Tose Naina Jabse Mile..Part 10 RiKara SS

Tose Naina Jabse Mile…Since My Eyes met Yours …Part 10 Separation

Kaali shot Gauri.But before the bullet pierced Gauri ,Omkara came in front of her taking the bullet onto himself.
Gauri screamed:Omkaraji!

Om fell in her arms.
All other Oberois came there crying calling out Om’s name.
Gauri was shocked to see all of them there.
Shivay called ambulance.All were crying.
Gauri looked at Om painfully:So you knew that I am a fraud.Then why did you save me risking your life Omkaraji?
Om:Because I love you and my love is true.I can even given up my life for you Gauri.
Gauri wept bitterly.
Gauri:Why do you love me so much Omkaraji?I don’t deserve your love.
Kaali laughed insanely.
Kaali:The person for whom you cheated me is dying.Now what will you do?This is your worst punishment.You deserve it.

Gauri cried.
Gauri:I won’t let you go away like that Omkaraji.
Om:Gauri…I don’t know whether what you told Kaali Thakur is true or not.I don’t know whether you were lying or saying truth that you love me.But my love is true.That’s why I gave up my life for you.But if your love is not true just understand that sometimes love can be so dangerous that it can take off my life.
Gauri was crying bitterly.
Om: Agar Tumhara Ishq Jutha Tha na Gauri toh Samajh lena ishq Jaan leta hai, aur agar Tumhara Ishq Sacha tha toh Omkara iss Mohobbat Mein Jaan Deta Hai”
Gauri: Apke Ishq mein toh itni takkat thi ki Juthi Mohobbat Ko Bhi Sacha Kar De, Mera Iishq Kab Tak Jutha Rehta
(Dialogue courtesy to Piyali)
Om closed his eyes.

Gauri cried:Omkaraji…
Ambulance and police arrived at the same time.Kaali tried to escape but he was caught by the cops.Omkara was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Omkara’s surgery was going on.Gauri was weeping and praying.
Gauri:Sankarji..please don’t punish the innocent Omkaraji for the sin I did.
Omkara’s surgery got over.
The doctor:We did our maximum.Only when he gains consciousness we can confirm that he is alright.
All were tensed.
Gauri:Dr..please let me sit near Omkaraji for some time.It’s a request.
Kalyani:Why Gauri?Now what else you have to do?Though not purposefully indirectly you became the reason for Om’s condition.

Jhanvi cried:Why did you do this to us Gauri?If you had’nt done cheating my Om would not have been in this condition.

Shivay:Never thought that even when you were sweet and helpful to us your mind was full of poison.
Gauri:Shivay bhaiyya..please trust me.
Shivay felt upset.
Anika:We know that you changed for good.But now it’s too late Gauri.
Shivay:If Om was’nt in this condition we might have appreciated your change in heart and accepted you.But now we are reminded of your betrayal seeing Om in this condition.

Pinky roared:Gauri!
Shakti:Pinky..control yourself.
Pinky:Shaktiji,I am telling you in advance..please don’t correct my English today.I want to speak out without any interruption.

Pinky stared at Gauri:Gauri…
Shivay pulled her away:Maa..come…
Pinky:Let me speak Shivay.
Shivay:There is no point in talking now Maa.
Pinky burst into tears hugging him.
Rudra:I don’t feel like calling you bhabhi now.I don’t even feel like seeing your face.Sorry.
Soumya:If you had’nt come to our lives our life would have been so beautiful.

Gauri cried:I know I was wrong.But please…I really changed.I love Omkaraji a lot.Please let me see him.

Doctor:Are you Gauri?
Doctor:We will let you see him only because even in slumber he was uttering your name.
Gauri became very emotional. son loves you madly.Why didnt you see his love before Gauri?If so this would’nt have happened.Now after happening this much what is the use of changing?

Gauri wept.
The doctor led her to ICU near Omkara.

Gauri sat near Omkara gazing at him tearfully.Her tear drops fell on his hand and it started moving slightly which she was unaware of it.
Gauri:I know that I don’t deserve pardon from you as I broke your trust.But trust me Omkaraji..though my intention to enter your life was bad unknowingly I started loving you,.

To be frank your love was so powerful that it turned my emotionless feeling for you into love.Please don’t doubt my love for you.I really love you Omkaraji.
Her tears flowed down falling on his cheek.

Saathiya… Saathiya…

Saathiya… Saathiya…

Nurse:Time is over.Please go out.
Gauri went out looking at Omkara once.
Pinky:Did you see how Om is?You are a bad luck for him.If your love for him is true just leave from his life.
Gauri’s heart was pierced paining her brutally.
Tej:I also feel that.
Gauri looked at others.All were painfully silent.
Gauri burst into tears.
Gauri:Yes I love Omkaraji from the bottom of my life.It’s true that I am responsible for his present state.Just because I love him and want him to be like before I am leaving from his life.Because my presence ca only give him pain.But please forgive me if possible.
She folded her hands pleading for pardon.Everyone looked at her tearfully.
Gauri walked away crying.On the way she saw her mother.
She slapped Gauri.
She:Even If God had told me that my Gauri is bad I would not have believed it.I trusted you that much.But I myself saw your truth Gauri.You made me realize that my upbringing was so bad that you became greedy for money.I am ashamed of the fact that my daughter is a con girl.

Gauri wept:When the money lenders troubled us a lot mercilessly I thought money is the most powerful thing and such wrong ways can produce a big amount of money which can be thrown at their faces.
Her mother:Though we had financial problem we had a peaceful life…we had self respect.But you forgot everything Gauri.You did’nt even think once about your mother.
Gauri shed tears:Sorry Maa.Please forgive me.I really changed.I left theft and robbery.

Gauri fell at her feet.Her mother lost her control and hugged Gauri crying.
Her mother:If a mother can’t forgive her child who will forgive her?
Gauri:Thank you Maa.Atleast you understood me.
Her mother wept silently.
Gauri:Maa..I am leaving.
She was shocked:Why?Where?
Gauri:It will be better if I leave this place.I am a bad omen for everyone.So I should leave.Don’t worry.I will live and living without my Omkaraji would be the biggest punishment I deserve for the crimes I did.

Her mother:I will come with you.

Gauri:No Maa.You should not support a daughter like me.Omkaraji considers you as his another mother.So be with him.
Gauri kissed her forehead and walked off leaving her in tears.

Omkara regained consciousness.All were happy.They all were around him.His eyes looked for Gauri.
Om:Where is Gauri?
Tej:Now also you are thinking about that girl?

Pinky:Gauri cheated you Om.
Shakti:It’s Gauri cheated you.
Pinky:Shaktiji..when I am emotional don’t correct my English.

Tej:Om..because of her you got shot.
Om:It was not because of Gauri that I got shot.It was Kaali Thakur who shot me.Gauri went against Kaali for my love knowing that he can even harm her.Then why should I hate her?
Om:Shivay…you tell me.Don’t you know that Gauri is not impure like before?Does’nt she love me sincerely?
Shivay was silent.
Om:Anika tell me…can you deny that Gauri loves me?You both considered Gauri as a sister.Right?Don’t you trust her love for me?
Anika wept silently.Shivay’s eyes were wet.

Rudra:Om..relax…we all know that she loves you.But…

Om:Tell me where Gauri is.
Om looked at Kalyani:Dadi…why are you silent?Why are you not saying anything?
Kalyani shed tears silently not able to open her mouth.

Jhanvi wept:Gauri left …
Om was shocked:No.How can she leave me and go?She loves me.
Pinky:We asked her to leave so that your life will be smooth.
Om’s tears rolled down her cheek.
Om:Do you all think that I can ever be happy without Gauri?
Everyone looked at him emotionally.
Gauri’s mother came weeping:Sometimes when we love someone very much we need to be away from that person for his betterment.That’s what Gauri did.
Om:Wrong.My life can never be better without her.
Everyone wept silently.Om burst into tears.
Soumya:Bade baalon waale bhayya…please control yourself.Gauri bhabhi can never be away from you for a long time.

Jhanvi caressed Om:Om…you just had your surgery.Please don’t strain yourself by crying.

Om hugged her crying.Jhanvi could’nt control her tears.

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