Sadda Haq 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says to randhr they are coming here you should go from here. I will tell them that nurse said wrong. Randhir tells raghini that her brothers are here. He says we have run from here. She takes her stuff. Her brothers are in hospital. Doctor says why are you making fuss here? Her brother says tell us where is raghini. doctor says we don’t give info about our patients to anyone. He asks a nurse, she says there she is. randhir sees them coming to their direction. Randhir hides raghini under bed and pretends to be patient himself. They come in, randhir says who are you? They asks where is the girl? Randhir says when i was allotted this room, she was here in morning, she was discharged. They start looking in the room. Her brother puts a gun on randhir’s head and says where is the girl? Randhir says my disease is epidemic, and you should stay away from me. younger one says we should go from here, she must be near the hospital. randhir takes out raghini. Randhir says thanks to doctor, he says don’t worry they have gone. Doctor says we can’t let her stay here. We care about our staff and patients. randhir says she is your patient is as well. raghini says he is right. I don’t want trouble because of me. i will handle it. randhir says you are my responsibility. She says i can’t get you in trouble. randhir says i will be fine. i know what i have to do.

dream team comes to PKC and ask sir is there anything? PKC asks where is randhir. sanyu says he had some emergency. dean shows the form and says you were late to submit the form. parth says we submit is before dealine. Dean says they selected LITS. sanyu says we beat LITS. dean says its too late. you have to compete them with LITS. they were weak but now they have a good mentor and they are stronger now. You have to beat them to represent india.Vidushi says this is not done, ranwat wont help us. sanyu says no, he will help us. He looks carefree and unorganized. He will help us. ranawat says i should have died bbefore listening to that. She is praising me? he sees the form and laughs. He says you will lose from them this time. Dean says what is this PKC? i cant tolerate him anymore. PKC says he is out of our mind. Dean says you have to compete without mentor. Sanyu says i don’t think we can do it without him. vid says stop supporting him. parth says we will compete and win.

Randhir hacks FITEs database and adds raghini to student list. He says your brother can’t reach FITE. raghini says call karan i will tell him that i am in FITE now, he will laugh hard. randhir calls and says he is no picking. randhir says he is on heavy dose, i think he must be sleeping. She says okay don’t tell him i will tell him. Randhir comes to admin block and asks about the room that has been alotted to raghini. she shows her ID card. He says her name is not in any room. Randhir says please check again sir. He says there is not a single room available, there is only one room and two girls are alredy there/ He gives her the room number. randhir sees the room number and says in heart this is sanyu and vidushi’s room.

sanyu comes to ranawt and says why you do this sir? She says sir i know what genius you are. why are you pretending. We have to get another mentor if you keep doing this. Ranawat says dream team.. FITE mentor it all doesn’t matter to me. if you are done you can leave. sanyu says i don’t know there is some motive that has brought you here. ranawt says i asked you to leave. i told you before don’t interfere in my life. If you speak to me like this ever again, it would be worst for you. out now. Ranawt takes out his vault and caresses the photo in it.

Precap-sanyu calls anju, she cant talk. sanyu says are you okay? I am coming. when she goes home anju is on floor. sanyu says please open your eyes. Randhir gets a call from sanyu but he disconnects because raghini is with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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