Shastri Sisters 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Minty crying seeing Rajat. He says you kept fast for me, how would I not come, I m not so bad. She hugs him. Anu goes to Shastri ji. Minty hugs Neil and Rajat. Anu makes her dad break his fast. He hugs all his daughters. Sareen hugs his family. Anu smiles seeing them. She says I will just come and takes the gift. Rajat gives it the Minty. Kajal is stunned and thinks how did Anu get the gift. Minty says it was not needed. Rajat says you did not need to keep fast. She thanks him. Anu holds Kajal and confronts her.

She says she tried to find the gift and did not get it, and finds it in Kajal’s room. Kajal denies everything. She asks why did she hide the gift and warns her not to do anything against family. Anu scolds her and says she knows everything, I know what you wanted, that Rajat could not gift and their fight does not end, but why do you want this. Kajal says I don’t understand. Anu asks her about her payal/anklet, how did it come in my room. Anu says stop this drama, I m not a fool, if my family has any problem, then I will become your biggest problem, I will expose you, tell me the truth.

Sareen calls Anu. Anu goes to Sareen. Minty excuses herself. Rajat says he is feeling good and asks about Devyaani. Anu says I called a hair stylist and her scar is not visible, she is happy now. Rajat goes and meets her. Leela asks Kajal why is she upset. Kajal says Anu came to know everything. Leela says what, don’t worry, she does not prove, apply cheese to Minty and get her on your side, she will favor you.

Minty sees Rajat happily talking to Shastri family. Kajal goes to Minty and says its so good thing that Rajat came. Minty says I m happy. She says he stays happy with Shastri family. Minty says I m thinking when did Rajat go there. Kajal says when you went washroom, he went there, as if he was waiting for you to leave. She says you kept fast all the day, he should have spent time with you. Minty says I m going home. Kajal says I will also come along. She signs Leela and leaves. Anu sees them leaving and says where are they going.

Kajal and Minty come home. Kajal says she will make sweets for her. Minty says I don’t need sweets, go and light diya in temple. Kajal says don’t know how many diyas are needed to light the house and fills her ears against Rajat. She says no one came to see you or call you to ask, maybe Rajat does not remember you. Anu comes and says stop it Kajal, how more will you fill ears. She says I stopped you and told you to not backbite, you started again in one hour.

She says I told you not to break our family, else I will bring your truth now. Minty asks what truth. Anu says yes, Kajal has created all the misunderstandings, it was not your or Rajat’s mistake. Minty asks what, if my son does not love me, how is it Kajal’s mistake, its because of you. Anu says she can’t prove herself, but she will show some proof and Kajal’s true face, then she will know who is responsible.

She calls doctor Renuka. Minty says doctor can say about disease, not any culprit. Anu says she is gynac, and you will know who is culprit. She says do you know Kajal is pregnant. Minty is shocked and asks what. Kajal denies everything and starts acting. Anu asks her to stop drama and says she got pregnancy report in Kajal’s room and asked her, and she lied to me. She says doctor told me everything and asks her to say.

Renuka says yes, Kajal is pregnant. Minty is shocked. Renuka says this is not that Kajal. Anu is stunned. Renuka says her name was Kajal Anand. Kajal smiles. Anu looks at Renuka being stunned.

Anu tells everything to Rajat. Kajal says she will ended her problem. Anu says she will find Kajal’s past. Kajal says I know Anu will try to know more. Anu says if Kajal is pregnant, it means she has a past.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Very nice precap….welldone anu

  2. disgusting it would be gud if Anu would give a tight slap to tat kajal.

  3. I think ss ka end aane wala hai….jisa tarah anu ko kajal par doubt hua hai…or Neil ko apni galti ka realise jaldi sabhi problem solve hone wali hai…astha koi bada scaean create nai kar payagi…

  4. Shastri sisters is not ending only timing has been changed i think.

  5. Nyc epi cant wait for tommorow

  6. Ss timing 6 30 from may 25

    1. Its good we’ll get it early but how’d u kno.

  7. I saw it in fb in sonals (devyaanis)profile that ss is not going off air just time changed to 6 30

  8. it was a gr8 news dt ss is nt end bt only tym chngd…thanks neetu..thnks a lot

  9. What will be EAT east African time. Here we are watching at 6.00pm

    1. Hi saeed which country ar u from?am from east Africa too

  10. i thk dis serial is ending bec frm 25th onward another serial is starting

    1. No its not ending timings r only change cuz there will be new entry go to 11 may update

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