Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 45 ( Last Chapter)

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Her eyes lights up in excitement as She sees the Rain pouring down heavily in the night which is covered with blanket of stars. Draping her duppata around her neck She runs out Like a Kid as She stretches her hands and her head up as the droplets Kisses each part of Her body . She giggles loudly as She jumps on the puddle splashing the waters over her .

She Angles her head slightly smiling as the Music Plays in the background and She hears the Footsteps approaching her , Her Face heats up as She Feels his arms go around her shoulder hugging her by her neck as He places His chin on her shoulder as He groans against her ear

” God Woman I missed You So much !” .

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai

Tere aur mere milne ka mausam aaya hai

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, saawan aaya hai

Tere aur mere milne ka mausam aaya hai

She bites her lower lip as She places her palm over his arm which is across her neck and leans onto his chest and sighs Feeling the warmth emanating from Him .

“If I was Right It was Just a Few hours ago you left ” She tells him with a teasing smile .

“It is 16 hours Since I last saw my baby” He says hugging her tightly from behind .

“You have become too clingy ” She teases elbowing on his abdomen making him wriggle his nose against her nape .

Silence prevails as they close their eyes leaning into each other’s embrace enjoying the moment as the rains pours over them drenching them from head to toe .

“Husband ” She says slowly after few minutes.

“Hmm” He hums having his eyes closed pulling her more closer to him so that Her back is pressed against his chest tightly leaving no air to pass between them .

Removing his arms around her She turns around as He raises his brows at her . Her eyes goes puppy . He smiles as He pulls against him as they sway slowly to the melody in the pouring rain . He spins her twice before holding her closely and Locks his arms around her back.

The rain runs down their faces to as they gaze at each other , His gazes shifts from her eyes to her plump lips , The water trickles down where their lips meet . Instead of detracting from the intensity of the moment , it brings them to a new height . Omkara pushes his lips more firmly and the wave that runs through her intoxicates her , making her head swim back as She pulls back to take in his beautiful face.

A Small smile plays in his lips as she shuts her eyes feeling his fingers linger around her cheeks . Her eyes drops as She gives into the moment . Leaving her lips He moves along her jaw line downwards drinking in the droplets which Follows it trails down , His shifts his gaze up to see her arching her heads backwards giving him more access , He pulls her duppata letting it drop to the ground . She smiles feeling him grinning against her temple as he takes her ear lobe in his teeth . She does not moan rather she grins widely seeing him trying his best to make her moan .

“Stubborn are we?” He whispers huskily as She nods looking at him smirking .

He kisses down her collarbone and pulls her sleeves down letting it hang loosely around her shoulder . He kisses around her cleavage She bites her lower lip to stop herself from moaning .

“Ahann So not letting it?” He nips her collarbone She arch’s her head and grins widely not letting him succeed . She is not gonna moan !

She digs her nails into his shoulders trying to balance herself as She feels her Knees giving away as He circles around her belly button . His finger enter her belly button . She bites her lip tightly trying to swallow down her moan .

Tere aur mere milne ka mausam aaya hai

Sab se chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai

Pyar mein tere had se guzar jaana haiItna p

yar kisi pe pehli baar aaya hai

He pulls her legs up locking it around his waist as She grins looking at him ,

“I am Hungry!” He whispers

, She gives a sly grin as She tells winking ” Dish Seems Ready!” .

“Then What are we waiting for?”

Before She could reply She finds herself moaning as He carries her in . The left side of his lip tugs upwards creating a winning smirk on his handsome face . She pouts pulling him by his collar as He walks towards their room.

“That was cheating”

“What cheating?” He raises his brow

“You-” She stops blushing unable to put into words what he did

“What did I Do?” His asks not so in an innocent tone .

“You put your hand -” She bites her lower lip to stop herself from blabbering out and shies away burying her head on his neck .

“My Hand aaha Where?” he teases placing her on the bed .

“Get lost ” She pushes him blushing heavily as he falls on his back beside lets out a carefree laugh .

She turns to look at him placing her elbow under her head as He does the same .

“I missed you too ” She tells slowly with a small smile .

“Why did you miss me? Wasn’t it a few hours with both has some crazy wild romance Biwi?”

“Husband ” She blushes and giggles pushing him back as He kisses around her nape brushing his stubble .

“I am hungry ” He whispers again pouting hugging her and burying himself on the crook of her neck .

She chuckles and says playfully “Didn’t I say Dish is ready?”

“Gauri ” He tries to act stern

“Go change I’ll arrange the table ” She pushes him back and gets on her feet and throws the towel at him .

“You too “

She gasps seeing their bed wet due to the water droplets which had dipped from their clothes

! “Husband !” She says angrily and eyes the bed as he cheekily grins making her melt .

Gauri sets the table as He walks in drying his hair shirtless . She gives him a small smile as He pulls a chair to sit .

“Had Dinner Love?” , She nods as He had already told her He would be getting late she had her food .

“What?” He raises his brow seeing her stopping him .

With a small serene smile She sits on his lap pushing her hair back haughtily .

“So is my wife in a mood to romance?” He teases caging her between his muscular arms .

“Don’t You have anything else in mind?” She asks playfully slapping his cheeks

“Not anything above you and some wild crazy romantic fantasies ” He says kissing her nape .

“Food is getting cold !” She says breathlessly feeling his fingers roaming not in an innocent way .

He sighs and pulls his head back as He hears his stomach grumbling making her let out a small laugh throwing her head back .

“Something else is impatient ! ” She teases .

Taking a morsel She feeds him as He opens his mouth with a smile feeling loved . He playfully bites on her finger making her hit on his chest scrunching her nose .

“Animal ” She scowls glaring at him

“Someone likes this animal too much ” He refers to their make-out sessions making her blush .

She tries to act stern but ends blushing as he leans down to look into her eyes . Her Weakness ! Eye-lock can make her blush .

“My Firecracker ” He chuckles hugging her close to him as She leans her head onto his .

After Having his Dinner in between romantic sessions . They get ready to sleep . Gauri gets a mattress as The bed is too wet for them to sleep . She Spreads it on the floor . He walks in after a call and She could say from the look on his face . He was clearly upset about something .

“Husband ” She calls lovingly , If a minute before he had been sulking Her voice can soothe his worries making his lips curve up involuntarily .

“What happened ?” She asks softly holding him by his forearm .

“Nothing ” He tells assuring tucking a fringe behind her ear .

“Let’s sleep ” She chirps excited .

“What is running on that little mind of yours biwi?” ,

He is such a tease , Gauri knew He knew what she expected but He wants to get it from her .

“Nothing ” She tells stretching herself in the mattress as He follows suit .

“I am too tired love ” He whispers placing his head on his chest .

“Aww My Baby Come here ” She pulls him closely hugging him closer to her chest and pats him lulling him to sleep and kisses on his head . Within minutes He falls asleep as She smiles affectionately at him . He could be a baby at times . None can say The Stern Khadoos DCP is a Childish Baby Back home .


The Next Day , Gauri tries to hold back her tears as Omkara packs his bag . She swallows the lump forming in her throat and puts up a smile seeing walking towards her with the suitcase .

“Gauri” Om calls out to her slowly cupping her face in his palms . He knows She would Cry any moment .

“Husband ..Go Safe..Eat well – ” She pauses to swallow the lump forming .

A tear had already slide down as Om wipes it using his thumb , Feeling his fingers near the corner of her eyes . The tears which she had kept in bay drops down as She wraps her arms around him and sobs to his chest .

“Gauri..baby ” Om tries to pull her back instead He feels her tightening her arms around him as if not to let him go .

Sighing He hugs her back sadly pressing his cheeks on top of her head and combs her hairs trying to calm her down .

“It Is Four Months Baby -With a tap of a finger it will fly ” Om tells lovingly holding her by her chin asking her to look up .

“120 Days Without You” She chokes and hugs him by tightly . She knows She is behaving childish Yet She feels isolated seeing him leaving her alone for 120 Days .

Om kisses her temple tenderly “Baby -Your Husband is Specially appointed to Go to Bangalore to Look into a Special case , I would have taken you with me but You know right Jaan ? It is not possible for me given the situation There is high chance the criminals would use you as a bait to stop me ” Om explains even he had been upset the day back when he got a call about his special appointment he had hide the fact when She had questioned him yesterday not to sadden her .

Gauri nods he had explained this to her for the tenth time yet She could not let him go . More than missing him She fears for his life . Her breath quickens as She gasps for breath the thought that something could happen to him .

“Gauri -Gauri ” Om worriedly calls her out seeing her gasping for breath .He rubs her back hurriedly trying to calm down .

“Nothing will happen to your husband ” He says kissing her tears away .

“None Can touch me if they did I have a Gundi Biwi who will beat the crap out of them ” , She chuckles through her tears hearing him .

“Be a Good Girl Okay?” He says kissing her forehead softly .

She nods at him like a child ,

“Gauri You can go stay in the Mansion or Divya Amma” Om suggests hopefully rather than leaving her alone in their house .

“No I would like to stay here ” Gauri replies back not wanting to leave their place at least She could Feel him around .

“Husband ” She holds his wrist as He tries to get on the Car . Tip-toeing She places her palms on his cheeks and places her lips on his forehead .

“Be Safe and Come back soon and – I’ll miss you ” She whispers as much she wanted to kiss him She could not as His driver is gaping at them .

Om smiles seeing her without caring about the Driver He pecks her lips quickly . It was over before even it began but it brought a small smile on her face Which he wanted to see before leaving her . Om chuckles mentally seeing the Driver blushing and turning away from them giving them privacy .

Giving her one last hug , He gets in the car as She looks until the He disappears from her vision . Sighing She turns back and walks to her house sulking .

She decides to cook but drops the idea as She sees him around , Their moments playing front of her . Sulking She paces to their room . The Last place She wanted to come .

She breathes deep .In and Out . Within a split of seconds She is under him , It was like He never left . Time freezes as She looks into his eyes with tears brimming .

“You came back?” She whispers as He nods .

She feels his lips moving against hers as the side of his thighs are pressed against hers . His tongue tastes her breath while his hands roams around without leaving a part of her skin untouched . Both caught up in the moment , He reaches up taking her hardened peak on his mouth while she arch’s against him , They twist and turn and it starts all over again like a cycle .

Gauri comes awaken with a with a start as She sweats profusely . “It was a dream ” She mumbles running her palms around her face and soothes her racing heartbeat to calm down . Taking the glass of water in the nightstand She gulps it in one go . She looks around the empty cold place and shifts her gaze to the clock which reads ;

“11.30 pm ” ,

How long has She slept ? She wonders and hurries to get her phone to check whether she had got a message or a call from him . She sighs disappointment not finding a single call or a message from him . She decides to ring , Swiping his number she calls only to go unanswered . He had informed her once He is in Bangalore He would switch the phone and change the number cautious enough not to alert the predators hunting around .

Keeping her phone in night stand . She places herself yet again on the mattress and traces her hand on his side of the bed “I miss you husband ” She mumbles sadly .

She feels his presence in the room . She feels him inside her as She closes her eyes the erotic dream coming past her eyes . She opens her eyes trying to get rid of it as She knows her cravings would go unfulfilled . Tossing and turning around for hours She gets up sulking unable to fall asleep . Without him by her side she could not sleep .

Walking towards the closest , She removes her dress and puts on his shirt and pant . She inhales sharply feeling his musky masculine scent on her . Hugging his shirt close to her chest , She drops herself on the bed and lets her eyes drop giving in to sleep.


Omkara’s state was no different from hers . He tosses around the bed unable to sleep . She had become his habit without her frame flushed against him He could not close his eyes peacefully . Would She be crying? , Did She have her meal? ,Did She sleep? Or Is She tossing around like him? Various thoughts runs in his mind as He closes his eyes letting out a breath . Her sad face was itched in his mind , He knew She wasn’t behaving childish it was her fears resurfacing He wasn’t blind to notice the fears in her orbs , The thought of him leaving her yet again scares her , The thoughts Whether He will be back to her? Makes her frighten given that it happened once and They had to go through the pain for 365 days . And The Fact She knows that He using His life as a bait to lure the predators around itself is enough for her to run to him .

Presently , He takes a deep breath and looks at his phone He had activated the new Sim card just few minutes back but had been reluctant in calling her in order not to disturb her if she had gone to sleep .

“I Miss You Love ” Om whispers kissing her picture . Her smile could bright up and motivate him to succeed .

“I wish you were here to hug me tight and pat me to sleep ” He murmurs sadly ,

But soon a smile appears in his face as He rewinds to their moments . She would adorned the strict wife character when She would pull him to bed if he has been working to late nights . She would push him on bed , He hated to admit those moments made him jittery when her fingers would tease his skin as she would run her fingers around his bare chest while kissing around . She would graze her long nails around his nip*le and making him squirm before kissing it . And Then She would run her hands down and stop right at his waist band just like that She would shy away and hug him tight burying her face in his chest making him chuckle . She had the innocence in her which makes him adore her more if possible .


The Next Few days had been a torture , The longing the craving for him had increased in ten folds . She wants to wake up cocooned in his arms but each day Her face falls as She wakes up to the empty bed it was the Same with Omkara . They caught up at nights on video calls which would not last for more two hours as Gauri would fall asleep while sleeping . He would smile and caress her sleeping form through the screen and instantly a wave of sadness would hit him unable to hug her tight and flush her petite frame in his .

A Month passes by as the longing to be in eachothers arms increases yet Gauri puts up a serene smile not letting him see how much she longs for him knowing the next second he would be here cradling her in his arms . She knew how hard he had been working on the recent case She just do not want to become a distraction and reason for him to give up . During the meantime The Oberois or Divya Amma had not forgotten to visit her once in a while .

But today Was Different , Gauri had fought with him lashed out him for no fault of his and ended up sobbing loudly and shut the laptop screen . Omkara worriedly had called on her mobile to find out the reason. She had come up with an excuse saying it was because She missed a contract Her mood has worsened since then Which was a Lie ! It wasn’t and In fact She does not know the reason . His sweet soothing flirty words had made her smile through her tears . Only once She had calmed down He had hanged up.


Sitting outside the Clinic She contemplates whether Should She Go or just return back home .

“Mrs. Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi ” The nurse calls her out .

Taking a deep breath Gauri walks in . Since Last week She had been extremely moody throwing tantrums at her husband and out of that She had found herself vomiting continuously which She had hid from her husband in order not to worry him about her , given the worry he already has these days due to the case he is working on .


Walking into their room She hugs the file close to her chest . She wanted to shout and hug him overwhelmed with happiness yet here She is sobbing curled up in a ball in the bed. She wanted to tell him and see him getting shocked before pestering her with kisses but He is far ,far away from her in Bangalore hunting down criminals .

“I Need You Husband ” She whispers crying more into the pillow . She wipes her tears hastily hearing her phone ringing .

Her lips curve finding it’s him washing her face , Holding back her tears She answers the phone .

“Gauri” He calls out to her excitedly .

She hums swallowing the lump forming hearing his voice

“Come on Video Call ” He tells hearing her sadness even in her hum . He knows her very well to understand that she is sadden about something .

“No -I have some work ” She tells hurriedly keeping her tears in baby and hugs up the call .

Holding her phone closer to her chest she cries .

“I miss you even more come back soon husband ” ,

That Day night , She Finds herself caged in between two muscular arms . She shrieks feeling a man sleeping on her and kicks him off the bed .

Hearing the yelp She cups her mouth widening her eyes It’s His voice .

“Husband ” She whispers unsure

“Yes Husband !” He replies yelping in pain angrily

“I am sorry ” She smiles sheepishly and pulls him up

“I thought someone else ” She grins cheekily making him melt

“Who would come at this time love expect me ? ” ,

“You were suppose to come after a two month ” Gauri tells him calculating the dates .

He hugs her close to him as He asks cupping her face in one palm while other held her securely “Why were you upset love? I have been seeing you moody since past few days ” ,

She bites her lower lip as She says “I was just missing you – nothing else ” She tells the partial truth . She wants to disclose to him in a proper way .

“Thank you for coming ” Her eyes brims with tears as She throws her arms around his neck hugging him close .

He crushes her body into his inhaling her scent as She sobs onto his chest .

“Gauri Why are you crying baby?” He cups her face in his palms affectionately .

She sniffs as She wipes her tears hastily as She says “I wasn’t crying it just something went into the eye” ,

He smiles affectionately before placing his lips on her temple “Okay So Let me remove the dust particles them ” ,

She looks into his brown orbs while he leans down sucking her tears taking her tears away making her grin widely . She places her head on his chest and rubs her cheeks . having her on top of him he lies on his back and wraps his arms around her and rubs her back trying to soothe her as he hears her snivels .

His eyes drops rubbing his eyes he looks down at her who had clung onto him like her life depended on him . She had fisted his shirt in her palms holding it tightly against her heart . He chuckles just as he thought She had forgotten He hears her mumble to remove his shirt . He slides it off and pulls her close to her soon her arms wraps around his bare waist as She rubs her cheeks on his naked torso continuously . He finds it surprised as it is unusual for her to cry so much and fall asleep within minutes . He makes a special note to ask her the very next day . Going on without her for two months had been a hectic task . He had wrapped his work early so that he can come back to her soon . He chuckles placing his lips on her head He had never be so impatient to get back home but now She had become His Home which he could not go on without being homesick .


“Husband ” She hugs him from behind while he is making breakfast for them .

“Why Baby?” He whispers leaning his head back pressing it against her cheek .

“Did you come on my account?” She asks sadly kissing the tip of his ear .

Smiling he turns around cleaning his hands ,placing her on the counter top He makes space for him in between her legs .

“When My Baby is missing me here How Can I stay there in peace ?” He kisses her cheeks as She sulks fidgeting with her fingers ,

“I came in between didn’t I?” She asks swallowing the lump forming in her throat . She had pledged herself never ever to come between his job.

“Look up ” He pinches her chin lightly forcing her to look up .

“Do You Know Why I called You yesterday ?”

She looks at him confused through her blurred vision,

“I called you to surprise you by saying I’ll be back by today but You ,Baby, started crying ” He continues “Why has My Firecracker become a Cry baby?” ,

She gazes at him not knowing what to answer , Should She tell him now? , She wets her lips to say but stops as her eyes fall on the calendar,

“I was missing you that’s it ” She whispers looking down .

“Never Cry My heart aches when I see your tears ” He says pulling her close in her hug as He tucks his chin under her head .

Sorry husband Get Ready to witness more , She thinks mentally and chuckles . He narrows his brows questioning her , what’s there to chuckle?

She chuckles and shakes her head nothing and hugs him tightly with a blissful smile having missed him for months .


The Next Day , At Night , The Clock strike’s 12 ,

“Husband ” She whispers in his ears , He groans and snorts and pulls her more close under him and buries his head on her neck .

“Husband ” She calls him a bit louder .

“Why Baby?” He asks in a sleepy tone pushing his face in her nape .

“Husband ” She chuckles seeing him acting like a sleepy log .

“Why?” He asks looking up at her with his sleepy eyes .

She pulls him down making him lean his forehead against hers . She gazes into his mesmerizingly eyes as he opens it lazily to look into her orbs . He gives a small charming smile making her insides melt . Each time he smiles at her , Her Heart flutters in love .

“Husband” She whispers again drawing patterns in his bare chest .

He smiles against her temple kissing her . She turns sideways and cups his face as she says placing a small kiss on his cheeks “Happy Birthday Husband “

“Where is My Gift Baby?” He asks hovering over her his lips tugged up in the corners as

She lowers her eyes lashes shyly , His Hand reaches for hers and interlocks as He lowers his face down , She breathlessly reads him and lets her eyes drop as They kiss tentatively ,passionately and then tenderly . Pulling apart He rests his forehead against hers as She gazes into his orbs with love .

“Omkara Singh Oberoi” She calls him out in a mere whisper

“Yes Mrs.Omkara Singh Oberoi ” He whispers against her lips teasing her .

She looks at him with a shy look as He says “Omkara “

“Gauri” He teases her making her widen her eyes with a blush

“Om” She chides seeing him teasing her

“Ri” He smirks against her head .

“Husband !” She calls little louder hitting him on his chest playfully not to make her nervous .

“Biwi ” He chuckles against her lips as Her lips twitches .

Taking a deep breath She looks up holding him against her frame tightly She stretches her hand to the night stand . Taking a small wrapped box She gifts him . He sits up as She kneels front of him .

“Open ” She tells impatiently and excited .

He chuckles and shows his palms to calm down as She jumps too excited . He opens it expectantly only to Find a cute little card with two heart shapes in the middle .

She signs him to open . He obliges to find it popping up with a paper origami cake . He chuckles and pulls her close and places a loving kiss on his temple . A Letter pops up as it slips down . He shifts his head sideways , She signs him to read .

Dear Husband

My Handsome Angry Hulk Ages , Aww and My Baby’s beautiful black shiny hairs turns a bit greyer — Om stops and gapes looking at her , She laughs seeing him running to the mirror to check on his hairs .

“Omkara it is not yet -I meant after this ” She tells in between Her laughter .

Om half bites his lip placing his hands on his hips he walks towards “Acha biwiji “

He takes her by surprise as he starts tickling her “Please please ” She begs giggling loudly .

He stops seeing tears in her eyes pulling her close hugging her sideways He takes the letter to continue reading

“Aging with you by my side is the precious possession in my life , Let’s grow older together Love , You came into my life as a bloom of fresh flowers , You held me tight against your heart Locking it with a padlock and threw away the key in the abyss without letting me reach out to the key to escape from the hole of your heart .

This Day sounds so precious to me , As My Man’s Birth takes place on a day like this while I was yet tobe manufactured *chuckles * I know I am mad but Shouldn’t I thank my man for putting up with my madness ? ,You are the liveliest man on earth while I was the broken soul then you came along held my hand and let me sit in your heart travelling a journey with you . This is the day I could show how much you mean to me , The Day is Yours or Should I Say ‘Ours’? Your day literally means My Day too Right?

Okay Now This is gonna be Your Gift – Run to the Kitchen or Should I carry you there? Haha Don’t Laugh I would drag you DCP *smirking*

Okay My Bak Bak Went to Long ! Isn’t it? But You have no option than reading or hearing me !

Lastly I Love You My Husband !

, He smiles and looks at her and tightens his arms around her tucking his chin under her head

“That was sweet , I Love you too ” , Her lips curve up in love as She looks up from the embrace ,

“Aren’t You running to the kitchen? “

“No Waiting for My Biwi to carry me ” He teases as She laughs and drags him out of the bed.

“Gauri another Letter?” He asks as He Finds a Letter on the counter .

She moves away this time and walks to the Oven and taking the cake in her hands She walks out of the kitchen leaving him alone with the letter .

Dear Husband

I Know I had Been troubling you so much the past few days . Wasn’t I too rude ? While I would shout over the call for no fault of yours ? , I know that you hate tears but husband get ready to witness them more *winking* and I have been too moody since past few days

And You have been a Perfect Husband up to now ! and I am Sure in Future You would 

He turns around as the Letter finishes there , His stares at the Letter confused reading it over and over again .

“Don’t Give too much pressure husband Come running to the Hall now !” Omkara hears the recorder playing ,

Tucking the letter in his pant pocket . He walks towards the hall to Find her standing there beside the cake which was lit up with candles .

His bare foot steps on petals of flowers His lips curve up in a radiant smile as Petals fall over him . With the petals a small letter falls over his shoulder before He could touch it slips down to the floor .

Bending down he picks the letter ,

Dear Daddy

I know Mama has been moody since the past few days but Daddy it is my fault and Daddy’s baby is sorry for making Daddy Fret over Mama worriedly .

Om’s eyes wells up in tears as He sees an arrow to flip the paper

Daddy Your Little Baby wishes You a Very Happy Birthday to the Best Daddy in the world , Daddy Mama decides to gift me to you , Aren’t I perfect present to You Daddy?

Although I am tiny little poppy seed in Mama’s belly ,Mama will use more energy to help me grow , I can’t wait to be in your arms Daddy – In Nine months I’ll be in your arms cuddling .

I Love You Daddy !

He stands still reeling from shock and excitement, He was going to become a Daddy ! He was going to become a father His inner mind shouts and jumps , His eyes wells up in happy tears as He walks up towards her. Once reaching He wraps his arms around her neck pulling her close to him inhaling her essence . The tears seeps down through his cheeks as he sobs onto her shoulder . Gauri’s own eyes wells up in tears as She cries along with him . They slide down to the floor as they cry hugging each other . The thought that they could give their child the childhood they have been deprived from makes them cry out in happiness .

They have made a Baby !

“Husband ” She cups his face and leans her head onto his and runs her fingers to wipe off his tears as he does the same .

“Jaan ” He cups her face . Leaning to each others foreheads with their palms placed on their cheeks

Gauri says as a sob leaves her mouth “We are Pregnant!”

Om repeats her words as he says tenderly in excitement “We are Pregnant !”

He hugs her close to him tightly as He repeats the same words little loudly “We are pregnant Jaan !” ,

She chuckles through her tears as She hugs him back tightly “I am going to become a Mama”

” I am going to become a Daddy ” Omkara shrieks in joy as happy tears stung his eyes .

“I Love You Jaan” He kisses on her forehead overwhelmed with ecstasy

“And I Love you too My Little Baby ” Om says placing his head on her lap kissing her belly .

She smiles through her tears , leaning down she kisses his forehead “I Love You too husband And Daddy’s Little Baby Loves Daddy too “

“Wrong timing !” Ishana shouts teasingly seeing Om and Gauri sitting on the floor hugging each other with Omkara shirtless .

Gauri squints her brows and gets on her feet blushing and pushes Omkara to suit himself up . When Omkara was back on hall He sees his whole family along with Gauri’s families holding boards with Happy Birthday written on it cursively .

Soon He was in their arms while they kiss and hug him . Tej hugs Omkara hesitatingly . He might have been a bad father but Yet He still could remember the day He held Little Omkara in his arms on a day like this , He could still remember how Omkara held His Finger in his little palm . He never hated his child it was the same with Omkara He never hated his father they had beautiful precious moments in life but Yet it was Tej’s small mistake costed the drift between them . Omkara hesitantly places his hand on Tej’s back and whispers a thank you formally . He could not push Tej away and hurt him after the news Gauri gave him , He just couldn’t the thought what would He feel when his child would push him away makes his chest tighten So he does not want to inflict that pain on His So-Called Father . Moments like this are meant to be cherished .

“It’s time for Cake cutting ” Ishana chirps in with Ridhimaa and pulls Omkara with them .

Their eyes widens seeing the Words written on the cake !

Happy Birthday Daddy !”

“Gauri You ” Ishaana was the first to shriek and hug her tightly

“We are Going to Be Mothers Ri ” Ishana says excitedly while her eyes well , Gauri’s eyes widens in happiness hearing Ishu “Ishu you too?” She asks shocked ,

“Gauri ” Anika hugs from behind as She says “Seems like it’s triple happiness coming in ” ,

Gauri’s eyes brims in happy tears as She hugs both Anika and Ishana .

Shivaay and Abhishek hug Omkara tightly too happy as they three together Shriek “We are going to be daddy’s !” ,

Daadi walking up to the girls hugs them overwhelmed with happiness that three little bundles are joining them . She had known about Anika’s and Ishana’s a week back but now Gauri too. She could not wait to hold her grandchildren in her arms .

“O” Rudra calls him out He was known as a duffer but now he is going to become a chachu that too for three at once .

“Babies ” Rudra calls out walking towards the girls . Kneeling down He speaks to the babies

“Come out soon I can’t wait to spoil my cuties with love and You Guys got a Handsome Hot Chachu ” He jokes making them laugh as the girls hug Rudra affectionately . He was their brother and partner in crime .

“Bhaiya ” Gauri and Ishana hugs Randhir affectionately as He mumbles kissing on their temple that he is going to become a mamu . Anika turns around wiping the thin layer which was forming in her eyes . Randhir leaves Gauri and Ishana and walks towards Anika .

“Can I Hug My Behen?” He asks expectantly without thinking twice Anika hugs him tightly

“Bhai “

“Didi” Randhir mumbles and hugs her back affectionately . Anika cries into his chest overwhelmed with happiness She got another brother in him .

It was next Jhanvi’s and Pinky’s turn to hug their daughter-in-laws and list out do’s and don’ts feeding them with sweets .

Tej hesitantly hugs Gauri and leaves quickly and walks away . He was shocked , nervous and excited at the same time to hold his grandchild in his arms but He wasn’t sure whether the little bundle would accept him as His Grandpa . Jhanvi places her palm on Gauri’s shoulder seeing Tej walk away Gauri gives a reassuring smile placing her palm over Jhanvi’s.

Soon Laughter and joy fills the house along with Omkara’s birthday , They celebrate the good news too.Soon everyone decide to call it a night .

Omkara walks in to find her sitting in the balcony . With a small smile on his face he walks towards her abd places his palm on her shoulder .She turns around feeling him and smiles and signs him to sit beside her .

“This Feels so beautiful ” She says placing her palm on her flat belly while resting her head on his shoulder .

He places his hand over hers across her belly and leans her head onto hers “Indeed it is !” ,

“See Husband God has send his unique lovely creation to Us ” She says excited with her eyes twinkling in love for her little bundle

“Thank You Jaan , This was the Best Birthday Gift ever I have got ” He says kissing her temple . She wounds her arms around his neck as He carries her in .

She pulls him close as He lays over her cautious enough not to crush her with his weight. Their nose touching with a small smile , He cups her face with one had . Leaning down he softly kisses the tender area at the base of her neck . Gauri’s body goes rigid with surprise as the euphoric warms blossoms within her , Each time he kisses and touches her it is like their first , Fresh & beautiful it feels . He pulls her t-shirt over her head and She feels little sparks of static dancing over her skin . She isn’t sure whether they’re from her t-shirt or if they’re from where his hands gently skimmed her skin : either way . She finds it as a magical feeling which causes her to shiver in complete pleasure and ecstasy. Gauri breathlessly arch’s her head as He showers her with soft ,gentle kisses around her face , each with its own flicker of warmth . Gauri gazes up at him , thrilled with delight beyond words to be the recipient of his affection .

She blushes as He draws back to spend a moment studying her face . His lips press against hers with passion , love ,affection and gratitude as His hands roams around her naked torso leaving a trail of sparks in their awake . He slowly massages her br*ast as they kiss causing her to arch and writhe under him as she moans softly into his mouth . She rolls her head to the side , Her chest rising and falling dramatically under his influence .

His hands goes further down He places his hand on her flat belly softly caressing it . She grins into the kiss feeling his hands on her belly as She tugs his hair and unbuttons his shirt hurriedly . She runs her hands around his naked torso and circles around sensitive place making him moan into the kiss . She smirks drawing back before kissing him yet once again as His hands travel further south along with his lips making her squirm under him .

“I Love You ” They whisper as their eyes make a contact while he enters her .

They snuggle close to each other as they climax . Om wraps his arms around her protectively cradling her in his arms as He caresses her flat belly and leans down to talk to his little one

“Ahana Omkara Singh Oberoi I can’t wait to hold you in my arms !” , Gauri smiles affectionately at him He had already decided it is a Little girl . He places a small kiss on her belly before kissing her temple once as they hug each other tightly and cuddle to sleep with a small smile playing on their lips .


No I am Not Yet Ready to Bid Goodbye too Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Epilogue is yet to follow

The Last Chapter : The Longest Ever I have written with 8k Words *I Feel Heavy Right Now*

I Might act Childish right now but but This Book is My First Ever Piece I Wrote I Thank _Shaily For Forcing Me To Write,

This Book Gave Me identity as a Writer and It Gave me many names who have become so close to me & my heart ! Which makes me Wanna Cry I’ll miss writing this Book!

This Moment I Take out To Thank My Readers : Silent , Voters & Commentators 

It Was You Who Brought Me Here ! Thanks Lovely Readers❤

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