Swasan ff ; Revenge for my love part 1

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This is link of prologue , please guys vote and comments here too

Those who wants to read complete story now,can read it on wattpad

Wattpad id:@swarnaragput

Let’s start the part

man walking towards his cabin ,and all employees will see him with fear,and he see one of his employee and he get frightened and tight his belt,and then man perfect employee tie +

And the person is shown is non- other than sanskar


Employee 1- sorry sir

And he start going to cabin all his employees start wishing him a good morning

And then he enters in his cabin, and sits on his chair then peon came with black coffee and put on his table

And his manager is already standing on his cabin

Manager- sir

Sanskar- wo representative yaha kya kar Rahi hain???

(Why there representative present here???)

Manager- sir,u unki representative aap se milna chahti hain

(Sir,there representative wants to meet u)

Sanskar who work on laptop see the manager and ask

Sanskar- kyu???


Manager- pata nahi hain sir

(I don’t mo sir)

Sanskar- pata nahi hain toh phir andar kyu aane diya

(If u don’t no then why u will u enter in office)

Manager didn’t see him because of fear ,then sanskar ask

Sanskar- kaha hain???

(Where is she???)

Manager- sir ,waiting room mein

(Sir,she is in waiting room)

Sanskar- aur kon kon hain???

( Is anyone is present with her???)

Manager- sir wo

Sanskar-conference room mein bula lo

( Take her to conference room)

And he stands from his chair and go to conference room

Sanskar manager take the girl to conference room

Manager-आइए mam 1

(Please come mam)

And she enters in conference room with manager

Sanskar is back facing to them


And then sanskar turns

Manager-miss kavya

The face is shown of girl

Kavya- kitna handsome hain yeh 10

(How much handsome he is)

Sanskar-hi,please have a seat

Kavya lost in sanskar

And then sanskar sits on his chair

Kavya+- itna handsome aab tak kuwara ,koi nahi meri deal toh open hain,hain toh mard hi , eske saath toh main kabhi bhi 6

(How much handsome he is and now also he is bachelor,don’t worry my deal is always open for him,inspite he is a man,with him I will ready always)

Sanskar see his manager

Manager to kavya

Manager- excuse me

And she came towards sanskar,hi sir am kavya from joint family restaurant

And came towards to handshake with him but stopped in middle by sanskar voice

Sanskar- come to point please

Kavya- sir aapne hamara project reject kar diya

(Sir,u reject our project)


Kavya- sir,actually aap mujhe ek chance dijiye and sir humare company ke representative aap ko acchi tarah se explain nahi kar paye hoge,b ut don’t worry I will explain to you,hamari campaign bahut hi interesting hain,aur bahut hi achi hain joint families ko ek jodti hain,s specially bigadte rishton ke liye,a ur agar humare satth kam karenge esme faida aap ka bhi hain aur hamara bhi,aab hamari company ko ek ho jana chaiye ,can I have a presentation please

(Sir please give me a chance,our company representative not explain you perfectly,but u don’t worry I will explain u,our campaign is very interesting,and which will joint the family members and give time to each other,and it will joint all the members,specially for those who have problems regarding it,if u will work with us then it will make profit of both parties,the both companies will partner each other)

Sanskar-show your presentation

Kavya start her presentation and say in mind

Kavya- finally mera jadu chal gaya

(Finally my magic work on him)

And presentation will start and show about joint families love

Which irks sanskar and he keenly see the screen that he remember his so called family

And he remember his movements with them

Kavya- jaisi hamara parivar humare sukh dukh mein humara saath deta hain,humari icha ka samman karte hain,hume pyar dete hain,jo ki humari sanskriti bhi hain

(Like our family always being with us in our sorrows and happiness,and respect our wishes,and gives lots of love,and it’s our culture)

Then he remember his family never cares for him,and in last he snatch his love life,his jaan,his wife swara sanskar maheswari from him

Kavya- profit bhi jyada hain +

(It’s make huge profit)

But sanskar is not listening to her

Kavya- this will unite the family

Sanskar (shouts)-stop it….

Kavya became frighten and stop her place

Sanskar- yeh presentation hain,unity with families,familly love,this is all bullset,what non-sence is it,saath nibhana ek braham hain,esh se har ek cheez braham hain 2

(This is presentation unity with family,family love,this is all bullset,what non-sence is it,always being with u and things related to it is all imagination)

Sanskar angrily left from there

Kavya is start to stop him but he is not listening to her

Kavya-sir,ek baar meri baat toh sun lijiye,agar hum joint family ko dikhayenge toh woh humare restaurant mein aayenge,s ir dekhiye na family love,hum saath saath hain

(Sir please listen to me once,i f we show about joint family importance,customer will come to spend there time,it’s family love like we always be together forever)

Sanskar- parivar,hum sath sath hain are you out of mind???tumhe kya lagta hain yeh sab mujhe pariwar ki yaad dulayenga,jiski maine itni ijjat kiya,itni fikar kiya,itna pyar diya ,yaha tak main apne aap ko bhul gaya,yeh yaad dilayenga,agar tumhe aisa lagta hain so u r blo*dy wrong 2

(Family,we are always be together are u out of mind???what u think if u make me remember about family,those whom I will always respect,give so much love,so much care,and even I forget myself,i f u think this will make me remember then u r blo*dy wrong)

Yeh sab ek dard ki nishani hain,s sirf dard ki nishani,dard ,dukh aur kuch nahi,apne aap ko woh khone ka dardnak ehsaas,dil ko katre katre ki tarah jalata hain,jalake rakh kar deta hain,s ab kuch katham ho jata hain sab kuch

(This is the only symbol of pain,b betrayal and so much pain and nothing is left ,the pain we felt to loose ourself,the cause of destruction)

Kavya- am sorry sir mujhse laga main achi tarah se explain kar lungi

(Am sorry sir,i think I will explain it better)

Sanskar -pehli baat main esko reject kar chuka hu,aur representative badalne se presentation badal sakti hain but quality nahi

( Firstly I reject your project,and if we also change representative but it didn’t change the quality)

And angrily left from there

Precap-kavlak relation is out ,and dp accept it which sujata opposed

And guys the story is very short 8

4- 5 shots

And this is mainly on sanskar pain,love and revenge 7

And this short is 1200 words

Episodes ends here,hope u guys like it

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