Dil se dil ka Rishta (C 3) pt 1

C3 begins with differences

Little girl was having tears
And a lady in front of her
Lady:why did you do mischiefs Ragini?
Ragini:mumma daddy is saying lie i didn’t
Ragini’s mumma hits her:you are blaming your daddy,go inside your room

Ragini cryingly goes inside her room where her elder sister Arohi consoles her
Ragini was sobbing and crying
Says about the thing

Here a oldlady:sanskar ..no matter how many times i told you don’t break the window glass of Mr.mehera’s home

She was about to hit him
While he immediately hugs her being scared of the scale
Lil sanskar:daaaaadiiiii..in anger you look so beautiful,u know na i am a innocent kid just one last chance

Deep his elder brother:i don’t know how many last chances he will ask for

Dadi smiles seeing his antics

Sanskar finding his dadi smiling: you are so cute dadi,the best dadi in the world


Arohi:Gudiya you want chocolates

Ragini nods cutely

Arohi gives her

Ragini was eating slowly

Arohi: why are you eating slowly?
Ragini: if i eat fast it would finish

Arohi smiles

Here sanskar sees his 2 brother’s deep and younger brother Akash were having cookies

Deep sees him:you want?

Sanskar with attitude:no
Actually he wanted it and they forcibly give him this was his wish

Akash:arey bhaai ek lelona

Deep:ha sanskar take one

Sanskar smiles
And deep understand him: it’s ok Akash why to force him when he don’t want

Sanskar immediately:arey why will not i have..jab mere dho anmol rathan pooch rahe ho mein mana kaise kar sakta hoon

While he takes all the cookies and eats in a minute
While the brother’s looks shocked

Akash had a cookie in his hand
Sanskar grabs it from him:how much you love me thanks for the cookies akash

Sanskar goes from there leaving his shocked brother’s


Ragini to her teacher:sorry miss,i purposely didn’t do it..ajay dashed with me and the ink fell on him
Teacher understand her: Ragini ask sorry from ajay
Ragini:i am sorry ajay
Ajay: it’s ok
Teacher smiles

Here a teacher:sanskar why did you hit mansi?
Sanskar: she was showing me attitude
Teacher:now ask sorry from mansi
Sanskar:even my boots wont!

Teacher glares him:wait i would complaint you to headmistress
She was about to go
When sanskar:jaa simran jaa jeele apni zindagi
Teacher opens her mouth in shock

Teacher: what you think of yourself?
Sanskar smiles: Rishte mein hum aapke student lagte hai,naam hai Sanskar,naam tho suna hoga!


Ragini angrily:i hate boys

And here

Sanskar:i love girl’s


Let’s begin…

“dinka chika dinka chika dinka chika dinka chika re..e…e..e..”

A hand comes out of a comfort searching something and finally he gets his mobile.

He keeps the phone in speaker:ha Soniya

“haramkhor, soniya nahi teri dadi” came the strong voice

A guy immediately sits with thud and takes the phone


Dadi:what time have arrived, before if we listen some elders calling we used to run like PT Usha and now..

Guy:hey jaan just chill-ax, am coming na!tumne bhulaya aur hum chale aaye

Dadi:besharam, i am your dadi. I want you downstairs in 10 minutes, deep and akash already present here

She disconnects the call

And he is revealed to be sanskar

Sanskar:so i have 5 more minutes, he falls on the bed.

When he listened his dadi shouting “sanskar”

Sanskar:dada ji, this is why you left her so soon. Lady hitler!

After few minutes

Sanskar sees the railing and slides in it

A guy sees him sliding:sanskar careful!

And he is deep(arjun bhijlani), Sanskar’s elder brother.

Dadi:now we should go to mourn

Sanskar:what? Mourn?

A guy who has wore specs and he is Akash(akshay dhogra), Sanskar’s younger brother.

Akshay:woh dadi’s maasi passed away

Sanskar thinking:that 107 years

Akshay nods

Sanskar:if she doesn’t die then whom you are expecting to die? 107 bohoth jee li budiya ne.


Sanskar:bade bhaiyya, life is like 20-20 cricket, no matter how many times batsman tries to aim 200 points alone, but he can’t because he would get out anyhow or the match would be finished.

Dadi angrily was about to remove her slippers to hit him.
Sanskar noticing it:come come we are late

He runs out

Dadi angrily:see deep, what he says? Always craziness doesn’t work
Deep side hugs her:dadi, it’s ok he would change one day.

While akash scratching his head:sach hi tho kaha bhaiyya ne?!
Akash:meine kya kiya?!

While sanskar peeping inside:i have a question! Why 93% of toppers wear specs?

All :why?

Sanskar:because, woh padd padd ke iske jaise(pointing to akash) duffer hote hai!. Come duffer

Akash:yes bhaiyya and he goes to sanskar

Dadi:oh god!!! Why are sanskar and Akash….. She slaps her forehead

Deep:it’s ok dadi, they will change
Dadi frustrated:when??
Deep shrugs his shoulder
Dadi cries
And deep side hugs her:may be there would be someone in their life who would change them.



Sanskar goes to his lab

Sanskar is an assistant scientist of Prof. Dhoomakethu

Sanskar wearing the white coat and ID card

Dhoomkethu gave him some chemicals to research

When his phone rings


He forgot about the chemicals on flame, while turning his arm smacked to a bottle which resulted in another chemical falling on it.

Sanskar picks the call:soniya, i so so so so missed you, do you know even my heart is taking only one name that is Soniya
On the other side soniya:you love me this much
Sanskar:your promise
Soniya:aww.. Sanskar then you have to come for a trekking with me, in that purpose we can get some time together
Sanskar:sure baby, but where?
Soniya:i would arrange everything, you come to railway station tomorrow morning early.

Someone pats him

He turns and gets scared finding a man filled with black greece

Then he looks around only to find, his whole rack burnt. And the person is none other than his boss Prof. Dhoomakethu

Then he realises that he placed chemical on flame:oh………. Shit

Sanskar:but how this….

Interrupted by dhoomakethu:out…
Points to the door

Sanskar:but profe…..

Dhoomakethu:i said out…

Sanskar pouts:for today or for everyday?

Dhoomakethu screams with top of his voice:ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Now 2 other students comes running listening his scream

Dhoomakethu :GET OUT!

Sanskar turns to go but still turns:sir only this rack burnt you are acting like i burnt all you lab

Dhoomakethu fists his both hand but folds his hand for mercy:please get out from my sight not only for today but till the day i die…

Sanskar goes

While the 2 of the students cmes near Dhoomakethu and starts to wipe his face and hands
Dhoomakethu angrily:out
Both:sir we?
Dhoomakethu cries

Sanskar:kya samajke raka hai iss buddhe ne.. It’s said everything happens for good and this one too, sanskar you need to pack the bags

He goes to home


Here girl was deeply analysing the wound of a dead body

And then stood:Nimisha, according to the bullet mark on the body, it clearly describes the bullet is not from the gun which is got near the murder spot.

And other girl who was typing a report is revealed to Nimisha

Nimisha:i would submit the reports to CID

Girl gives a quick nod

And moves to a cabin, where she sees 12 missed calls from her sister Arohi

And she is revealed to be RAGINI

She calls Arohi

Arohi picks the call:Raago where were you? Is everything fine? And did you have the food? Am sure you would be again busy with some dead body! Why don’t you care for yourself Ragini?

Ragini:i was busy di and i will talk to you..

Arohi painfully :again Raago? It’s been 21 days that i have talk to you. Why are you doing this?

Ragini just stiffened herself just to not fall weak

Arohi:tomorrow priest is announcing the date of my marriage? At least won’t you co…

Ragini:how can i di? How can i? When that person would be there!


Ragini:shaadi ke baad tere ghar zaroor aungi di. But i don’t know how you decided to…. Umm leave that

Arohi:saare mard bure nahi hote hai Raago

Ragini:in my life i had only one man, the so called father. He is the reply from my side. Bye di

She disconnects the call

Nimisha:Ragini i am going on a holiday? Would you like to join?


Nimisha:even there is no work for a month so…
She takes out a brochure and places on her table:if you wish to you can join. And i would be really happy if you join me. I would have someone with me.

She leaves

Ragini was about to read a file when she sees the brochure
How much she tried to ignore but couldn’t.

“Trekking” this word grabbed her attention.


Sanskar was about to go out with his bags

Deep sees him:arey where are you going?


Deep:don’t go, today priest is announcing my marriage.

Sanskar:ohh..but anyways i am going for a month, if you marry in this month then mere aashirvad tum par aur bhabhi par sadaa rahegi. Now can i go?

Deep smiles sarcastically :dadi ko bolun?

Sanskar:bhaiyya please, see you will get married and give me chance to choice my girl!

Deep smiles nodding his head:but in my wedding too, you can choice.. What say?

Sanskar smiles:usme adventure tho nahi hogi na!
He makes a puppy face

Deep:do you know, arohi has a beautiful sister. Kaho tho baat chalaun?

Sanskar:bhaiyya i am getting late can i go?

Deep:ok go

Sanskar:and dadi?

Deep:you go i will manage. And live your life the way you want

Sanskar:you are the best

Deep:i can be worst too.. If i call dadi.. So i am giving you 5 seconds before my decision changes.

Sanskar immediately comes to him and hugs him

Deep smiles:bass bass..

Sanskar goes from there

Akash saw all this:bhaiyya this is cheating, you didn’t send me!

Deep:tu na sacchi ka duffer hai

Akash pouts sadly

Deep:arey.. If you had such plans i would have sent you

Akash :if i do such plans!!

Deep:first think something else than books and job.. Late will see about it

Akash pouts

To be continued…..

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