Turned down (chapter 2)

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(The party )
At the entrance of a place where a function  was being held ….a black limooo screeched to halt …..the door of the car  opens and reveales a nymph drssesed in a elegant black gown …..her shoe clad feet were firm on the red carpet …….every one was stunned looking at the beauty in front of them ……camera men ..reporters shifted thier attention towards the rising star …..the business woman who had turned the tables within 2 years and emerged as star …….she walked elegantly on the carpet with a confident face ..posing for the camera ….the reporters hungrily barged questions towards her ” mam pleasee tell us about your success ” ….she didnt pay a heed to them but stopped in her track when another girl shot ” mam is the key behind your success your ex husband .??

How your luck has changed after divorce ….is it because you had a contract marriage …or has MR arjun Mehra has given you money..how is it to be rivals with your ex husband  ” with the state of his name her smile fell she looked sharply towards the demanding girl ” Beggers like Mr mehra cannot give anyone even a penny …tell me how a girl like you has managed to cover such an important function …did you slept with someone to gain this postion ” her cruel demoner was at her peak ..at her remark the girl flushed hot with anger ….she smiled evilly and continued her walk ………..immediately she was hit with fragrances …a crowd filled with people wearing expensive clothes …..

some business men in their tux …women in dresses which put thier bodies on show hungry for attraction from rich ones …she had a deep red lipstick which highlighted her lips …..a red dress starting from cleavage over which there was a black net till her shoulders which covered her bosoms well ……. A waiter came towards her offering her a glass of wine she took it from him and advanced towards her destination …with a  smirk ….everybody was looking at her wide eyed …whispering how she became powerful in a short span ….her posture held authority …………
“So you finally gave us the honour of your presence ” a deep manly voice came …with a smirk she turned towards the person dressed in a tux …..” like some people  i dont have any time for worthless parties  …i usuallyy am not interested in such fake parties thrown in honour ” she replied sardonically…..he sighed …He came close to her and spoke in a voice enough for her to understand ” common rads u know this is important u  should mingle with people ..

dont become a work alcoholic …” she replied in a controlled manner ” arav if this wasnt important i would have never came here …i dont want to see such fake freindly people ….selfish scums they are …dont start with your speech now lets leave thisand enjoy the party ” he knew there it was of no use to explain to her …if anyone would have looked at them they will percieve their closeness as something else …he let it go …putting a flirty smirk he said ” by the way you look hot huh “she smirked at his remark ” it seems your charms are not working on others dont try them on me …they dont work old lines ” he smiled at her response atleast she was here a little chirpy self although she covered it well with a sneer but yep she still had it in …a young man holding a camera came and asked a picture of them …the party was held in the honour of MR agnihoth mishra…..he had bought the entire oberoi industry and saved it from crashing …nobody knew the reason behind this except her the old man was plotting something else and here the people think that he was saving them …this is what happens in this field …people are fooled here ……

arav held her closely and they posed for the camera his hand was settled on her waist she smirked inwardly ..tomorrow there will be a news of him and her in a relationship and she wanted it to happen ..suddenly her eyes fixed on a person making way through the media ….he was dressed in black …hair gelled …..his face emotionless as always showing no signs of weakness ..his mean posture ..dark aura everything was just perfect his lips were thin ..deep anger surged up her body ….there he was standing looking handsome as ever ..girls were drooling on him ..giving flirty smiles ..batting of their fake eyelashes ..pushing their chest more …his eyes met hers and her breath caught in her throat …his black midnight eyes which had a strange emotion in them ..anyone would get lost in those mesmerising eyes ..everyone in his way made way for him as if he was the god himself …his handsome features …his light scruffy jaw ……

he was the greek god himself attracting every being towards him ..he doesnt have to do anything to gain attention …everyone was awstruck….he always took her breathe away he had that charm on her without doing anything he penetrated deep within her soul …….they stood there ,eyes locked with each other

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Superb and awesome episode rukhiiii dear… I loved it …..i liked all the scenes…tc loads of love and teddy hug to u from me……

    1. Rukhiii

      Thank you so much aarti ?

  2. Brin

    Outstanding story Rukii, love it, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Rukhiii

      Glad you liked it brin..will post soon

  3. Kavina

    Loved it

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      Thanks kavina ?

  4. Jnana

    Fantastic…. Loved it…. Post soon…

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  5. Superb…

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  6. Rossy

    Superb dear…awesome…waiting for next

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  7. Sammy

    Awesome rukhii ..update soon??

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      Uhuu thank u so much sammy …i was waiting for your comment ….u just made my day ….updte ur stories soon

  8. Sulbi

    Awsme awsme awsme… post soon dear…

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  9. Hi dear it’s mind blowing…. waiting for next update

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      Thnkss farjanaaa…..glad u liked it ?

  10. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww lovely marvellous episode. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡ 😉

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