Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ramesh getting an envelope in kitchen. He finds money and a letter in it. He reads Suhani’s letter that she can’t see him empty hand and gives him partial salary and promises she will give him remaining amount soon. He cries and asks Pratima to keep it, as he is also like family. Saurabh tells her that Yuvraaj is bringing Saxena home, its time his truth will be out.

Suhani, Soumya hide and look on. Yuvraaj and Krishna come and talk to the man. They ask him to get the items and come to Birla house. The man asks why is he calling me there, he always used to take items here and calls him. Yuvraaj asks Murali to call Saxena and then he will trust. Murali calls Saxena and asks where to get that items. Murali says the one I told you. Saxena says outside of Birla house. They fool the man and smile. Krishna says I told you. The man agrees and gets all the items there. Saxena waits outside Birla house. Suhani asks Murali to make him busy in talk and she will call everyone. Yuvraaj says ready and calls Sharad, to come soon.

Murali gives the file to Saxena. Saxena says its not Gupta’s file, who are you. Murali says Sir, I m Murali. Saurabh asks Dadi to come for the last time. Suhani asks Saxena why is he here. Yuvraaj says its good you came, Suhani wanted to talk. Suhani says you worked so well and you will get gift of your loyalty. Saurabh asks Dadi not to go and makes the whole family see. Saxena gets worried seeing everyone.

Suhani signs the man to bring the truck. Saxena is shocked. They show their items being sent by Gupta’s company name. Saurabh asks Dadi to see its their truck and Gupta’s items are going. Saxena says I know this, Gupta is the one who is ruining our name, I will not leave him, I will file case against him in court.

Saxena tells Dadi that he will punish the man. The man asks why is he lying, he does this work on his saying, he steals their items and swaps with faulty ones. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to see how Saxena is duping them and ruined their name in market. Saxena says all of them are planning against me. Dadi slaps Saxena. She asks Saurabh to call police. Suhani says I told mum that this will be solved. Yuvraaj says you solved it. She says we both.

They come home. Suhani says my work is over, now I should go. Pratima says you can’t go, our accounts are still locked, Ramesh returned the money you gave. Suhani says how to solve this matter. Ramesh comes and says her dad came, and asks her to come soon. Pankaj meets Dadi. Dadi asks did he come to threaten them or praise Suhani. Pankaj gives a file. Rags reads it and is shocked. Yuvraaj checks it. He is shocked too.

Pankaj asks Dadi to sign on it. Yuvraaj says your dad requested bank to release our accounts and asked for 15 days time. Pratima says this is good. Yuvraaj says yes, and he gave his personal guarantee and kept his homne mortgaged. Suhani is shocked. Yuvraaj says if our funds end, his house will be sealed and he will lose his job too. Pratima asks what. Pankaj says I just have this wat, please sign on it. Pratima folds hands and thanks him for risking everything. Pankaj says you would have helped me too if I needed.

He says we will find some way in 15 days. Dadi reads the papers. Pratima says we see our well wisher or strangers in tough time. It morning, Suhani is glad that Pratima took her medicines. Pratima says now I have to get fine, as you and your dad did a big favor on me, now I want to help you. Suhani says yes, I really need your help, we got exposed Saxena, we have to rectify his mistakes and work together. Pratima asks will she go office, is this necessary. Suhani says yes, its important for me too. Pratima asks what. Suhani says I have to talk to Saurabh, Anuj and Yuvraaj, we have to return money in 15 days.

Menka plucks Dadi’s white hair and asks her to see. Dadi asks her to move. Rags says now tension is over, relax. Dadi says everything is over, I m feeling bad, Saxena cheated me and Pankaj helped and did a favor on me. She says she has to find a new manager. Suhani brings juice for everyone. She says its special Neem juice which refreshes and she makes it when she has to start a new thing. She says we should go office and return money in 15 days. Yuvraaj says she is right, we have to control office. They all agree. Suhani smiles.

Rags and Menka see this and are stunned. Menka says I think she will make us dance on her fingers. Rags says we have to tell this to Dadi. Bhavna asks Pankaj how did he decide. Pankaj explains. Lata asks her to have Aam panna and calm down. Bhavna asks about his house and job, we are not rich, how did he do this. He asks her not to worry. Dadi comes to Yuvraaj and asks for his help. Suhani sits working and says she has to sit all night to study this. Snoopi disturbs her. She goes to Yuvraaj’s room seeing he is not there.

Yuvraaj likes Dadi’s idea. Dadi says I knew you will like this. Pankaj calls Suhani. She says she is thanking Lord to get a good dad. He smiles and says I m your dad. She says I will make everything fine, we all are going office tomorrow. He says its great thing. She ends the call and papers fly by the fan air. Yuvraaj comes and she asks him to help. He asks what is she doing. She says finding about company. He holds her hand and looks at her. Saware…………..plays……………

Suhani asks whats guarantee that new manager will be loyal. Dadi says she will lose. Suhani asks if she wins. Dadi says she will send Rags and Menka to office as her secretary.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. awsome precap!

  2. cool episode..

  3. rags and menka will spoil evrythn about suhani’s works..

  4. superb episode it wil be vry fun to c rags and menka wrk as secretary.

  5. hahaha.very funny.cant wait to see those two witches working under Suhani

  6. Im just happy that suhani will stay in birla house after yuvraj and suhani confess love to each other also I hope that suhani gets a brain and understands yuvraj more and doesn’t poke her nose in everything and just focuses on yuvraj plz writers make suhani intelligent and understanable to yuvraj and suhani don’t act like u have no brains bc u do all u need to do is use it and understand yuvrajs feelings without him telling u that he loves u

  7. Love whats yr problem and what yuvraj’s feeling he is feelingless and big stupid u watch 2day suhani is in home present time but may be not in future but yuvraj didnot think about this and listen music in his room .he even not mis suhani in his room

  8. Am sorry its angel istead of love am really sorry love

  9. The story is great and also fast keep it up its very interesting. All are actively involved in acting including dadi give her a chance to understand what’s life but in real life daddies are good.

  10. Divyanshi yuvraj does have feelings for her but he isn’t able to decide it but very soon he will and yuvraj is not feelingless he feels something towards suhani and that’s why when she returned home there was a smile on his face bc he loves her but he just doesn’t know about it yet

  11. Iz abt tym de learn deir lesson

  12. Angel i think u r big fan of of yuvraj that’s why u always blames suhani and writers .u do not want to see wrong side of yuvraj and suhani have not understand the feeling of yuvraj in stead of this yuvraj himself understand his feelings and for this he already taken too much time and u know smile is not enough

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