Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Takes Care Of Misri

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 1st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bulbul takes Misri to a room and excitedly says she ddcorated the room with baby pics and kept all necessary items and if she wants anything more, she can call her via landlines. Once Bulbul leaves, Misri leans on bed and grins.

Bulbul then walks to her room and looks at her tummy in mirror. Vijay walks in. Bulbul says Arjun learnt breaking chakravyuh/trap in his mother’s womb, how will her son learn what she wants to teach him. Vijay says it is simple and records her voice.

Gayatri thinks she has to to check what is Misri hiding behind her veil and in lieu of keeping agarbatis in Misri’s room walks in. Misri nervously gets up hiding her face. Gayatri asks her to ralax and sees her face forcefully and is shocked to see Misri’s burnt face. Misri loudly calls Bulbul and complains that Gayatri pushed her and tried to to burn her already burnt face with agarbatis. Gayatri says she just wanted to check her face. Vijay scolds Gayatri not to come near Misri. Bulbul also scolds Gayatri. Gayatri insists Misri to tell truth. Misri acts as getting severe stomach ache. Bulbul panics and calls doctor. Doctor checks Misri and informs family that Misri n baby are fine, Misri happily is bearing child for them and they should not physically or mentally harass her. Gayatri says she will not question Misri heron. Sadhana says she will prepare Misri food. Doc asks to bring Misri tomorrow to hospital for checkup and leaves.

Bubul takes out mobile from her bag and informs someone that they are taking her tomorrow to hospital for checkup. Bulbul was in just then with Sadhana and Gayatri. Misri gets tensed and silenty throws her mobile in suitcase bag. Bulbul chats with her. Phone rings. Bulbul lifts phone. Misri runs and takes phone from Bulbul. Bulbul asks why she is so tensed and rushed so hurriedly. Misri apologes. Bulbul asks her to get ready for checkup tomorrow n leaves.

At hospital, Mandira packs her bags. Malkayin brings her kheer. Mandira shouts she wants to meet Bulbul right now.

Next morning, Bulbul walks to Misri’s room and asks if she is ready for checkup. Vijay walks in and asks Bulbul to have breakfast first. She hurriedly eats breakfast and says she is eager to see her baby. They reach hospital. Doc takes Misri with her. Bulbul asks Misri to give her bag to her. Misri gets tensed. Doctor says she can carry bag in, takes Misri into examining room and asks to come on examining bed. Two Misris wearing same dress come in front.

Precap: Doctor makes Bulbul listen baby’s heart beat on ultrasound monitor. Bulbul gets excited. Misri walks in corridor and gets tensed seeing Vijay passing by.

Update Credit to: MA

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