Crazy love of thahaan (part-42)

hai my dear friends thanks for your support.please silent readers do comment.there is so many interesting parts in this story.I hope everyone’s like you all guys…I am giving a big hug for all readers.thanks a lot guys.

this part is starting from after 3 months leap…
(afternoon)thapki was in hospital.she was in operation theatre.she was screaming a lot.she was cries.bihaan and everyone’s are standing out of room. bihaan hears thapki crying sound.bihaan gets teary eyes.he cries.vasu comes to him.she hugs bihaan.bihaan hugs her and cries.
bihaan:maa… I don’t have brave to hear thapki pain.(cries)
vasu:(holds his face)beta don’t worry.nothing wrong will happend for thapki.
bihaan wipes his eyes.he gets teary eyes.suman and preethi gets more tension. everyone’s waits put side of room for few minutes.thapki screams loudly.bihaan gets shocked and scared.suddenly they hears baby’s crying sound.bihaan cries happily.
he hugs vasu.vasu cries happily.after few minutes
doctor comes from room with baby.bihaan runs to doctor.
doctor: Mr. bihaan beautiful girl baby born for you.congrats.your wife also fine.but she was in unconscious. so you can see her after when she gets conscious. bihaan smiles and happy.
everyone’s gets surprised.they cries gives baby to bihaan.bihaan takes the girl baby in his hands.he gets emotional. he cries happily.he sees baby’s innocent was looks at bihaan.bihaan kisses baby forehead.he gets happy.vasu gets happy seeing grand child.she takes that baby from bihaan hands.she smiles at baby.everyone’s gets happy.everyone’s lifts the baby and they gets happy.

again vasu gives baby to bihaan.bihaan looks at baby.he smiles.he says to baby,choti you are my treasure.I am so happy to get you.god gave you for me and your mom for makes happy life.he touches baby’s cheeks.its so soft.he gets holds bihaan’s finger.bihaan gets glad. he kisses baby’s hand.he gets emotional.

nurse comes to them.
nurse:Mr.bihaan your wife gets consciousness.
bihaan gets happy.he rushes to see thapki.bihaan looks at thapki.thapki lying on bed.she happily cries seeing bihaan.bihaan goes near to thapki.he sits near to thapki.he gets teary eyes.he holds thapki hands.he sees thapki’s face.she looks so tired.bihaan gets emotional seeing her.he hugs her.they hugs each other and cries happily.(ranjhanaa plays………)

bihaan takes the baby in his hands from vasu.he shows that baby to thapki.
bihaan:thapki god gives beautiful girl baby for us.see her face.her face was looking very innocent like you.
thapki takes the baby.she sees baby.she cries happily.bihaan looks at her emotionally.thapki kisses baby’s forehead.bihaan holds thapki.thapki and bihaan looks at their baby.they gets happy.they gets teary eyes.

Sankara comes to kabir.she gives coffee to kabir.kabir takes that coffee from her hand.Sankara looks at him.kabir stares at her.she turns her face from him.kabir is goes about to drink the coffee.Sankara looks on.suddenly kabir pours that hot coffee in Sankara face.she screams in irritation. kabir looks at her angrily.Sankara wipes her face and screams in pain.kabir talks to her.fb shows Sankara and kabir marriage will done .kabir smiles at Sankara in the same day night she says to kabir,you cheated me .you ruined my life.she breaks all things.she cries.kabir gets angry.she says to him,I don’t want this baby.because this is reason for marriage.she takes the milk in her hands.she says to him,I mixed abortion tablet in this I am going to drink for kill baby.kabir says,no..don’t do like this.he tries to throws milk glass.but Sankara didn’t listen.she drinks the milk.she aborted the baby.fb ends.
kabir:you killed my father and my I am having so many punishment for you.this is only happy for me.
Sankara cries and goes.
kabir thinks thapki still i didn’t say that truth to you.because of I didn’t finish my revenge against sankara.if I said everything to you ,I know you are soft you will refresh my will do favour for I am hiding all truths.

doctor:Mr. bihaan you can discharge her tomorrow.she is absolutely fine.
bihaan:(folds his hands)thanks doctor.
doctor:say thanks for god bihaan.
doctor smile at him.he goes from there.

bihaan comes there.thapki was lying on bed with her baby.bihaan sits in chair near to bed.
thapki smiles at him.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan our beti is looking so cute na…
bihaan:yes thapki…(smiles)
thapki:see the lips and ears.its looks like your lips and ears.
bihaan:(touches baby hands)yes.but thapki see her nose is like your nose.
thapki and bihaan gets happy.bihaan takes the baby in his hands.he kisses baby’s feet.he touches baby’s body.its very soft.he gets happy and emotional. thapki gets teary eyes seeing bihaan.they smiles each other.
(ranjhanaa plays…….. )

bihaan comes to room.he gives milk to thapki.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I don’t want milk now.I am feeling not hungry.
bihaan:thapki dont gets adamant.because of you are mother now.its doctor advice so you have to drink this.
thapki takes the milk from his hands.she drinks.bihaan sees baby was looks at bihaan.bihaan gets happy.he touches baby hands.
he talks to baby.. he says,choti what are you looking at me beta?what you want??tell me I will give to you whatever you need. just smiles at me choti… smile…smile…smile….choti my beti… my pet…he touches baby body.he touches baby was smiles at bihaan.thapki and bihaan gets surprised.they gets happy seeing baby’s smiling.they looks at each other.they smiles. bihaan and thapki kisses baby.they gets happy.

suman and preethi talks.
preethi:suman our bihaan devarji daughter is so awesome na… baby was looking so beautiful.
suman:yes..god gives amazing gift for thapki and you know they are so lucky.thats why they gets nice baby.
shraddha hears them.she gets worried.

bihaan hears baby’s crying sound.he searches for thapki.he takes the baby.he consoles baby.he scolds thapki.kabir slaps Sankara hardly.

  1. oh….so hapy for thahaan daughter….congrats….but bihan scold thapki….its horrible…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai sadia darl… thank you so much

  2. Wow first comment on my favourite Ff…
    The episode was awesome specially thahaan scenes????. And aap aab name kya rakhen gi baby kaa… upload next part soon

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      thanks a lot my dear arooj.

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Awesome episode dear but nooooooo don’t create rift between thahaan

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  4. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    Why did not inform thapki parents tat she born the baby..????

    1. Vinolin.d

      I didn’t mention their names.I says in ff everyone’s happy na… so her parents also included.I am not focusing anyone.I am just focusing of thahaan.because of this is delivery. it means her parents and everyone’s have in less tension only compared to bihaan.bihaan is loving I am focusing only thapki and bihaan.
      I am so sorry if you gets disappointed in this episode dear.

  5. Really amazing. You are a wonderful writer

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      thanks a lot dear..

  6. Manish ki deewani

    dear i loved this ………..thahaan daughter ……wow …….sankri deserve this ……vino i hate cvs but love ff writer .plz replace them .fed up from them …love u vino keep writing which relief us from the continous torture ….tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai reshal darl… thanks a lot.I love you too my friend.

  7. Really a happy life…when I read this I can imagine the scenes in my mind so according to my imagination thahaans child is soooo cute.absolutely a nice make me smiling.thank you friend.

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  8. Sulbi

    Superb dear…

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    Sooooooo nice…. loved the epi ….congratulations thahaan !!! in ur world another new member came …be happy trio….

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