome to RishTa fans.


Rishabh is walking restlessly into his room. He recalls his and Preeta’s moments.  Rishabh looks outside his window pane, he sees the Moon and says ” Right now KARAN is very upset with me, can you please tell him how much I love him? How long will he RUN away from his responsibilities?”. Tears are rolling down Rishabh’s cheeks before Sherlyn comes, she asks, ” What are these tears for?” Rishabh replies “NOTHING.” Sherlyn demands “RISHABH JI, that is not the Answer to my question.” Rishabh says, ” Some questions can’t be answered.”  Sherlyn realises ” Your thinking about Preeta, right?” Rishabh refuses. Sherlyn is FURIOUS and grabs the Car keys. Rishabh stops her asking “Where are you going at this time?” Sherlyn doesn’t reply and leaves SLAMMING the door.

At the Aroras place

Preeta is also staring at the Moon, she thinks, WHY is all this happening to me?? What WRONG did my family do to deserve this? What does my FATE want from me!!              Rishabh speaks to the MOON, ” SAY SORRY to Preeta ji on my behalf. I know it won’t be easy, but I will convince Karan to accept Preeta ji as his wife.” Preeta thinks “Enough is enough, NOW I will put a END to this Karan’s chapter by divorcing him”.  Preeta decides to call a Lawyer but she is Interrupted by Shrishti. “Did you meet Karan sir?” Preeta replies “Sir?? That Karan doesn’t deserve to be called with RESPECT, he is the same Karan who kicked me out of his house, who destroyed my life, who is responsible for our MOTHER’S ILNESS? Yes I met Karan, So WHAT?? Why Do we even give that KARAN so much Importance.” Shrishti nods in agreement. Preeta says,”I will throw this Karan out of my life just like the way he did!!” Shrishti thinks “Preeta di is already in tension, I wonder if she knows about KARAN & MYRA’S WEDDING??”

Sherlyn is seen driving her CAR, she RECOLLECTS the times LUTHRAS Insulted her. Sherlyn gets ANGRY, “Rishabh can’t talk to me like that!! These Luthras don’t know there LIMITS. No problem, Very soon I will teach each and everyone one of them the PRICE to mess with Sherlyn Khurrana. But until then, I will use this MYRA as an PAWN to KEEP Preeta AWAY.”


The Next Morning                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        BG is holding Bulbul’s PIC in her hands. A FB is shown of how SARLA is trying to feed BG medicine, but BG is adamant that she will only have Cough sirup. Finally Bulbul arrives there as SARLA seeks for her help. BULBUL comes to BG. ” DADU, if you don’t take medication then I will also not eat FOOD.” BG say ” Nice try Bulbul, but these filmy lines don’t work on Dadu. I WILL NEVER EVER have this disgusting Medicine!! Bulbul says ” IF you can be stubborn than EVEN I’m your grand daughter, if I don’t make you eat this Medicine t then I’m not Bulbul ARORA!!” Dadi now gives a LOUD laughter at Bulbul. Sarla tosses the medicine into BG’s mouth while Bulbul makes her drink WATER. Bulbul Laughs “Now who became the LAUGHING STOCK?”  BG COMPLAINS “This is CHEATING!!” Sarla also LAUGHS “WE LEARNT THIS CHEATING FROM YOU ONLY BG!!” FB ends. BG is weeping bitterly, ” My favourite Bulbul, I must be the most Unfortunate grandma to lose a grandaughter like you. You wanted me to live long but Forgot about yourself.” Shrishi Overhears everything.

To be continued…


I can Imagine many of you GREAT readers may possibly find this INTRO Kinda boring. All I can tell you is,  DON’T LOSE Hope!! LOTS OF INTERESTING PLOTS WILL SLOWLY UNVEIL through the ‘Great’ episodes of KDB Journey. I hope you enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Thank You Aleyamma for the Inspiration







  1. Steeva

    PLS READ and comment !! I’m new and need FEEDBACK!!

  2. Steeva

    PLS READ and comment !! I’m new and need FEEDBACK!!

  3. Jasminerahul

    rishab wants karan to accept preeta.so nice.good that preeta wants to divorce karan.I am surprised that you showed bulbul in fb. I felt so nice seeing bulbul here

    1. Steeva

      Bulbul won’t just be in the fb, but in future she will appear!! I hope you enjoy.

    2. Steeva

      Infact she will help Preeta seek revenge from Karan!!

    3. Jasminerahul

      wow.Bulbul’s come back was always my dream.will she have a love interest?

  4. Interesting

  5. Steeva

    Jasmine Rahul, Guess you have to wait longer!! I’ve only just introduced Bulbul, I’m still deciding how Bulbul will enter, meet Sarala and sisters and I’m thinking if Bulbul will have a husband??even I, the writer is unsure?. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what will happen next!!

  6. Aleyamma

    Thats an awesome start Steeva, keep going, you may do even better!!!!

    1. Steeva

      OMG!! I thought you would never read!! THANK YOU ALEYAMMA!! ANY RECOMMENDATIONS TO DO BETTER!!

    2. Aleyamma

      Actually, as I told you it is a really good start, so there is not any recommendations as such, but maybe you can give a little more of BULBUL, nothing else.

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