Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ajju says to bhushan why are you always engrosed in your phone all the time. He says there is nothing like that. They take selfies together. Baba says i felt so good today. ELaichi says yes you are right. Papa says lets celebrate these moments. Bhushan says i wanted to say something to you all. why are you all looking at me this way? Elaichi says get ready to get married. Bhsuhan is shocked. papa says we have found a girl too. Bhushan is dazed. amar says your are going to be messed soon. They all dance.

Mishri is fighting with ayush as he teases her with her glasses. Elaichi comes to bhushan and says bhushan leave the phone and come up for meal. Dadi takes everyone’s phones.

Amr says all the time my wife has phone in her hand so this is the only time she gives her hand in mine. Vinati smiles and sits on the other side. Bhushan come in, ajju says why you look worried? Vinati says he is next in the marriage line he has to be worried. amar says yes wedding is to be worried. bhushan says ayush you remember raman out old friend? he loved a girl but his parents didn’t like her, so he ran with her. dadi says this love is stupid it never works, you should go for arrange marriage. bhushan says but love makes it stronger. Avni he is right. baba says you get to know about each other when you live with them. Rlachi says yes most of the divorces these days are of love marriages. Baba says you don’t have to do any such thing forget about that raman.

Bhushan tells his siblings about sherya. Amar says how can you do this bhushan? you should leave that girl that is the only option you have. Papa has found a girl for you. Vinati says he loves her we should try. Ayush please say something. Amar says do you remember bhushan you used to be mad in childhood that mamma ji loves me when he is your dad. You don’t remember how much you love him. If i were you i would have said no to this girl for mamma ji.

Scene 2
Everyone is getting things ready since guests are coming to see bhushan. Elacichi says to bhushan why did you talk about love marriage last night? do you love someone? bhushan says no. i will marry the girl you people choose for me.

Ajju is with his gf. he says lets go for movies today? Ajju says you always ditch me and go with ajay, i feel like killing him sometimes. Ajju says yes kill her. ajay is following them. A girl comes and says are you ajay? He says in heart she is the one i sent love text last night. He says no i am not, the one with that girl is ajay. The girl comes to ajay and says are you ajay? he says yes. She slaps him and says you sent me flowers and love texts. she slaps again and leaves. Ajay comes and laughs.

The guests arrive. Elaichi says did you have any trouble in finding the house? The man says not at all, your house is famous. The man says where is bhushan? Dadi says he ran away, he thought we are getting him married. They all laugh. Dadi says we should introduce the girl to bhushan. Vinati takes the girl with he.

ajju’s gf says i am sick of this ajay pethawala your pal. my lecture ends at 5 and the we will meet. You will go with him. Ajay says to ajju you only had this giant to propose in whole college? Ajju says stop it. ajay says lets go home, girls family is coming to see bhushan.
Bhushan comes to girl, her face is covered and is opposite side to him. He says i am bhushan, my papa told me you are nice. but if this proceeds i want to clear something. there is a girl in my life. after this proposal i wont meet her but i wont be able to love her. She starts crying. He says please stop crying. he turns her face to his side, its sherya. bhushan is shocked.

Precap-papa says we have to compromise sometimes in joint family but we shouldn’t sacrifice our happiness.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Neil’s acting s so nyc.

  2. I think I’m going to enjoy this show. Looks like it’s full of crazy characters.

  3. interesting serial

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