Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 30 : They Unite!

Chapter 30

Omkara Looks down at His Jaan Clinging onto him tighter as If He would Vanish in the thin air if She leaves the hold on him in her Dozed off stated . He missed her so much , This One Year Without her Had been hell , Even When he was in his comatose state for Six months He heard Everyone but it was her voice he missed so much ..Her Soothing voice which always calmed him down . Right Now Looking Down at His Woman Only His thoughts could wander to the wee hours of the morning how her expressions would be when She sees him front of her All Well Will She be Angry or Happy to See him Back? But She told him how her life had been & her Faith that he would be back , Will he able to Leave her once again just like he did a year back seeing her moving away from him ? Will He be able to let her go if She does not wish to stay with him ?

.”What Come may Gauri I am Not Letting you go Jaan , Because I am too selfish Jaan ” He tucks a hair strand behind her ear which is obstructing his view ..Having a closer look he could see the dark circles bagged under her eyes , Her eyes swollen .”Why did You cry so much Jaan ? why did you exert yourself A Lot Jaan?” He talks to her placing a soft kiss on her eyelids “Did I Let you go to become Like this ? You have Lost of a Lot of weight too?” He brushes his knuckles of her cheeks .. A Tiny smile curves up on her lips as She curls up more into him pushing her entire weight on him ..He chuckles seeing her .. “Why Do I Love you so much Jaan?” He asks her knowing that He knows the reason himself She had painted his life with Colors despite knowing the fact She had tried to take his life many times He Knew , His blo*dy heart Knew His love for her will never let her take his life away even If She did He would have obliged with her happily dying in her arms.”Just Can’t wait to See you throwing your arms around my neck when you are a sober ” He whispers in her ears placing another kiss on her forehead He closes his eyes It had been a tiring day for her .

Gauri stretches her hands up in the air yawning She opens her eyes and blinks twice to confirm that She is in the penthouse “How did I end up here ? ” ..Her Fingers work on her temples as a throb of pain attacks her head ..
Right Next to you Jaan
Jaan I am here!
“I missed you so much Jaan More than You would have imagined !!

She opens her eyes ever so slowly , Her orbs fills in a pool of tears “It Felt So Real” She whispers as She sobs cupping her face Despite the dizziness & pain aching in her skull all She could was to think about her husband as She sobs loudly “Where are You?” She whispers caressing his side of the bed “Why Does My Instincts say that My Love is Back to Me? I Felt as if ..” She cups her mouth “As if you were next to me cuddling me as I Slept ? Why Husband ? ” She places her head on his side of the bed as She curls into a ball as Another sob escapes her lips ..

“You gonna Keep Crying Like this Jaan or Run into Your husband’s waiting arms?” ..
“His voice ” She opens her eyes whispering sitting up She wipes her tears “His voice , It is his voice ” She blabbers Looking around For Him ..Getting down on her feet She Looks around “Where are you?” She shouts running around the Room dropping down many things on the floor ..”Where are you ?” She shouts as She hears the voice again ..She twirls around “Where are you?” her voice sounds low as She falls on her Knees weeping ..”Husband” She whispers .

She stops weeping as Her eyes falls on the night stand ..Getting on her feet despite the dizziness She walks Forward to Find a Bouquet of Red Roses “..She caresses the Flowers as A Faint Smile appears on her lips . “To the Lady Of My Life ” He gives her flower grinning as She laughs “Aren’t you Bored Husband ? Saying the same lines again and again ? ,”Never For My Lady”. She Hugs The Bouquet close to her heart ..She runs her fingers through the roses .She stops as a Card touches her Fingers ..She lets out a teary smile as She gapes cupping her mouth with her left hand her instincts were true Her husband is Back “To The Lady of My life ” Reads the Note .
She Looks around the Night Stand to Find A Glass of Lime juice placed with sticky note ..
“Drink Right Now ! Dizziness & Pain will Fly Away . ps : I Forbid U From Drinking! ”

She Lets out a Laugh “Not Happening Husband ” She Gulps Down the Juice at once She wants to See him Soon . She searches for another note Finding it She reads
“Planning to run into my arms at once ? Not Happening My Lady , Be A Good Girl Go Freshen Up & Come out soon in Fifteen minutes ”

Hearing His Voice again playing on her ears again She checks her Phone playing his recording on Loop. “You Back For Real?” “Where are you?” She Talks Caressing his Face in her phone . “Oh my God it is already 10 ?” She gapes seeing the time “I am Coming soon !” putting the phone back it’s place She grabs a towel and her clothes and runs into the Washroom .

She steps out of her room Dressed in Long Plain Black Frock Shalwar with Full netted sleeves . Her ears adorned with studded diamond earrings .She let her hair loose just Like He Likes . She Looks around to get a glimpse of him but He wasn’t No where to be Found ..Her barefoot kisses flowers ..She Drops her gaze down to find A trail of roses petals .She follows the path Leading her to the entrance of the Door .She frowns as the trail stops there .

“Where are you Husband?” She whines impatiently throwing her hands up in the air .She widens her eyes as realizations dawns upon her Where he would be be . Her Legs move on their own accord as She quickens the pace Her hands clutched either sides of her Shalwar . Her breathes labored as She stopped Few Feet away from him .He was giving her back to her ,He was back and this time it wasn’t her illusion.She wanted to run throw her arms around him tight and Yell at him for leaving her but She was petrified , “Will he Disappear Once I move Forward ? If He does This time will I be Able to Stand Again ?” The thoughts running on her mind But for Once She wants to Move forward soak in his embrace and get over her fears .

She takes tiny steps all the while having her gaze on him Who was busy looking at the waves hitting the shore . Each step she took felt like eternity . The Moment She nears him her body Starts Shaking .With utmost dedication with her shaky fingers She crawled her fingers towards his heart as She embraced him from behind pressing her cheek on to his back tears brims . He clasps her palm which was placed on his heart .

Teri baahon mein hai mere dono jahaan
Tu rahe jidhar meri jannat wahin

“You are Back ?” , “My husband is back !” , “My Love is back to me! ,” “Om is back ” , ” Husband ” She starts murmuring against his back trying to assure herself as She weeps loudly hugging him tighter . He tries turning around to face her but instead She does not let go of her hold .
Jal rahi agan hai jo ye do tarfa
Na bujhe kabhi meri mannat yahi

.”Jaan !! ” He whispers in a soothing voice as She steps back a little as They Face each other .Gauri lowers her head down She does not have the courage to Look into his eyes after that incident where She pointed the Gun at him .. Her tears streams down through her cheeks . She wants to Look at him but yet She cannot ..Sensing her inner turmoil .He holds her arms still She did not budge to Look up at his orbs .He pulls her close wrapping his arms around her as She buries herself in his chest her sobs comes out in muffled voice. The world Freezes as the time stills as The Two Heartbeats United . The moment She was in his embrace Her mind was at peace How could it be not ? For Once in her lifetime She understood what his Love means It was Pure , Undemanding & Unselfish and Mostly Importantly It Was Free ! . She embraces him tighter as She presses her body into his Seeking more warmth as She promises herself She would cherish His love Now & Forever .Finally , She was home .

Tu meri aarzu,
main teri aashiqui
Tu meri shayari,
main teri mausiqi

No words were spoken with the two as they hugged each other ..”I am Home Jaan!” He whispers in her ears placing a kiss on her temple ..With Brimming tears in her orbs She looks up at him still in his embrace This Man How could He Love her So much ? Even After Knowing She tried killing him ?..”Husband ” Her lips quiver as She whispers “You Back For Me?” She asks in her Kittenish voice running her Fingers through his jaw length ..He Nods giving her smile ..”I missed you ” She whispers as She places a Kiss on the corner of his mouth as lone tear drop Falls .
Talab talab talab bas teri hai mujhe
Nashon mein tu nasha banke ghulna yunhi

Cupping her face in his palms as He wipes her tears loving as She places her hands on his waist “I am Here Jaan !!” He tells her Knowing still She could not believe that he was back ..Bending down to her Level He presses his lips with hers and they felt the world fell away . It was slow and soft pouring out all the love & pain of being away from each other , Comforting in ways that words would never be .His hands rested below her ear , as his thumbs caresses her cheeks wiping away her tears . She runs her fingers down his spine pulling him more closer until there was no space left between the two as She kisses him back pouring out her love as They felt their heartbeats against each other’s chest .
Meri mohabbat ka karna tu haq ye adaa
Meri hoke hamesha hi rehnaKabhi na kehna alvida
His Vision Clouded with Darkness as He Fell against her Petite Frame ” Omkara” She shouts as She Feels The Red Liquid on her Fingers from the Back of his head .
How The Reunion Was?
Hope U guys Liked it
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