Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
When she turns back its sherya. She says you were cheating me. You were marrying someone else. he says you didn’t tell me it was you. He swipes her tears an says i am so sorry, hugs her. He says i was so scared i didn’t know what to do. She says i love you, he says i love you too. all family start clapping and laughing. Vinati says come downstairs. he hugs dadi. she says stay happy, they touch her feet. bhushan says thank you papa.. he hugs his brothers. He says to amar you are such a good actor. Amar says he said he loves some other girl, he doesn’t wanna marry her. Are you sure you wanna marry her? bhushan says papa who told you about her? Ajay says you thought we are not your friends? Papa says sometimes you have to compromise for your family but not sacrifice.

They do all the rituals. Ajay says we have our bhabhi with us. how will you feel like coming to such a large family? sherya says i don’t know how to adjust with so many people. dadi says we will tell you. Elaichi says you have to stay with all of us like friends. Vinati says lets go for a selfie.

Ajay’s gf comes and says ajay where are you? he talks to her. dadid says who is she? she says lets see what i do. she says hello i am ajay’s pal sanjina. he must have told you all about me. They say no. she says he told me its his brother’s engagement i should wish you both. Ajay says i want to kill her. She sits there with everyone. ajay calls ajju. Vinati asks her are you okay? she says yes. dadi says i will do all the shopping for you. ajay’s friend says her choice doesn’t matter. Avni says sanjina come i will show you the house. Ajuu comes home. Avni takes sanjina to roof. Sanjina says me and ajay we have been together since first years. sanjina says see how i will ruin your life ajay.

Ajay hits ajju and says you gf came here and ruined my life. let me tell everyone that she is your gf. ajju says please dont tell anyone, they will tell my family. Avni sees ajju going upstairs, she says where are you going? Mama ji has been waiting for you. He says i will talk to hi,.
Ajay goes upstairs, Sanjinna is there. she says surprise do you like my hair? I got this haircut for you. She sees that its ajay not ajju. She says what are you doing here> why are you so irritating? He sticks bubble in her hair. She says how dare you. ajju comes upstairs and stops them. Sanjina says ajay don’t ever interfere in my love like again, i have come here as gf today next time i will come here as your wife. she leaves.

They all enjoy the food together. Ajjay says sherya bhabhi wants a video before wedding. Dadi says before wedding? Avni says yes that is the vogue these days. they enjoy it later. Papa says yes they will enjoy the video we have nothing to do with it. Bhushan says no it will be incomplete without you all. dadi says yes he is right, we will all be part of it. vinati says will sanjina be part of it? Ajay says she is not my gf at all.

Sherya’s mom says to her bhushan was ready to marry some other girl for his family. she says he loves his family so much. her mom says its good thing to love your family but he shouldn’t lve them more than you. Bhushan calls her.
He says your idea of video has become hit in my family. Sherya says what about mummy papa dance in it? bhushan says they wont like to dance. Sherya says this is the first wedding why wont they. Bhushan says no amar’s was first. Sherya says he was his nephew. Bhushan says there is not difference between me and him.
Dont ever say that again.

Precap-elaichi says to papa we should dance for our ids happiness. he says i can’t do it. oapa gets a heart attack,

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