Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 34 : Blood thirst Ends and Teaser

Chapter 34

Gauri widens her eyes shocked as She sees blood dripping from Her Husband’s palm , She looks over his shoulder to find him pressing the blade of the sword to stop Ajay .
“Omkara I am gonna Kill you ” Ajay yells out furiously as Om wriggles holding the sword with both his palms now to stop Ajay from Attacking him or Gauri .
Despite the Pain inflicted and the Blood dripping Om’s laughs at Ajay while struggling to Push Ajay back .
“You Got to Know Didn’t You Ajay Thakur ? or should I say the Don or the Ajay The Business Man ,The Owner of AT Industries, ”
“How Dare you Omkara? You spoiled My Name , My Business Everything within minutes , I am not letting you live ” Ajay spats furiously as His eyes flickers with fire . He had Lost His everything – The name He had made in the Industry By wearing a Mask – Just because of Omkara !.

“Ahh” Ajay holds his head as He leaves the hold on the dagger . Om smiles seeing his Wife , with the Back of the Gun She had Knocked him out well He Knew That His Wife would be carrying a Gun .

“You Dare to Hurt My Husband ! You Dare to Call Your Own Death!”
Ajay balancing himself on his Feet turns around to Find Gauri standing there with the Gun in her hand , He swore She Looked Like the Lady Version of Omkara with that Gun and Fire Burning in her orbs .

“What Just Happened Ajay .. Tha—kur , .. Oops Someone who was Known to be doing the goodie goodie helping Women Empowerment and all ..was …no no .. is waiting to get thrashed by the same women’s who praised you , blessed You ..Ajay I swear I saw your ex-girlfriends too in pictures with Black color paint in their hands ..Ooppss .. Gauri I Guess they are Finding for a Canvas , Shouldn’t we Give them a Canvas?” Om says smirking.

“Husband Come-on How About We give them One Take other Free Offer ?” She raises her brows at Ajay .
Ajay clenches his fist and grits his teeth Seeing the way Omkara and Gauri are making Fun of Him .
“Ajay Why Don’t you Just Check up the Social Sites Man?” Omkara winks at Ajay Smiling still sitting in the Place Where he was when Ajay had attacked him .
“Come on ..Man ..Come on ..” Omkara cheers him smirking as Ajay tightens his jaws and pulls out His Phone .
Gauri walks towards Omkara taking his hands in his She pulls out Her slash ripping it into two pieces she wounds it around his palms trying her best to Keep her tears bay .
Seeing her trying hard to control her tears Om locks his hands around her back and pulls her close to him as She Looks at Him from the embrace .
“I am Okay ” He whispers brushing his nose with hers as She runs her fingers along his jaw.
“It Hurts to See you Hurt ” She whispers brushing her lips on his cheeks . He smiles as He pulls her more closer if possible .
“I miss your Care ” He whispers leaning his forehead against hers .
“I am Here , Will always be ” She whispers back closing her eyes against his forehead .
“I Love you Biwi ” Her Lips curve up as She hears him The First time She heard him say the words She longed for had ended up separating them but Now She feels like She wants him to keep repeating the words.
He Groans against her forehead as She chuckles her Husband wants to Hear those words from her .
“I Love You too Husband” She whispers against his lips before Kissing Joining her Lips with his For a Kiss .
She was addicted to him having missed him around for 368 Days , She could not get more of him . The thought that Her Husband is Back to Her Still makes her think it is an illusion which might vanish when She opens her eyes , She Feels scared to Let go of him . One way of Assuring herself was to Feel him in a way She could trust herself that He is back . Right Now She is Broken inside She wants to shout out loud , Kill Khanna by her Bare hands for Killing Her Parents Who Did Every little thing for him. Her Mamma had said her Once how Khanna ended up in their place begging for a night stay with his pregnant Wife Given that He had lost everything in gambling . Her Father being the Pure Heart had accepted Him warmly and His Family and Fed him not knowing that Their Feeding a Venomous Snake in the Shape of a Human . How Could One Become Blind ? Blind in Money? To Kill the People Who had Provided all His Needs? How could He ? and Selling Girls? How could He? Wasn’t He such an animal ? .
Feeling Her not responding to the Kiss , Om breaks off and rubs his nose with hers making her chain of thoughts break .
“If you are thinking about Khanna , Do not worry He had got His Share Gauri , He Died not because of Me Rather because He was blinded my Money Gauri . I Know I Will not Be able to get Back your Parents to Life But I Promise You That Omkara Singh Oberoi will try to Fill Their Voids in Your Life .”
“You Do Already Husband !” She whispers as Her eyes covers in glassy tears as She leans her forehead against His . He was the Father Figure She wanted in Life He guided her Like a Father would do to His Daughter , Loved Her and Spoiled Her with His Love Like Her Father would Have Done to His Little Girl . Her Husband Understood Her without the need for words Just like a mother would understand Her Daughter , Well Her Husband had taken another step ahead by recreating a moment With Her Mother . She could only smile through her tears He was Gem of a Man and All Hers .
Chaahe dukh ho, chaahe sukh ho
Dil ne tujh ko hi pukaara
Tune hum ko hai banaaya
Tune hum ko hai sanwaara
Jahaan ko to rab ka hai, humein tera hai sahaara
Bas teraa saath ho, chaahe jo baat ho
Tere kehne se kar jaayenge
Hum mar jaayenge..

She Kisses Him back wanting to Show How much She Loves Him and Craves for Him . He was Her Salvation She would Keep repeating it to Him if needed . He was everything She had ever wanted . He smiles into the Kiss as He kisses her back with equal vigor pouring all the bolt up emotions which had been inside him since a year , Not be able to be by her side rather stay as stone looking at her cry out in pain for Him . Each night He Sat by her balcony Looking at Her Weeping to Sleep as Much as He wanted to reach up to her he had to control – Once He pulls her close to him soothing her He Knew he would be unable to leave her instead He watched her cry and Let her Livein the illusion That She had created imagining He was with her . Just because of His mission – He could not mess it up at the Last minute given that So many are into this putting up their trust on him alone.
“Stop thinking and Kiss me ” Gauri whispers against his lips seeing him not responding . Om smiles as He Kisses on her Forehead as He tells her Lovingly “I Love You Biwi Way too much that You would be the Death of Me ” ,
Gauri’s expression changes as Her eyes Fills with tears as She moves a bit back from him .
“Shit” Om mutters as His mind yells he had reminded Gauri the times She had tried to Kill him .
“I know I’ll be the death of you ” She chokes as She tries to move away from him . instead Om pulls her close . He rubs his nose on her head urging her to look up at him . He does it again as She does not Look up at him .
“Jaan” He whispers She Looks up at Him as a tear slid down from the corner of her eyes .
“You Love me way too much too cause me Death ” He tells her kissing her tears as She closes her eyes as tears makes it ways down .
“Will You Believe Me Omkara? Even After Everything? I Tried to take your Life Omkara , Would You Be able to Live with me without any Fear?”
Mere yaaraa tere gham agar payenge
Hame teri hai kasam ham sanwar jaayenge
Mere yaaraa tere gham agar payenge
Hame teri hai kasam ham sanwar jaayenge

“We Belong with each other Gauri , We are Fated , Well To answer your question Jaan . This Life I am Living Now , I owe You . It is Because of You I am Very Much Alive and It is Not Me Who Claimed You First as Mine it Was You Who claimed Me as Your Husband First ” He whispers kissing her temple .
She gasps hearing him ” Me? ” –
“Yes Jaan ” He smiles Kissing her nose
“How-” Gauri questions him . Before Omkara could answer They hear A Shattering noise to Find Ajay’s phone broken into pieces as He Looks at them with Bloodshot Eyes.
His name was tainted . His and Kali’s pictures flying across the net in different angles of them manhandling molesting and selling women . They are being bashed and Women are out there Crumbling his Company Shattering it by pelting stones at it . His Mansion burning down into ashes by the Women Who They had molested , Who They had Sold . The Ferocious Fire burning in their eyes is clearly evident to Ajay what would happen of Him or His brother if they get into their hands .
“You Dare to Omkara Be a Man Let’s Fight !” Ajay sneers Knowing there is no escape He would rather die fighting bravely rather than in the hands of the Women Who he had manhandled and Molested while they cried out to Free them .
Gauri kisses his temple as He smiles blinking thrice reassuring her . Standing on His Feet . Omkara takes His Dagger in his hand as He holds it tightly despite the pain and the pressure he is giving to his palms .
Om walks to Ajay who tears off His shirt . Om could only laugh mentally Shaking his head Does he think he is here for some body shoot or something ? or trying to lure my girl with it ? .
Patting his arms either sides Ajay lowers his body a bit and taking the sword in his hand he signs to Omkara to come Fight with him .
“Ajay You Did not lose some nuts right ? ” Omkara asks him trying to stifle his laugh come on man it was so funny for him to see Ajay trying Bruce-Lee style with that noodles hair and with that good for nothing body He Looks more like a comedian .
“We are not Finding for Bruce- Lee’s Duplicate right ? Then Why Doing Some Monkey style? ” Omkara mocks at him laughing out loudly in return making Gauri smile seeing her husband laughing care-freely .

Seeing Omkara mocking at Him , Ajay Lunges the sword at Him catching him off guard .
“Omkara” Gauri shouts
Hearing Gauri’s voice Om angles his head to See Ajay trying to pounce on him . In time Om ducking dodging the slash . Ajay swinging his sword in the air and throws it up in the air and plunges towards Omkara . Om meets him this time using his dagger as a wield, as the metallic sound clashed it vibrated across their body , Omkara using his dagger pushes Ajay back with a force that Ajay stumbles on his steps and balances himself .
“Same Anger Haan?” Ajay tells smirking
Omkara angles his neck and rolls it once and Smirks at Ajay “How could it not be haan? This time it is My Wife !” ,
Ajay narrows his eyes at Omkara remembering the First time they had fought after Omkara had joined to his gang . It was when Ajay had tried to Manhandle a Lady . Om who had passed by that way had got into a Fight with Ajay to save that woman . When asked Om why would he Fight for a Woman , Om had replied he respected them after so many days of silent treatment they had gotten together . But Now it is a Fight for Not any other Woman . His Woman , Omkara’s Wife !
Omkara lunges forward slashing his dagger in the air as He jumps coming down trying to dive the blade on Ajay’s ribs .Ajay ducks down and uses his sword as a wield . Omkara tightens his jaw his eyes burning with Fire as drops of blood drops down from His Palms from the bandaged wound due to the more pressure Omkara was applying .
Ajay pushes Omkara back as He gets back on his Feet .Ajay whips his sword up In the aim of cutting Omkara’s arm . Omkara whirls his arms and swirls their swords together before they separate and stumble to balance themselves on their feet .
Om groans as He Moves forward aiming at Ajay .Their dangerous Thirst for Blood starts all again . Ajay would balance on his balls on his Feet as Om aims at His chest . Ajay dodges the attack and whisks his sword Towards Omkara’s abdomen . Om sidesteps and aims at Ajay’s outstretched arm . Ajay rears back as Omkara leaps forward . Rage filling in their Faces as their swords clang together .
Ajay smirks Looking over Omkara’s shoulder . Before Om could decipher what was the smirk for roars out in pain “Aahh” as a dagger cuts through his arms from behind . He turns around to Find One of Ajay’s man . He shifts his gaze around to Find His and Gauri’s men and Captivated by Ajay’s men with a knife on their throat .
He shifts his gaze , His eyes searching around for Gauri not finding her around His irises fills in worry .
Before the same Man could attack Omkara they turn to their front to Find Ajay crying out in pain as blood gushes out from his left arm . Om’s lips hooks up to see Gauri with the Dagger in her hand as drops of blood slid down through the blade .
“Let’s recreate Bahubali Husband !” Gauri tells him smirking as She strikes her dagger behind her stabbing a man’s abdomen as He falls on his Knees yelping out in pain .
“Sure My Devasena !” Om smiles at her .
It did not takes minutes for Kali’s men to surround them in a circle . Ajay wraps His shirt which was lying on the Floor in Pieces around his arm as Gauri moves towards Omkara and they Stand side by side pointing their hilt at the men .
The Smirk itched on Ajay’s Face When he saw his Men was Long gone as His eyes widens in horror Finding his men flying in the air before connecting the ground . Om and Gauri could care less about the Half-Naked Comedian Gasping at them .
Each time a Men attacked from either ways . Om would stretched out his arm at Gauri as She spun onto his side diving the hilt onto Ajay’s Man’s arm slashing as they roared out in pain .The Air mixed with the metallic smell of blood .
Seeing A Man trying to pounce on them . Om holds Gauri by her abdomen Lifting her up as She Stretches her leg out before kicking it on that Man’s Face as He Cries out in Pain . Before He could touch the Ground Gauri Whips her sword down and stops it right after slitting his wrist .
Om drops her on her Feet as They Look around to see all men curled up into a ball yelping out in pain . Gauri heaves a sigh of relief as Her chest heaves up and down . Om places his palm in her belly hugging her from behind as He sighs against her nape . His breaths heavier as He tries to catch up his breath .
“Ahhh” Om cries out in pain as a blade slashes through his forearm he turns around to Look at Ajay who is smirking at them . None of the Knives were removed from Om and Gauri’s men neck . Om and Gauri could not reach out to them as they were held captive in the upper floor where it was visible for Gauri and Omkara .
“Ajay” Gauri screeches enraged as She pulls her dagger up to thrust in his ribcage . Ajay swiftly meets her dagger this time as He exerts extra pressure due to the Force Gauri steps back and Spins the hilt in her sweaty hands as She lunges at him again . Their swords touching at the tip as they were safe four distance from each other .

“Please Leave me !” Gauri angles her head sideways Hearing a Girl’s voice . Omkara tilts his head up to Find Her in that state .
“Ridhimaa” Gauri whispers shocked to Find the Girl Face-to-Face Who was Linked with her Husband .

“Please” Ridhimaa yelps as She feels their hands crawling up her skin . Tears threatened to spill as Her same nightmares coming past her eyes again .
“Leave Her” Gauri shouts seeing the scene front of her , Her eyes blazing in anger and The Feeling of Her nightmare coming alive past her eyes but in the form of another woman but Only that She wasn’t be touched .
“Please ” Ridhimaa wails as A Man rips her right hand sleeve of the Dress . Ridhimaa runs her hands wrapping around herself as She tries to push the Five men who would look at her hungrily .
Omkara Knew that Running up to Ridhimaa to save her will not be succeed as She was in the Upper Floor with Ajay’s men . and The way to the Upper Floor is not in sight .
“What Do you want Ajay?” Omkara grits his teeth clenching his fist applying more pressure to his palms as the dried up wounds open up as the blood gushes out .
“You!” Ajay tells furiously turning to Face Omkara .
Omkara nods as He says ” Have Me Leave Ridhimaa !”
“Drop your Weapons You Both !” , Omkara and Gauri nods as they drop their daggers to the ground .
They Look up to see The Men hovering over her distancing their selves however maintaining a fair distance . Ridhimaa face palms herself as She sobs loudly .
Gauri heaves sigh seeing the men leaving Ridhimaa before She could ponder . Her eyes shifts to Omkara who is now held between a Knife near his throat by One of Ajay’s man .
“Now Baby Girl it’s your turn to choose She –” Ajay smirks evilly pointing up at Ridhimaa then shifting his hand He points at Omkara ” Or He !”.
“What Do you want?” Gauri asks him tying her hands across her chest .
“Stripe Yourself Right Now!” Ajay saying smirking eyeing her from top to bottom .
“Ajay” Omkara roars out in pure anger as He struggles to get Out from The Three men who are holding him . The Knife slightly slits across his neck as line of blood forms . But Omkara was too enraged to care rather He could Only see Ajay dying in His bare hands .How Dare you tell that to my wife? ”

“I’ll Rather Let My Husband Die than Giving up my Dignity !” Gauri spats at him as hot tears welled in her eyes angrily seeing Ajay’s want .
Ajay claps his hands twice up in the air . Gauri tilts her head up to see the men again charging towards Ridhimaa .
“Leave Her ” Gauri shouts as She takes a step forward but is Pulled back by Ajay’s men who hold her arms .
“If You Cannot Darling I would Do it For You ” Ajay tells his Lips hooking up in a sinister smile as He takes a step forward but he falls flat on His Knees due to the Bullet that pierced through his left arm .
“Ajay!” Om shouts as He moves forward and stretches his arms out in a force knocking down all the men who were holding him . With rage he moves forward but stop as He sees Ajay Falling on in his Knees as His Pant taints with Red liquid.
Shocked to Find Who Shot Him Ajay’s irises flickers in anger “Tanya” He yells .
“Yes it is Me , The Same One Who begged You For Freedom Ajay!” Tanya yells furiously .
“It is You or Them Ajay!” Omkara tells Grabbing Ajay by his hair and makes him look up to see to Find The Same women who they have abused and used are here and , Each one carrying different types of weapons in hand . Their orbs blazing out in pure hatred , disgust mixed with rage for spoiling them , rage for not Leaving them as They pleaded him for their freedom .

Gauri was released as the Men who held her stepped back in fear and runs away for their lives even the rest who were Molesting Ridhimaa were trying to escape but Only to Find them getting thrashed with broom sticks and metal rods as they yelped out in pain and plead to leave them.
“Before I Give you to them !” Omkara drags Ajay by His hair as Ajay shouts in pain the Wounds stung as Om dragged him across the metallic floor . Om moves towards Kali who was half dead by now . Kali opens his eyes halfway as He sees Ajay next to him .
“You Both Should Know Something ” Om tells Kneeling down front of them .
Pulling out His Phone . He shows the Headlines of the Online news sites which read .
The Thakur Dies in the Hands of Women .
Karma is a Boomerang . Thakurs Found dead in the Streets by The Women .
Their eyes pops out of their sockets as they read it . Worst Is When Being Alive seeing their Death News in front of their eyes.
“Lucky Bas**D , You Guys are getting to witness the consoling naah ..Venomously dripping cuss words from people seeing your death and see more Ladies are out there celebrating giving out sweets seeing Thakur’s Death posters . . ” Om spats at them .
“And I ,Omkara Singh Oberoi , a Right Man to Thakurs? , How could you even think in your Dreams?” Om lets out a laugh mocking them .
Ajay and Kali who could barely open their eyes opens their eyes trying hard to breathe as They Hear Omkara .
“Omkara Singh Oberoi , IPS working as an Undercover Cop For the Last Few Years to Destroy the Thakurs!” As Om’s word reaches their eardrums their Ajay’s and Kali’s orbs fills in rage as they try to shout but their throats dried up as they Feel their visions blurring .
“It is acting to soon I guess ” Om tells clicking his tongue at them as He continues “The Dagger ” Om tilts his head smiling at them as their Eyes widens as they get the inner meaning , That His Dagger was poisoned and Now they are going to die . Kali and Ajay look at each other in Fear the thought of their impending death in front of their eyes scares them to the core that they end up peeing in their pants .
“The poison would travel across the body and slowly your muscles would shrink as your legs and hands would go numb causing paralysis . No no ..not so soon .. Don’t worry ” Omkara tells shaking his index finger negatively at them .
Ajay drops his head down the poison acting in him . Before He could think he Opens his mouth to roar out in pain but His words do not come out as He sees his tongue flying in the air and falling in the ground .
“You Dare to Speak shit to My Wife !” Om spats at him furiously standing on his feet as He takes a step backward as He hears Thakurs roar out in pain before they take their last breath Om sees their faces blackened by the Women and They Be Thrashed to Death by the Women . The Women’s Shout and cry out reminding the thakurs the pain that , The Thakurs have inflicted on them which would never be healed and Which would be left a scar on their souls. .

Om moves towards Gauri who stays rooted to her spot . The same words echoing in her ears “Omkara Singh Oberoi , IPS working as an Undercover Cop!” ,
He cups her face in his large palms worried as She stares at him numbly . After Few minutes She whispers ever slow slowly ” My Husband is An IPS !” . Om nods at her worried whether She would accept His profession given that it comes with a baggage of worries and threats .
“My Husband is An IPS” She repeats again this time a bit loudly . Om nods again as He brushes his lips on her temple . She throws her arms around his neck pulling him closer as
She shouts happily as happy tears falls out ,”My Husband is An IPS An Undercover Cop!” She chirps near his ears .
He smiles wounding his arms around her tightly “Yes Gauri’s Husband is An IPS Officer!” .
She pesters kisses around his face before cupping his cheeks in her little palms ” I am Mrs.IPS officer Than!”
“Yes you are Mrs.IPS!” He chuckles loudly hugging her .
Breaking apart Gauri tries to talk to Omkara but is cut off as She sees Ridhimaa hugging her Husband from Behind as She wails on to his back . Gauri Feels a pang in her heart as She sees the love in another Woman’s eyes for her Husband .
Om pulls Ridhimaa in front of Him and Hugs her patting her head trying to calm her down .Breaking off He finds Ridhimaa more calmer than earlier removing his Shirt he drapes it around her body seeing Her Dress ripped off in various places .
Ridhimaa tries to Hug him again but steps back as Gauri hugs Om placing her head on His Naked Chest as Om smiles against her ears as He bends down wounding his arms around
Gauri he whispers to Her in an audible voice which Gauri could only hear “Your Husband is All Yours !” , Gauri bites her lower lip finding her Husband had caught her act .
Ridhimaa smiles Faintly seeing them as She turns around to walk away from Him –Her Love but is captured by another pair of arms “Randhir” She whispers shocked .





Her eyes lights up in excitement as She sees the Rain pouring down heavily in the night which is covered with blanket of stars. Draping her duppata around her neck She runs out Like a Kid as She stretches her hands and her head up as the droplets Kisses each part of Her body . She giggles loudly as She jumps on the puddle splashing the waters over her .

She Angles her head slightly smiling as the Music Plays in the background and She hears the Footsteps approaching her , Her Face heats up as She Feels his arms go around her shoulder hugging her by her neck as He places His chin on her shoulder as He groans against her ear

” God Woman I missed You So much !” .

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai

Tere aur mere milne ka mausam aaya hai

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, saawan aaya hai

Tere aur mere milne ka mausam aaya hai

She bites her lower lip as She places her palm over the Arm which is across her neck and leans onto his chest and sighs Feeling the warmth emanating from Him .

“Husband ” She says slowly as they stand in the pouring rain .

“Hmm” He hums having his eyes closed pulling her more closer to him so that Her back is pressed against his chest tightly leaving no air to pass between them .

Removing his arms around her She turns around as He raises his brows at her . Her eyes goes puppy . He smiles as He pulls against him as they sway slowly to the melody in the pouring rain . He spins her twice before Holding her closely and Locks his arms around her back. He Gazes into her orbs lovingly in a tender way before Taking her lips in his . Leaving her lips He moves along her jawline downwards drinking in the droplets which Follows it trails down as She digs her nails into his shoulders trying to balance her self as She feels her Knees giving away .

Tere aur mere milne ka mausam aaya hai

Sab se chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai

Pyar mein tere had se guzar jaana haiItna p

yar kisi pe pehli baar aaya hai

He pulls her legs up locking it around his waist as She grins looking at him ,

“I am Hungry!” He whispers , She gives a sly grin as She tells winking ” Dish Seems Ready!” .

“Then What are we waiting for?” , Before She could reply She finds herself moaning as He carries her in …


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