Love Story – Shivika (OS)

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Hello everyone it’s Temoo here how are you all hope you all are fine as we all love shivika so presenting a short love story☺?

Let’s go

Annika was setting breakfast on table when pinki I came but annika didn’t noticed her she was just ordering the servants to set the table
Pinki I in her mind
Yen larki itni bhi buri nahi hai Han is ki our shivaye ki shaadi galat tareqy sy howi thi par phir bhi yeh kafi goods has and she goes to call everyone for breakfast
While annika was setting plates when shivaye comes
Shivaye:annika where is the red file
Annika:wahan py hi kahin ho GI
Shi:nahi hair wahan
Ani:app NY couch par check kiya
Ani:bed py
Shi:won bed py kesy Jaye GI
Ani:chal kar and annika giggles
Shi:annika seriously
Ani:study mein dekha app NY
Shi:Han tum meri taraf dekh ker bat karogi(actually file was not lost shivaye was trying to talk to annika)and annika was setting plates and shivaye talking to her unknowingly was picking them up again their tom and jerry fight was going on when the whole family came and saw them both
All together:ahem ahem?

They both came into the real world and shivaye felt something heavy and when he saw he was having all the plates
Whole family was seeing shivaye and annika seeing them saw shivaye
Ani:oh bete ki?
Rud:bhabi app NY toh bhaiya KO apni unglion py nachana shuro kar diya hair?
Shi:shut up rudra
And shivaye goes from there keeping the plates all laugh

In shivika’s room
Shivaye left for office and annika was sitting in her room

Anika’s POV
Yeh kya ho raha hai mujhy jab bhi mein unhy dekhti hon mera dill zyada tez dharakny lagta hair Han love angle sy pochti hon because ager soumya sy pochon GI toh ussay pta chal Gaye ga and she calls love angle aka soumya
Som:hello who are you
Ani:ahhhh I am…..I am panika
Som:han bolye
Ani:actually won mujhy tum sy pouchna that my there is someone jab won mery pass hoty hain toh I feel safe jab woh mery pass atay hain toh mera dil zyada zour sy dhadkny lagta hair jab woh qareeb aty hain toh her buri cheez bhi acchi lagti hai unky saath rehny ka man Marta hair mein had cheez mein apny sy pehly un ka sochti hon
Som:kahin app KO pyaar toh nahi ho gya
And hearing this annika immediately cuts the call
Ani:oo beth ki kahin mujhy un sy such mein toh pyaar nahin ho gaya and she thinks to start avoiding shivaye
While in office shivaye wasn’t able to concentrate on his work he was continuously thinking about annika

Why the hell I am thinking about her what is happening to me know who will solve my problem and suddenly an idea strike into his mind
Shi:ya Google can he’ll me he was like he has solved the biggest problem of the world
He searches on goolge that what is the feeling when you miss someone even if you have just met them what if their life is more important to us then our owns why does it feel for me to stop the time when she is with me and every time he searched he found same answer that is
He was surprised shocked happy reliefed
Shi to himself:it means I’m in love with her while on the other hand annika was thinking how to avoid shivaye

At night shivaye came home and went to his room and was shocked to see annika sleeping(actually annika was just doing acting of sleeping)
In the morning shivaye woked up and again didn’t found annika in room he thought she would be in washroom but when he checked she wasn’t there shivaye came down and asked omru about her when dad I heard shivaye asking about annika
Dadi:puttar woh toh mandir chali Gaye
Shi:itni jaldi
Days kept on passing and daily annika use to sleep before shivaye comes and awakes before him and daily use to go somewhere

One night shivaye came before his time and saw annika awaking he went to her and pushed her closer
Annika got scared by the sudden action
Ani:aap…as…p itni jaldi agaye
Shi:kyon mein apny gher mein jaldi nahi aa sakta
Ani:as sakty gain
Shi:why the hell you are avoiding me
Ani:avoiding you nahi bilkul nahi
Shi:jhoot mat bolo and he pushes her more closer and by this sudden action annika puts her hand on his shoulder
Ani:mein jhoot nahi bolti
Shi:tum jhoot bool rahi ho
Ani:meni kaha na mein jhoot nahi bolti
Shi:ek our jhoot
Ani becomes angry and says:Han bol rahi hon mein jhoot kyn ky mein app sy pyaar karti hon buhat pyaar laykin app is bat KO accept nahi karengy she was talking when shivaye cupped her face with a kiss first annika was shocked but then she too reciprocated first it was a normal one but then it turned into a passionate one after they both were out of oxygen they ended the kiss and annika shying and blushing goes out of the room and shivaye hits his head with his hand smiles and goes to sleep

Next day
Annika was sitting in her room when a servent came and knocked on the door annika opened the door and the servent gave her a bouquet of roses and a parcel annika opens the parcel and saw a beautifull red gown(like in the 2nd epi of ek duje ky vaasty)and then found a paper “you will look beautiful wearing this”wear it tonight my driver will come and pick you up from your hubby annika smiled
She was looking as same as (suman from ek duje my vaasty)
She reached the place it was beautifully decorated all the ballons were on floor she was going when someone held her hand she moved back and saw shivaye kneeled down in front of her and said
Shi:annika I love you I don’t know when I fell in love with you but I really love you
Ani:with tears I love you to???

Happy ending

Hope you all liked please do comment waiting for your comments desperately

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