Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Epilogue

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~ The Littlest Feet Leaves The Biggest Imprints in Our Hearts~

“Gauri You Okay?” Omkara asks worriedly patting her back as She vomits continuously .

Giving her water to gurgle Omkara pats her back . She holds her head and his hand and nods giving a weak smile .

Walking into their room Omkara makes Gauri sit on the bed and kneels in front of her and takes her palm in his .

“You really Okay? Do I need to call a doctor?” ,

Gauri smiles tiredly and ruffles his hair and places her palm on his cheek “Don’t worry a nap would help ” She says tiredly

Kissing on her forehead He helps her to bed and covers her with a duvet .

“Where are you going?” Gauri’s voice falls too tired

“Sleep love I’ll be here Just one phone call ” Om replies lovingly combing her hairs .

He walks back in to find her already asleep . She is 12 weeks along , She had morning sickness and mood swings which made Omkara think twice before talking . One minute she would get angry while he hugs her next minute She would sob loudly bringing down the whole house saying He does not love her as he moved away as soon as She said him too .

Adding to the already mood swings , Few ladies from same family has moved to the next house . The girl next door is trying to hit on him even after knowing the fact that He is married . She had walked into their house a week back trying to get on a formal conversation with Gauri , Unknowing to the Fact they had a guest at home Omkara had walked to the hall shirtless giving a free show to The guest which had irked Gauri as that Girl had been gawking at him . As Soon as Gauri’s eyes had caught that She had thrown a Spatula , Yes a Spatula at him (Spatula had become his enemy !) And stomped her foot irritated and left to their room but the girl without a shame had given him a s*xy wink and left to her place . That was the worst day , Omkara would describe , Gauri had ended lashing him out for no fault his and go to the extent of telling he does not love her as She had put on weight and He likes curvy girls like that girl , She had sobbed loudly , Pregnancy Hormones ! , Convincing his angry wife would have been an easy task rather than convincing His Crying wife . It had taken hours to make up to her and say he loved Only her and She is not Fat rather She had gone curvy , She had held her pinky finger sniffing asking him to promise .

Presently , Looking at her sleeping form Om smiles and walks up to her . Running his fingers through her hairs He smiles lovingly . She leans onto his palm with a small smile trying to cocoon herself to the warmth as These days the weather is cold . He stretches himself beside her and pulls her close to him . The smile that appeared on her as She snuggles close to him was worth the phone call he made . Pulling the sheets over them He holds her close to himself tightening his arms around her . He looks close Her face had gone pale , creases had formed on her forehead , The pregnancy was indeed tiring her off but Omkara for once had not seen her complaining how hard her pregnancy was instead She had always cherished those moments . Om smiles caressing her face and places a small kiss on her temple . She wraps her arms around his neck tightly and presses her cheek on his chest still asleep and snuggles closer to him to seek warmth .

“Haven’t You Got work husband?” Gauri asks lazily opening her eyes snuggling to close him more .

Om rubs his eyes hearing her voice as He says “Nope took a leave today How can I go leave When My Jaan is sick?” and tightens the hold around pressing his cheek onto her head .

Gauri’s face falls as She draws patterns on his bare chest , Om smiles , Communication wasn’t needed just her actions can make him understand .

“I have so many pending leaves , For the past 8 years I have been on this job I never took a holiday So Now I am taking it ” .

A small smile appears on her face before She could say anything She cups her mouth and runs to the washroom throwing the duvet . Omkara comes behind her hurriedly to see her puking . Patting her yet once again He decides to call the doctor .

“Gauri have this medicines on time The Doctor has prescribed it would help you ” , She nods weakly closing her eyes tired .

“Jaan ” Omkara combs her hairs Sitting beside her , She places her head on his lap hugging him by his waist and let’s her eyes drops .


The Feeling of Having her Baby inside her could not be put into words for Gauri . She was 7 months and another two months She would be able to hold her in her arms . She was tired the whole time and had weird pregnancy cravings which made her husband crazily roam around in midnights where she would literally push him out of the house to get Her Food . Her mood swings would swirl and twirl time to time . She knew She was possessive of him but when Andrea , The Next door girl , would ways grab an opportunity to cling onto his arms without thinking twice She would throw whatever She gets hand on him angrily making Andrea give a nervous smile and sprint out .

Presently , Sitting on the Bed for her husband to get from work She caresses her protruding belly .

“Baby is There A Party Going on? Gauri cutely asks her baby feeling the cute fluttery kicks and moving around inside Her tummy . Gauri could feel Her baby poking her little elbow and sliding of her feet under her skin making her feel ticklish .

Another kick She chuckles with her eyes smiling happily She leans her face down to talk to her baby .

“Seems Like My Babies Did not Miss this Poor Man ” Om walks in with a smile saying .

“Baby Did You miss Daddy?” Om asks while kissing Gauri on her temple and places his head on her lap .

Omkara presses his face into her belly feeling His Little girl kicking in response

“Aww My Ahana missed Her daddy ” He says animatedly , Omkara kisses on her belly feeling her kicking on his Face .

“She loves & adores you more ” Gauri says with a smile caressing his face .

“Are You Jealous Baby?” Omkara teases looking at her .

“I would love to lose to her in your love” Gauri says proudly with a sparkling in her eyes .

Omkara cups her face in his palms and places a soft kiss on her lips “My Love Will not deter Never Ever !” ,

She kisses him back hurriedly hearing him , She giggles breaking off feeling Her Baby fluttery kicks increasing hardly .

“I Feel Like She is Partying ! ” Gauri says with a chuckle , Her Baby is calm the whole time if She is moving around but Once She sits it is like a Free Partying area for her baby where there is none to disturb her because no movements means it’s her time to enjoy .

“I Feel her hands and foot everywhere it is tickling my skin ” Gauri says giggling .

Om smiles hearing her and says “You are lucky You can feel her in you ” ,

“Gauri how about A Walk Now That She is not gonna let you sleep?” Omkara suggests her as She nods . Hand in hand they walk out to the beach with a smile on their face .

Om stares at her & her belly with a big smile playing on his lips seeing her talking animatedly to the baby even out . It was an intense magical Feeling that they are going to be a parent . He could not put into words the First time He saw His baby on the sonography scan . She was a little poppy seed , That Day overwhelmed with happiness with tears in his eyes He had kissed Gauri infront of the Doctor leaving The Doctor gaping at them . The Whole day at the station He had looked at the sonography scan fascinated in contentment .

The First time they had heard Their Baby’s heartbeat , Omkara would explain he was short of words to put into of what he had felt at that moment . Time stood still as they gazed into the monitor with tears brimming in their eyes holding their hands squeezing it tightly overwhelmed . Gauri & Omkara at nights would spent few minutes in each other’s arms hearing the recording of their Baby’s heartbeat . Omkara and Gauri had already shopped for their Baby . He had made a nursery for His Little Girl . Just Two months and He would be able to hold her in his arms . He could not wait for the time to fly .

“Husband ” Gauri calls him softly with a smile .

“My Legs are aching”

“Let’s go in then ” Om says with a small smile seeing her feet swelling , She gasps in surprise feeling her in the air as Omkara carries her in . She wounds her arms around in his neck while Her little bundle keeps giving her fluttery kicks time to time .

Placing her on the bed He adjust the pillows So should could sit comfortably . She smiles as He takes a seat beside her .

“What are You doing?” Gauri shrieks seeing him massaging her feet .

“Massaging ” He shrugs and walks out to get a cold compressor .

“But-You should not touch my leg ” She tell slowly fidgeting with her fingers

“Gauri , You are My Wife I have all the right so don’t be an orthodox !” He admonishes with a smile .

“Okay ” She gives in and closes her eyes leaning to the bed rest .


Gauri sighs unable to wear her maternity frock unable to raise her hands . Om walks in with her glass of milk into their room to find her hands tangled in her frock unable to get it down her head .

Om chuckles seeing her “You should have wait until I’ve come ” ,

“Stop laughing help me ” She says in a muffled voice annoyed .

Omkara pulls the frock down her face and helps her in dressing up . He helps her comb and puts it in a pony tail . taking the sindoor he applies in her parting . She grins and kisses him passionately . They chuckle as they move back seeing the little one kicking . It seems like their baby hates them romancing ! Whenever they would kiss She would kick continuously .

“I’ll Get Your Breakfast ” Omkara says and leaves to the kitchen .

“Husb-” Gauri cries feeling the pain in her lower abdomen .

“Gauri” Om shouts switching off the gas stove he runs to their room to find her yelping out in pain

“It’s time !” Om shouts holding her hand and tries to move away from her to help her out of the house to the car but She pulls him back as He kneels front of her .

She gives a small reassuring smile in between her tears and squeezes his hand tightly in hers and shuts her eyes feeling the pain lessening .

“What happened Love?” Om asks kissing her knuckles before pulling her close to him in a hug .

“False alarm ” She whispers weakly resting her head on his shoulder .

“Little Girl scared Daddy for a minute ” Om chuckles after a while kissing her belly and helps her to bed .


Gauri Feels a gush of fluid flowing down her legs as She comes awake with a start feeling the wetness in her pants .

“Husband ” She shakes him

“Gauri do you need something , I’ll go get -” Omkara says hurriedly rubbing his eyes and tries to get up from the bed .

“My Water Broke ” She whispers trying to be patient biting her lower lip trying to hold onto the pain .

“Oh my god ! What can I Do , What will I Do !” Om shouts running here and there frantically trying to locate her pregnancy kit and keeps freaking out “Breathe , Gauri Breathe !” ,

“Husband ” She calls softly seeing him panicking more than her

“No no Gauri Don’t move I’ll get the car – Breathe ,Breathe ” He tells shrieking panicking

“Husband ” She calls a bit loudly trying to calm him , She should be the one shouting & panicking but it is the totally opposite happening right now ! It is like her husband has gone into labor pain not her .

“I am Breathing You Moron ! Stop Shouting !” Gauri angrily fuming losing her temper , Om stops on his step and stares at her with a freaked look.

“Now Let’s Go !” Gauri says getting on her feet holding her tummy slowly .

“Oh-Okay -You are Breathing right?” Om asks slowly fearing her reaction .

She smiles weakly and holds his hand as She says “I am Fine Don’t Panic , Let’s get going ! ” ,

“Slow down ” She says annoyed seeing him trying to drag her .

Om takes a deep breath calming his racing heartbeat , He knows he should not drag her but He is a nervous wreck right now and He can not wait to see his little girl .

He walks her down the stairs in a slow pace .

“Stop!” Gauri shouts piercing his ear drums just before taking a step out of the door.

“Gauri -Gauri -Did the baby come out here itself ? Oh my god What should I do now – “

She cuts him off holding onto her tummy “Go Wear Your Shirt !”

“What?” Om asks freaking , here he is hell worried about Her & Baby and She ! is worried that He is shirtless !.

“Gauri -You Know Now What is important !” He freaks

“I am not letting you go out bare chest giving a free show to that b*ch!” She tells gritting her teeth angrily .

Omkara so wanted to lash out her for this , For Being Possessive at a time like this but He knows She is stubborn on top of that Urgh because of Andrea I hate You ! , Om’s thoughts Halt as She pats on his hands and signs him to go . Sighing he runs up the stairs to their room , Putting on his t-shirt He walks down to see gripping her tummy hardly with her eyes tightly shut because of the pain .


“You are doing Fine !” Om says lovingly wiping off the sweat beads on her forehead as She bites her lower lip and lets out a shrill cry as another contractions hits her . She grips his hand hardly hurting him too in the process but He knew the pain She feels is in ten folds than his.

“You can Love Just one push !”

She shakes her head negatively as tears makes their ways out , She throws her head back and falls on the bed tiredly giving one last push . Om wipes the sweat on her forehead and rests his forehead against hers . She gives him a weak smile .

The Newborn’s cries fills the room , Omkara moves back from her as He bursts into tears of joy & relief . He turns his glossy eyes to look at Gauri and in a voice that’s almost broken He tells her “Our Little Girl!” .

Through the exhaustion She gives him a Full smile , and She lets her eyes leave his face to take in her baby which is placed on her bare tummy . In that moment Gauri begins to cry the sweetest tears She’s ever known , all the pain of moments before melting away . Her Baby is only minutes old and Her tiny girl begins to root ,mouth wide , her instincts strong . Gauri wraps her hands protectively around her baby who is covered in blood and pulls her a bit closer to her chest . As on instinct Her baby girl snuggles to the Familiar warmth of her mother .

Omkara stares in awe at his little girl who is cocooned in Gauri’s arm . Leaning down he kisses on His Little Girl’s hairs despite She was covered in blood . Omkara’s hands tremble as he cuts the umbilical cord detaching his little girl from her mother . The Nurse takes the baby from Gauri to clean up .

Gauri’s eyes drops as She gives into the sleep . He walks out of the room as The nurse tells him they would move Gauri to another room while His Little One is taken for assessment .

Taking out His Phone He calls his Family & Gauri’s in a conference call almost in a croaky voice He whispers “I became a Daddy !” ,

He could hear the gush of happiness and smiles from the other side of the line . He wipes the thin moisturize which had formed in his eyes and sits outside in the nearby chair . He runs his palms through his face as He sobs happily . The passerby’s stop look at him and He could hear them gush around calling him “DCP !” but He didn’t care . He Became a Daddy . How long he had waited to hold his little one in his arms . Sleepless nights talking to his little one and now She is here ! . He could not stop the tears which was leaking down . For Once he did not mind crying out front of everyone ! .

“Sir are you okay?” A Man walks towards Omkara and places his hand on Omkara’s shoulder worriedly .

Om chuckles through his tears and removes his palms from his face wiping his tears .

“Yes -I am Fine-It’s Just -I became a Daddy !”

He continues with a full smile playing on his lips as He says excited “There is a saying that a Man is not complete unless he had seen the baby he had made ! -I Feel that today -I Feel Complete Dude !” ,

“I am No Longer Only a Husband -I am a Daddy to a Little Girl – I am A Daddy Dude – When I Saw her the world fell away -She was my Little Gift Which I would Cherish for Life – ” ,

The Man Smiles as He hugs Omkara reluctantly “Congratulates Sir ! ” ,

“Thank You ” Om replies after a while breaking off . He sees His Family running towards him and soon he was in their arms who hugs him excited in happiness .

“How is the Baby and the Mother?” Daadi asks kissing Omkara on his forehead

“They are Healthy and Fine Daadi ” , Everyone had come except Ishana who had stayed back to look after Her Baby boy and Anika who is in her last month .

The Nurse Calls Omkara out , His hands tremble as the Nurse says to carry his baby . He takes a step back scared , What If She falls from his hands? She was delicate & Fragile . Jhanvi smiles and places her palm on Omkara’s shoulder and squeezes . He turns his head and signs Her to carry . Jhanvi obliging Carries her Granddaughter with her eyes glistening in tears . Soon Omkara sees His Little One passed from person to person as they cooed and giggled and hushed like who she looks like .

Abhishek places his hand on Omkara’s shoulder . Om’s angles his head sideways to look at him with a small smile with tiny tears in his eyes,

“How Does it Feel Man? Abhishek asks excited having experienced the same joys a week back So he could feel how Omkara’s emotions right now .

“I Feel Like the Happiest Man Right Now on Earth -I Feel I wanna hug her tight and protect her from all the Bad -I want to give her all the happiness in the world – ” Om says looking at his little one and stops as ,

Abhishek hugs him grinning “Even I Felt the same !” , Om hugs him back tightly hearing Abhi .

Rudra and Shivay already plan to spoil the Little One -While Ridhimaa places a soft kiss on The Little One’s Cheek as She holds the baby close to her . Randhir wraps his arms around Ridhimaa as He introduces himself to the Baby as ‘Mamu ! ‘ . Omkara smiles looking at them. The way they way looking at each other and His baby He knew They wanted to welcome Their baby soon . Ridhimaa and Randhir got married few months back .

Omkara stiffens for a minute seeing Tej walking in . He had seen how his father had soften a bit towards Him & Gauri since the time She announced their pregnancy . Omkara sighs seeing Tej forwarding his hand at Randhir too pass on the baby . Randhir knits his brows angrily . Since the time This man had called his Little Sister names He had hated this man . Randhir looks at Omkara . Omkara knew He was no one to snatch the right from Tej . He could see Tej being remorseful and guilty for his past mistakes and trying to make up to the Family . And He would never let his child grow without getting the Love She rightfully deserves from her Grandpa .

Omkara slightly nods , Shooting a glare Randhir passes the Baby . Tej holds his granddaughter close to his chest as tears brims in his eyes . She looked exactly like Omkara those chubby cheeks the red button little nose . He could see She had traits from Gauri too , She was a mixture of both her parents .Tej was quick to wipe the tears forming in his eyes . It made him transport back to the day when He held Omkara in his arms .

Omkara places small kiss on Gauri’s forehead who was still asleep due to exhaustion . He walks towards the cradle and pulls a chair sitting beside the cradle .He had Convinced everyone to get back home which had been a hard task . Finally they had given in to him and left a hour back waiting for Gauri to wake up but She didn’t .

Presently , He smiles seeing his Little girl already sucking on her thumb , She was so small . Omkara takes her carefully in his arms supporting her head by placing his palm beneath while the other hand was placed under her back . He had been initially fearing to hold her but His Mom had given him enough strength and confidence . Omkara’s lips tug up in the corners as He gazes , He wants to drink in the moment with His Little girl In his Hands .

Omkara’s sees her opening her eyes slowly for the first time . His eyes wells up seeing Her Look into His orbs and then He sees a small smile appear on His Little girl’s lips before yawning and closing her eyes yet again .

He pulls her close to his chest and holds her firmly and delicately against him as He talks to her , “Baby I am Your Daddy , I Just wanna promise you something today , Daddy will not tell He would protect you and be your bodyguard but Daddy Will Promise You That I would teach you how to fight against all the odds in life , I’ll be your strength and teach you how to protect yourself & Be a brave and strong woman just like your Mama Baby – Your Daddy & Mumma had a harsh childhood baby -but I promise to never let anything like that happen to you . I would promise to give my hand when You fall to rise yet again ! , Remember there would times we might not agree on a thing & argue but at the end Daddy Will make you understand Why I did not give into you and If Daddy was wrong You make me explain calmly okay? – Daddy would love you to the moon and back ! – I Love You My Little Girl !”

“And I Love You Husband ” Gauri cuts him off in mere whisper . He smiles and turns around to look at her

“I Love You too Baby !” Om blows a flying kiss to her making her grin .

He looks down see his baby had wrapped her little fingers around his finger . He smiles and kisses her lovingly knowing She had understood her Papa’s words .

He puts the baby on her arms . Gauri’s eyes sparkles in love as tears sprung . Gauri caresses her baby softly who was wrapped in a pink blanket . She gives a toothless grin opening her eyes to look at her Mama . Gauri lets out a teary smile . She looks closely at her baby , Her Little Girls’ eyes more brilliant than She could have ever dreamed how they would be , Her hands more delicate , She feels so light , Looks so perfect and smells so divine . She would protect and treasure her Little One as long as She lives and Her Love for Her Little One will have no limits . She kisses softly as Her Baby snuggles closer to her bosom .

“She looks just like you ” Gauri whispers looking at Omkara.

“Like Both ” He adds Kissing Gauri on her temple .

The Little One starts crying making them chuckle . She hates them kissing !.

“Ahana Omkara Singh Oberoi !” Om whispers sweetly in her ears and kisses her hairs.


After Six Years

“Papa ” Ahana Shrieks feeling herself in the Air . Omkara laughs kissing on her cheeks from behind as he carries her to the bed . placing her between his legs . He rests his head on her shoulders .

“Papa Are you tired?” She asks cutely turning around . Om nods cutely pouting .

“Papa Come here ” She pats on her laps cutely . Omkara places his head on her lap as She sings a lullaby putting him to sleep and ruffles his hairs . Within minutes Omkara was asleep in her laps.

Gauri walks in to their room hearing some noise to find her husband sleeping on her Little Baby’s lap . She smiles thinking Things have changed since the last few years . Her Husband’s Priority has changed , He gave into the wishes of Ahana more than hers Let it be anything .

When He comes from work , It is Ahana who he seeks first . If She & Her Baby was cooking in the kitchen . It was Ahana who would get a cheek kiss first before her .

If Ahana had been watching cartoons He would sleep silently Ahana’s lap who would pat her Papa to sleep while Gauri would sit beside quietly looking at the two .

If Ahana had been doing her Homework , He would carry Ahana from behind just like he did to her long back and place Ahan on the bed and sign Ahana to continue her work as he would rest his head on Ahana’s shoulder. At times She would feel jealous at their bonding but that thought would go away as they both would hug her tightly pestering kissing saying She is the best ! .

Presently , She walks towards them Ahana places her index finger at her lips asking Gauri not to make a noise as Her Papa is sleeping peacefully . Gauri chuckles silently nods at Her bacchi obliging .

After Few Hours , Gauri sees Omkara walking in with Ahana who is busy telling about her school day . Omkara kisses Gauri on her temple before sitting down with Ahana on his laps .

“How was Your day?” Gauri inquires while Omkara proceeds to tell .

“How was Yours ?” ,

“Cracked two deals ! ” She tells chirping .

“Papa Feed ” Ahana interjects , Omkara kisses on her hairs as He feeds Ahana .

“Husband Feed” Gauri mouths to him with a smile . He chuckles at Gauri and asks her to move closer to them as He Feeds both of them .

“Mama Don’t Be a Baby! Papa Will Only Feed Me , Haina Papa?” Ahana asks innocently showing her puppy eyes putting Omkara in confusion on whose side to take .

“Omkara won’t you Feed me?” Gauri asks sweetly blinking her eyelashes .

“I-” Om wets his lips to speak but

“I am the Baby Mama ! So Papa will Feed only me !” ,

“Omkara ” Gauri winks at him as She asks sternly

Omkara stiffens in his place and smiles seeing Gauri’s mischievousness He gives a teasing smile as He says “I’ll Feed Only Baby !” ,

Ahana throws her arms around her neck as She kisses hardly on his cheeks happily . Turning to her Mama she says pompously “See Mama , Grow up – I am the Only Baby !”,

Gauri rolls her eyes and ends up chuckling , Her Baby had so much attitude in her . With their cute banters going on they finish their dinner .

Putting Ahana to sleep Omkara comes to their room to see Gauri standing by Window

“Baby” He whispers hugging her from behind .

“What Baby?” She elbows him on his guts and asks with a fake anger .

“Ohh Come on – ” He kisses on her cheeks and tickles her

“Okay I was just putting up an act ” Gauri tells in between her laughter as He stops .

Gauri looks up at him giggling to find him already staring at her . The next thing She knew was His lips had slammed to hers knocking all the wind from her lungs .

She hardly had a moment to react before he presses his tongue to the seam of her lips and ,at her grant of access , delves inside her mouth . It was a sloppy kiss intermingling with their billowing breath . Her arms reaches up and tangles around his thick ,strong neck .She pulls away and arch’s up into his broad chest – She moans feeling the contact of the heat from his bare chest , Before She kisses him again .Omkara rests his forehead against hers as He pulls apart .

“It’s been a while ” Gauri whispers Shyly

“So?” He teases against her lips sliding his hand to cup her mound . She moans feeling his palm playing around with her skin where he had placed his hand .

“We can -” She whispers blushing .

He carries her in his arms and places her on the bed . Pulling her hair band down He lets her tresses fall over her back . He hovers over her as She blushes . Six Long Years Still She could not help but blush & shy away whenever he touches or kisses her .

He leans down to kiss but Gauri pushes him as they hear a tap of the door .

“Papa” , Gauri throws the shirt at him asking him to wear as She suits herself up and walks to open the door .

Ahana hugs Gauri by her legs as She says in a scared tone “Mamma Can I sleep with you and Papa ? When I close my eyes I see ghosts in dreams !” ,

Gauri smiles and carries her “My Baby Got scared ?” , Ahana nods wrapping her arms around her mother’s neck and buries her head on her chest . Gauri kisses her cheeks and carries her to the bed .

Seeing Omkara , Ahana jumps to her Papa’s arms as Says that She is scared to sleep alone . Omkara hugs her close to her him and tells her a story making her smile by the time Omkara finishes he sees her yawning and sleeping on his chest .

Gauri smiles seeing the Duo She slips herself beside Omkara and rests her head on his shoulder . He smiles turning sideways and hugs her close to him while holding Ahana safely in his arms .

“Tonight Is not your day ” He teases Gauri kissing her forehead softly .

She smiles and hugs her both babies and whispers “Nothing is important than My Little Girl !”.

“I Love You Jaan ” He whispers and hugs her close to him .

“I Love you too ” She winks kissing on his cheeks hardly . They chuckle hearing the little snorts from Ahana .


“Mama What’s special ?” Ahana asks hugging Gauri from behind Standing on a chair as Gauri bakes a cake .

“Today is Papa’s Birthday ” Gauri reminds Ahana . Ahana gasps and cups her mouth .

“Mama I forget to make a card for Papa , I am going to make now ” She sprints out of the kitchen hurriedly not before kissing her Mama who chuckles seeing her .

“DCP Sir ” Gauri hears a Loud angry voice banging their door hurriedly .

Wiping her hands off with a cloth She goes to open the door . Soon as She opens the Door She sees Three men Who looked more like Goons Looking furiously at her .

“Where is Your Husband ?” He shouts angrily but Gauri folds her hands around her chest and shots a glare at him

“Who are You?” ,

He pushes himself in , Gauri fumes as She asks angrily “Who the hell Gave You Permission to come in ? “

“Mama” Ahana comes from her room drenched from colors head to toe. She had thought of painting her Papa’s drawing but by mistakenly ended up tumbling all the paint bottles on herself .

“Tell Your Husband to Be Out Of My Way If He Wants to Live Long!” He threatens Gauri dangerously ,

Gauri lets out a chuckle as She says clicking her tongue “It is The Opposite ! You Surrender Yourself If You Want to Live long !” ,

This aggravates that man as He raises his hand to slap Gauri but Shouts feeling something poking in his leg . He looks down to see the Little Version of Omkara glaring at him murderously and twisting the fork on his leg .

He tries to push her off but Gauri holds Her baby in her arms “Baldy – How Dare You Try to hit my mama? You baldy old Man Next time you try to hit Mama I’ll poke your eyes and pull them out with the fork ” She shouts at him threatening him as Gauri holds her baby from behind who is throwing her hands and legs up in the air to go fight with the Man.

The Baldy Could not help but Shiver Hearing the Little Version of Omkara threatening him , He could not help but See Omkara’s rage & braveness in her ! .

Gauri softly chuckles seeing the fear in that Man’s eyes before She could say anything . Omkara’s walks in .

“Sristava Aka Sristu Oldie What work do you have in my house?” Om asks clicking his tongue playfully standing in front of him .

He fumes seeing Omkara making fun of him .

“Papa” Ahana Shouts slipping down from Gauri’s arms She moves to Omkara who carries her .

“Be a Man Sritivu ! Fight with me Not With the Women Like a Spineless Dog !” Omkara sneers at him .

Sritava was a well known Minister in Delhi but His ugly wrong doings were brought into light by Omkara who had arrested several mans and sealed all his illegal constructions . Tomorrow Is the Hearing of the Case , If Omkara closes the case it would pave way to get Sristava’s men out . If not Along with his Men Sristava would be going into the jail .

“Baldy – “Ahana yells at him in rage . She hated the Baldy so much She wanted to pull those two sockets out for trying to hit her mother .

“Baby -Baby Calm down ” Omkara says sweetly kissing her cheeks .

“What did you do Sristu , That My Little Girl is so angry?”

“He went to hit Mama !” Ahana tells angrily showing the fork at the Baldy who was just an inch away from Omkara . He throws his head back scared that the fork might pierce his eyes .

“You Dared To Raise Your hand on My Wife?” Omkara sneers at him making his insides shiver .

Sristava had always seen the calm version of Omkara , Who would warn them sweetly but seeing him in rage . Sristava could not help but think it was his fault of trying to touch Omkara’s family calling his own destruction .

Omkara laughs throwing his head back seeing the fear in Sristava’s eyes “What do you think Sristuu Oldie ? That touching my Family would stop me? If then You are Wrong ! You might have seen my Little Girl Right ? If I shake my head that Fork would be in your sockets , My Girls are Brave & Strong None can shake them !” ,

Sritava takes a step back and lowers his head frighten seeing the murderous glare at him . He would do something with the help of his lawyers . For now Leaving is the Best from this Devil Family ! He decides and turns on his heels . He shuts his eyes hearing the Little Version of Omkara shouting calling him a coward .

“What was that?” Omkara admonishes Ahana .

Ahana shrugs as She says cutely “None Can Hit My Mama !” ,

Gauri smiles proudly at her baby , She knows that was wrong but She knows too that Her Baby is really brave for her age .

Omkara sighs knowing his stubborn Little Lady would not let anyone scold Her Mama & Papa Let alone Hit , He was Proud that His Baby was Strong & Brave for Her Little age.

“Okay – So What with the Colors on you?” He asks raising his brow . She gives a cheeky grin as She says “It’s a surprise ” and runs to her room .

Omkara smiles lovingly looking at His Baby running that Little pony tail wagging from side to side . She was the Best Daughter One could ask for . As Much She was loving, Cute , Brave . His Little Girl was Naughty & Mischievous too . The Worst memory of her naughtiness was When Coming back from school She had asked Omkara to get her an Ice-cream when Omkara had told her he will not as She was sick just two days back She had got angry with him . While Coming back home Ahana had seen Andrea knowing How She tries to flirt with her Papa . Ahana had purposely called Andrea , spoke sweetly to her while Omkara had tried to pull her back . She had told Andrea how Papa tells Andrea is sweet and loving . Andrea had gone Aww and Hugged Omkara . Omkara would swear even today he did not hug her back but His Little Lady had run to her Mama once in the house and told that Omkara was the first one to initiate the talk with Andrea and Omkara was the one who hugged Andrea. While Gauri had been shouting at him . His Little Lady had watched it eating her ice-cream which was stocked at home . Omkara had shot glares at Ahana who had only winked at him . Making up to an Angry Gauri had been the hardest that day .

Presently , His thoughts halt as Gauri hugs him by his arm with a smile “She is Brave !” ,

“I know !” Om says resting his head against Gauri with a proud smile .

Om’s opens his eyes feeling Ahana shaking him vigorously .

“What Baby?” He asks yawning seeing the time which read 11.59 pm

“Happy Birthday Papa !” “Happy Birthday Husband !” Gauri and Ahana wish him at the same time excitedly .

Om hugs them and kisses them . Ahana giggles loudly as his stubbles pricks her cheeks “Papa Shave !” She cutely scolds holding his chin .

“Okay Meri Maa ” Om tells nodding his head making Gauri frown , She loves his stubble . Omkara winks at her seeing her sulking making her blush . Knowing He is not gonna do that . He knew She loved when He would brush his stubble on her skin while they would make love.

“My Gift?” He stretches his hand at Ahana who gives him The Drawing She had been working on . Om smiles seeing the drawing . It was Their Family Drawing .

“It’s beautiful ” He says lovingly kissing hard on Ahana’s cheeks but looks confused seeing a baby in Gauri’s arms and He was carrying Ahana .

“Gauri You?” Omkara asks excited as realization dawns upon him , She nods blushing as He hugs her excitedly pulling Close squeezing Ahana in between Who shrieks pushing Omkara .

“I Love You” He whispers kissing her happily while they lay to sleep after cake cutting . Omkara sleeps on the middle while Ahana & Gauri are on his either sides .

“Thank You For Giving Her ” He points at Ahana and Continues happily “& Now ” Says while caressing her belly .

“I Love You to Husband -and Thank You too” She tells kissing him on his lips .

“Papa” Ahana murmurs sleepily as Omkara moves a bit to kiss Gauri .

“I am here baby ” Om tells kissing Ahana and hugs Three of them tightly in his arms . In Few months he could hold his second baby in his arms .

After 7 Months They Welcomed Their Little Baby Boy Who They named ‘Aarush Omkara Singh Oberoi !’ Which Meant the Same Meaning of Their Little Girl’s Name Ahana ‘First Rays of Sun !’ , Indeed Their babies Were The New Light in The Lives of Omkara & Gauri .

The End

Press the Star For One Last time for this Book !Please ! And Commentators – For the First & Last time Leave a Comment What You Have Felt Reading My First Ever Work !

Lemme Tell Your Some Secrets About This Book !

1> Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Was Suppose to Be A Three Shot Story !I Do not Know When it Ended up Long *Laughs*

2> The Plot Which I Have Planned at the Beginning Was Utterly Different . It was One Where Gauri is the One Healing him and not the other way round . Not telling the Whole One as One day I might end up writing it *Chuckles*

3> Some Beautiful Mistakes Paves Ways to Write New Twist : Remember Chapter 3 : Honestly It was suppose to Be Gauri thinking She married Her Best friend’s Brother *Chuckling* but A Typo mistake made it ‘Husband’ , When the Readers Were shocked and Commented I Found myself stiffening and shocked not knowing what to do but My mind clicked Why Don’t I continue it ?

Thank You For Putting Up With Me For So Long Readers :Let it Be Silent Readers or Voters or Commentators Thank You !

And I Am Leaving Telly Updates with A Heavy Heart

Thank You

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