Shastri Sisters 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty scolding Anu for pointing on Kajal’s character. Anu defends herself and says she has seen her report herself. Minty says she is very clever and scolds her. She asks Anu to apologize to Kajal. Kajal says its not needed. Minty insists. Anu says I m sorry Kajal. Kajal smiles. She acts sweet and says don’t make me embarrass, you are elder to me, I could not bear when you pointed to my character, I wanted to die, but I thought you might have some reason to say this, if I have to forget this to maintain peace in this house, I will forget. Minty scolds Anu and asks her to see Kajal and her good values. Leela looks on and smiles.

Minty says she has forgiven you, I would have not left you. Minty asks Kajal is she fine. Kajal says yes. Minty says I m always with you, and taunts Anu. She asks her to rest. Kajal says I will light diyas, as my mum used to say it will keep peace at home. Minty says you are so nice and this Anu…She leaves. Anu leaves in anger and Kajal smiles. Leela comes to Kajal and says great, how did you do this, I thought its out last day here. Kajal says the day Anu saw reports, I knew she will do something, so I made doctor on my side.

Leela says she can face the world well. Kajal asks her to say everyone to be afraid of her and acts innocent. They laugh. Kajal goes to light the diya. Anu holds her hand and stops her. Anu scolds her and swears infront of Lord, that she will not give her chance to save herself next time and expose her. Anu lights the diya and goes. Kajal says I will see what you can do.

Rajat comes to room and sees Anu sitting worried in darkness. He asks what happened, why is she sitting in darkness. She says I did not know when you came. He asks why did she come from puja. She says she came home after Minty and Kajal, I want to say something about Kajal, she is not like she looks. Rajat asks whats she saying. Kajal tells Leela that she did abortion. Leela says how did she go alone and do it. Kajal says she did not have time, she ended it as Anu would have exposed it, I will make Anu embarrass now.

Leela asks when did she go. Kajal says when Minty was preparing for puja. Leela says she did good. Kajal says there is one problem, Anushka Shastri Sareen, I have to do something to save myself from her. Anu says I don’t know why doctor lied, did Kajal bribe her, she is very clever, she lies cleanly. She says she can’t deny her past, if she is pregnant, it means she has past, if I know it, I can bring her truth out.

Rajat says mum likes Kajal, if you find her wrong, problems will increase between you and mum. She says I m doing this for mum and our family, I m sure Kajal is creating problems. He asks her to leave all this. She says no, I can’t do this, I m sorry, I can’t be silent knowing everything, I have to do something and expose Kajal’s truth. She thinks to go in her room and check for some clues.

Kajal says Leela that Anu will not leave so easily. Its morning, Kajal serves juice to Minty. Minty asks her to take care. Kajal says she is feeling bad as Anu is annoyed with me, she apologized to me, but she stares at me and makes faces murmuring. Minty says no, Anu will not hit on back, whatever she does is face to face, don’t worry, if she does bad with you, bad will happen with her, I m with you, I will not leave her if she does anything. Minty asks her to get ready for shopping.

Peeya compliments Devyaani and asks her to smile. Anu gives her lunch and asks is she fine. She asks her to go on work, she will be busy and not think much. They try to take an auto. Neil comes there and sees Devyaani. He asks shall I get auto if you say. Devyaani says I will go alone, I will get auto ahead. She leaves. Neil looks at Anu and gets sad. She nods no. He leaves. Anu looks for some clues in Kajal’s room. She checks the cupboard. She gets an old briefcase and sees some pics and gets an address of Karnal.

Anu says once I find about Kajal, I will end her drama. She tells Sareen that she is going out. Sareen asks her to go. Kajal and Leela try to find out where did Anu go. Kajal sees the message and gets to know Anu went to studio in Karnal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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