Ragini was standing outside the school waiting for Ani, Ananya and Ansh. Ansh saw her and ran to her happy. “Mumma” he hugged her tightly burying his face in her embrace.

“Ansh Baby” Ragini knelt cupping his face. She cupped his face and placed a caring warm kiss on his forehead. And that care filled gesture made him smile widely.

“Chachi” Ani screached approaching them with Ananya. Ragini covered them also in her embrace and drooled happy. She and the kids settled in the back seat of the car. Ragini ordered the driver to ride the car and he complied.

Ragini’s phone ringed and she took it out of her handbag and placed it near her ear after answering it. “Hello Biwi. What’s happening?” Sanskar spoke from the other side.

“If you have lost the memory of the events happened before fifteen minutes let me remind you I told I’ll be picking up the kids” Ragini spoke making Sanskar bite his tongue.

He slightly patted his forehead closing his eyes. “Ah yeah I do remember” he tried to cover it but failed. “Right. You were just talking about things which are happening in alternate universe don’t you?” she mocked him.

“Al right smarty. Now will you stop interrupting me. I called you for a reason” Sanskar tried diverting the topic. “Oh really I thought you like my blabbering so much that every fifteen minute you need it’s dose” listening to her Ansh chuckled and Sanskar rolled his eyes on the other side.

“Waise I love your blabbering more than you biwi. But right now you are draining the damn battery for no reason” When Sanskar said this Ragini closed her half opened mouth which were ready with the next counter.

“Okay” she just made it clear she was in a mood to listen to his talks. “I finally could get a good deal for the Singapore company” he said excited. “Oh wow that’s a good news” Ragini squealed happy.

“That means you won’t be flying to Singapore frequently” she said happy and Sanskar smiled feeling her happiness. “Um hm. And one last time I have to visit there for signing the deal” he said a bit sad. “And that is gonna be last time right?” Ragini asked hopefully.

“Of course” he said nodding his head. “I will tell you everything once I reach home” Sanskar bit his lower lip excited.

“Okay. Pati ji. I will be waiting” she said and disconnected the call. She hugged the kids happy who reciprocated the hug.

“You love Chachu so much right mumma?” Ansh asked Ragini. Ragini’s cheek reddened and she nodded her head.

“I wish Papa have someone like this” Ansh spoke a bit sad. Ragini’s face saddened looking at him. “Your papa is strong. He is happy with Kumud dee’s memories” Ragini caressed his cheek.

“If I could meet her I would have never let her go for Papa’s sake. I tho learned to live without her but Papa is not” he said with sparkling eyes.

“I know right” Ragini bent kissing his forehead. “And by the way” she wiped her face.

“Where is your Karela dad. Don’t tell me he is again gone to Indore again.” Ragini rolled her eyes. Ansh chuckled.

“Who knows him so well other than you?” he shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t you get suspicious about your dad?” asked Ragini pointing her looks.

“Mumma I’m his son not Biwi” Ansh burst out laughing. “Lucky dude” Ragini made a fake appreciating face.

And they continued the journey. Ragini dropped Ansh at Raheja home and the driver drew the car to the Rawat mansion. Annapurna who was in the hall glanced at Ragini before just walking away. Ragini just stretched her lips and walked towards the kitchen.

Ragini walked to Anjali and Kishan’s room to call Kishan after the dinner was ready. She looked at the notice board and sadly smiled at it.

“Jeth ji” she called out passing the notice board. Kishan who was sitting on the bed staring a picture wiped his face and took a sharp breath.

He adjusted his voice before speaking. “Yes sister in law” he turned to her smiling. Ragini guessed his emotions even behind that smile. “Why do you even try?” she asked with a gloomy smile. Kishan looked at her confused.

“Why do you even try to be normal though you are hiding such pain?” she sat beside him. He for a moment became pale but immediately covered it with a smile.

“What are you talking Ragini? I’m not hiding anything” he said with a smile. Ragini moved back and snatched the photo he was hiding.

“This” she brought it in front of him and his smile disappeared like it was never there. His eyes turned glassy. “I…I” he gulped the saliva and tried speaking.

“Why don’t you tell her how much you love her Jeth ji? Aren’t you tired of pretending and running away from so many years?” Ragini placed her hand on his shoulder and he dropped his head down staring the ground.

“Because I don’t deserve her in my life. I don’t” he covered his face in the palms. Ragini looked at him confused. “I know what happened in the past. But if you don’t even try to get her forgiveness it’s unfair. Not only to her but to yourself also” she said emotionally.

“It’s beyond what you have understood sister in law. It is….” he closed his fist squeezing his hand. “It’s not what I can really explain” he nodded his head defeated.

“She is your wife Jeth ji and more than that she loves you. Though she will neither express it nor she will confess it but don’t you see it in her eyes?” Ragini had a hope.

“I don’t know if she will ever forgive me for that. I really don’t know” he said looking away. “I don’t get it. It’s just a misunderstanding at the wrong time and I don’t get it why has it grown so deeply? If you wished you could have got rid off it the same day it arouse” Ragini looked confused.

“Why didn’t you try to talk to Anjali Jethani ji then Jeth ji?” Ragini’s question made his heart drop to the pit of his stomach.

“It’s… It’s complicated Ragini” he got up and restlessly moved. Ragini did not understood what he was talking.

“Jeth ji” her voice made him to turn and look at her. “I sure don’t know what is bothering you. But I know one thing whatever you did was unintentional or you had a reason which you could not tell” she smiled at him.

He moved and cupped her face. “Why are you so good to everyone?” he asked and she smiled widely.

“Bhayyu says you should always look beyond the people to know what they are really going through” she blinked her eyes innocently.

“You were never a wrong choice for my brother. I knew it so well” Kishan smiled at her. “I need a favor” she said with squeezed eyes. Kishan nodded his head smiling with glassy eyes.

“I need that notice board. Sanskar is traveling and I want to make a collage for him” she looked at him with hopes.

“I… but” Kishan looked unsure. “Please Jeth Ji” she asked cutely and he had no option but to give in to her request.

Ragini jumped happy.

Anjali entered the room and found the notice board missing. “What the hell where is the notice board?” she spoke without realizing. “Ragini took it. She wanted to make a collage for Sanskar” Kishan replied and both stopped and looked at each other.

All those years suddenly played in a painful rewind and they stared each other for some more time.

Why was there a pain in the heart after listening the voices. Why it looked like the craving of life time.  “Anjali” Kishan called looking at Anjali who was moving towards the bed.

She did not respond. He walked to her and held her hand stopping her and she looked at him with tears fighting to drop out of her eyes.

“I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness. I don’t. But please give me a chance to repent?” he asked emotionally. She looked into his eyes. Still his pain had the strength to make her weak. But she closed her eyes remembering that slap which not just landed on her cheek. It hit her soul and scattered it into pieces.

She jerked his hand and sat on the bed facing the ground. “If it was that easy” she looked up at him furiously. “Why does that slap still echoes in my memory?” she asked him painfully.

And the barrier to her held emotions broke. Kishan could not tolerate this and collapsed in front of her. “Please Anji. For those years when we were fighting for our love. For those sleepless nights we spent in each other’s memories. For those prayers please give me a chance” he asked helplessly holding her.

She pressed the bed with her both the hands trying to absorb the strength and ground herself. “Please Kishan. For the sake of my self respect just leave me alone” she looked into his eyes painfully.

“I love you” he kissed her forehead and walked to his side of bed. Anjali closed her eyes tightly. “That’s my problem. I love you too” she whispered and those tears dropped down her eyes.


Sanskar was disturbing Ragini who was tying his tie. “Sanki” she complained and he bent to kiss her earlobe. “Stop it” she glared him. “I wont” he smirked dragging her near to himself dangling his hands across her waist.

“Mr. Rawat. You will be late” she nuzzled his nose with hers and he smiled while her breath mixed with his. He tightened his grip and she blushed lowering her head.

“And if you tease like this I’m gonna punish you Mrs. Rawat” he whispered in her ears. Her toes curled and she bit her lower lip.

“Bad way of tempting me” he crashed his lips on hers. Ragini widened her eyes and he smiled at her reaction. He touched her forehead and pecked her lips before departing.

“Don’t miss me much alright?” he winked at her and back walked towards the door. Ragini bit her thumb lowering her gaze.

She covered her face due to shyness.

While Sanskar was driving to office his phone buzzed. He pressed the bluetooth button to answer the call. “Sanskar” he heard Vikram’s voice from the other side.

“Hey Vikky. How are you mahn?” he asked casually. “I’m good. I need to meet you” Vikram spoke with seriousness. Sanskar’s eyebrows narrowed.

“What’s the matter?” he asked with a bit seriousness. “You come to the address I will text you now” said Vikram and disconnected the call before Sanskar could speak.

Sanskar sighed as he stopped the car. He took out the phone to check the message. He turned the steering and drove in the direction Vikram had sent a message of.

After driving for half an hour Sanskar reached the place Vikram had texted. He saw Vikram on the other side of the road. He loosened his seat belt and walked towards Vikram.

“Vikky” Sanskar called Vikram who turned to face Sanskar. He immediately hugged Sanskar. Sanskar was dazed at his gesture.

“What happened?” Sanskar asked concerned. “I’m sorry Sanskar. I’m really sorry” he said and his voice cracked. Sanskar was still confused.

He brought Vikram front to face him. Vikram’s eyes had turned red. “I…I’m really sorry” Vikram spoke apologetically.

“Will you tell me what happened? You are scaring me” Sanskar asked restless. Vikram wiped his face and took Sanskar towards a person to whom Vikram was speaking earlier.

“This is Inspector Ashuthosh. He was the one who  recorded the incidents of your accident. And he told me what happened that day” Vikram’s words left his mouth and stopped Sanskar’s heartbeats.

His eyes widened and he stood there numb. He held his breath. He did not wanted to breath.

“He told me that there was some two wheeler from the opposite direction and as it was a one way you did not expected a vehicle from the opposite direction. I was such a stone heart person. Without listening to you I just blamed you for my bacha’s death. It was never you. Never” Vikram controlled his emotions.

“I’m sorry. I know I don’t even deserve to ask you sorry. But right now there is nothing I can give in return for those curses from me and that years of hatred” Vikram bent his head. Sanskar was still not reacting.

“But I can do one thing” Vikram spoke determined. “To punish the person who was really responsible for my bacha’s death” and then Sanskar felt he is dead and he will not get that life back which just slipped out of his hand.

“No” he mumbled. Vikram did not hear it. “Now you don’t have to carry that guilt Sanskar. You need not” Vikram said with sparkling eyes.

“NO” Sanskar screamed this time. His eyes were on fire when he looked at Vikram.

“Nothing will change the truth. I killed Kumud. I killed your bacha. Accept it Vikram” Sanskar held Vikram’s shoulders.

“I killed her” he collapsed on the ground. “I did” his voice turned soft mumble.

“What are you talking Sanskar?” Vikram looked at Sanskar confused. “Truth. The biggest truth of my life. I’m a culprit. I killed Ansh’s mother. I killed Sahil’s life” he said looking at the ground.

“You want me to be behind the bars as the punishment. I will accept it. But please. Please believe me. It was me who was responsible for the accident.” he said painfully looking at Vikram.

“Are you out of your mind Sanskar? I will find out who is that person for sure” Vikram said determined and Sanskar stood up and held Vikram’s hand.

“I don’t think you love anything more than that smile on your Ragu’s face Vikram. And promise on me if you move forward in this case. Punish me dammit. I will not complain” he said as his eyes just burned due to the pain.

Vikram just stood looking at Sanskar. Something was not fitting in the place he knew but what was it? Why will someone take a blame of a person who is responsible for his misery.


Sanskar walked inside the room. He was restless. His face was covered with sweat and tears. “What are you doing here at this time?” Ragini walked inside the room and found Sanskar who was still hyperventilating.

He suddenly grabbed Ragini and hugged her tightly. Ragini was taken aback with his sudden gesture. He dragged her as near as possible. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths to cool his jumping heart.

Ragini felt his tear on her shoulder. “Sanskar” she brought him front worried. He did not looked into her eyes. “Hey are you alright?” asked she and he did not answer.

“Sanskar” she called his name. “Don’t leave me Ragini. Please” he collapsed in front of her. She jerked due to that.

“Hey” she knelt in front of him. “Where am I going dumbledore. I will be here to talk non sense non stop and torture you with long unwanted explanation. I know you get annoyed. But what to do I love to annoy you. When you twitch your face you look cute monkey’s baby. You know how much I love those babies. They are the cutest. Remember when we went to that temple on the hill how much I loved playing with those babies. They just bring a smile on anyone’s face. You are no less than them but still I hate to see you like this….” she was blabbering continuously and Sanskar smiled and covered her in his embrace.

Ragini hugged Sanskar while cuddling in his embrace. He felt weirdly good near her. At a time he squeezed her shoulder and Ragini looked at his face. His eyes were closed and wrinkles of worry had creased his forehead.

She gently caressed it and kissed his forehead. He smiled in his closed eyes. “Even if I want to leave. I’m sure I won’t be able to. Even if it costs me anything to stay near you I will be here. Right here beside you always” she whispered and he dragged her near to himself closing the space between them.

“Promise” he whispered. She pecked his lips. “Promise” she smiled and his lips reflected that smile. 

So how was this?

Hope you have liked it?.


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