Swim Team 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa and Bhagat checks the block..Rewa tells Bhagat she got the latest block..rewa tells this is the block where Jugnu swim team started the race..Rewa stands and checks..Rewa tells that Jugnu’s team have a advantage of four seconds..Rewa tells Bhagat that Jugnu did cheating..Bhagat tells that Rewa can blackmail Jugnu,,,Rewa tells that Bhagat got his life and she got jugnu’s weakness…Rewa tells “WE DID IT”…Bhagat hugs JUgnu,,,Songs goes on “MUSKARANE KI WAJAH TUM HO”..Bhagat tightly hugs Rewa..Bhagat and Rewa gets close and looks at each other..Bhagat tells that they will continue..Rewa tells stop it and focus on jugnu..Bhagat tells that they will take to next leval..Rewa tells no..Rewa takes the envelope,,,Bhagat angrily tells to give the envelope otherwise he will ..Rewa gives the envelope and goes..Next morning Rewa tells sorry to Bhagat..Rewa tells Bhagat he can find the solution..Rewa tells she was joking and she was scared for a minute..Bhagat tells Rewa that he want to become a professional swimmer…Bhagat tells he is a big fan of TK,,Rewa tells to talk to tK..Rewa asks what is the connection of Envelope and Swimming????Bhagat tells he cannot open the envelope till he become swimmer,,,Bhagat tells he was studying in a high expensive law college dont want become a lawyer he left the college and as wanted to become swimmer so his father scolded and called him a spoiled brat…Bhagat tells that from that time he started collecting money to return his father…
Bhagat tells he have ten lakh rupees He made a cheque and a wrote letter to his father..Bhagat tells he wrote in the letter that he is giving back the money what wasted in his law college and from now onwards their father and Son relationship is ended.. Rewa tells he said that his Parents are dead,,Bhagat tells he lied…Rewa tells Bhagat is annoyed with his father???Rewa tells Bhagat is lucky as he has father..Rewa tells atleast he has father…Bhagat tells Rewa dont know about his father..Bhagat tells now they have to go…Rewa tells Bhagat to give the money and not the letter,,Bhagat tells Rewa thats why he was was not telling..Bhagat tells Rewa to stay out of his life as he dont know about his father…Rewa tells she was telling..Bhagat tells to stay out…TK comes to Sana’s hospital…Sana comes..TK and Sana hugs..TK tells he had a special plan for them..Sana tells she is sorry…TK asks why???Sana tells that tomorrow from Germany a surgeon is coming So she can learn alot..TK tells he is sorry that he didnt attended her father’s Seminar..TK tells not to miss the vacation..Sana tells she is not missing for that purpose as it is a career opportunity..TK tells please just once time..TK tells he is trying to change because of Sana..TK tells please..Just this time..Sana tells this weekend she cannot come…TK tells Sana is doing all this because he missed her dad lecture,,Sana goes…

Precap:::TK proposes Sana

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Rewa n bhagat luks gud together!
    Btw shocking precap!

  2. Yes natasha its shocking!
    Tk proposing????
    Come in mdg

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