Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid is about to kill prem, roli says stop please. He puts his dagger down and says i am aryan, and i am ordered to kill him. Mata ji says to shallu and sattu go save prem, sid will kill him. uma and pari don’t let him go. Mausi ji says you daughters in law wont let them go. Prem hit my son, he shall be punished. Shallu says no mausi ji. Mausi ji says go and save him then. this will get you killed and will ruin life of your family. Sid is about to kill prem.
Mausi ji asks sid to stop, she says to sujata why are you being worried? After today none of you will be audacious to us, so we showed you a trailer. We decided we wont kill anyone, you have to die slowly in episodes. She says i supported you all in all bad times. i wont have been alone if you didn’t force my husband to suicide, i had to live alone and you all lived together like a happy family. Only two people are responsible for what is going to happen to you all, this my jiji and other Prem. he gave his whole property to my son. I fell so bad for you. You all hold hands, so face the punishment together as well. I decide to keep you all here. I am not kicking you out. Servant comes and asks ajveer where we have to place this wine counter? Rajveer says it will be placed there with the temple. Mausi ji says what a place you have chosen. Mata ji says please don’t do this. Mausi ji says let it all happen in front of Mata rani lets see if you get support today or me. Simar says wait i wont et this happen. Masui ji please be scared of the wrath of God. Roli says please dont do this. Rajveer says this is not the sin, this house is ours we can do what we want. Simar says i beg yu don’t do this. Rajveer says beg my mom. Sima goes to mausi ji and says please. Roli says you don;t have to beseech didi. maya says they will pay for this. simar says you know what this temple means to us mausi ji don;t do this. Mausi ji says i know you are requesting from all your heart. but i can’t hea it. simar says i am ready to do everything you want. Mausi ji says i know you are nice daugter in law, she lived as a wife of some other man for better of her family. When she got to know about this maya she never told anyone, for better of family obviously. she keeps lying for family obviously. and this mata ji she keeps forgetting this liar. Mausi ji says i can think about it if jiji begs me and holds my feet.

The men take wines to temple, whole family stands in front of them to stop them. prem says no matter what happens mata ji wont bow down in front of anyone. Mausi ji says well very well. These things are flop in today’s world. I see till when will you stand here? this is my house now. roli says she is your elder sister. Simar says she treated you like a daughter and you are asking her to bw in front of you. prem says please dont do this mausi ji. Mata ji comes and sits down in mausi ji;s feet. Everyone is dazed. mata ji says i beg you don’t do this. Mausi ji syas jiji you got serious? you are elder than me don’t do this. Tae all the wine from there. now see that you have done so much for me and i remember it all. She takes her hand and says I want to return it all to you. The pain you have given me i shall return that too.

Maya says i think you all shouldn’t live in this house. they will keep hummilating you all and this will break us. Prem says she is right. simar says i wont leave this house. Prem says what you think i am not upset for what happened? i am the son of this family but i feel helpless. Simar says i told you not to blame yourself, we are all with you. you read those papers what if they changed it, its not your mistake. we faced all problems togther we will face it today as well. we have to get what is ours.

Precap-mausi ji says i let you live here not to take decision. who is in my team and who is in jiji’s?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. now whats so interesting u witch

  3. nothing is interesting about you Sara, by the way I was talking about the episode. If you would have a bit of common sense, which I am sure is impossible after seeing your comment, you will understand.
    haha I pity you

  4. i think now roli and simar will get their property back like veeru’s episode

  5. worst episode ever hate u musa ji hw can u make ur sister to bow down infornt of u.

  6. agree with you guys.. pragna and loviet…………..
    but I am sure u wont disagree that if we just think from a serial point of view its more interesting to see what will happen next

  7. Nw will tis stupid pari uma sathu shylu and sankalp will go to mausiji team?????

    1. s but i thnk dey vl act. not gng in dat team

    2. yes akshu u r right

  8. in background music.. why the nagin back ground music is coming?? y???

  9. its very bad regards mousi g ..2 do tiz…wen mata g visitd her at jail..she was lyk dat she she lvs her gg…she should nt b lyk this… i want any twist aboyt mousi 2 bcm her lyk tiz..
    i want +ve nt negative..

  10. Do u remember guys in 2012 episode mataji asked simar to touch roli’s feet and today situation mataji faced……

    1. when it happened akshu

      1. lol no way????!?! omg how ocme it says 10:57pm, where do u live.. at mine its only 19:34.

  11. Interesting twist.

  12. Madhura it happned during 2012 at tat time mataji dont like simar and roli, mataji and masuji will create difference btween two sisters to seperate them at tat time mataji will ask simar to touch roli’s feet

  13. Haa team my foot.this people are so fond of turning good people into villains but all of them khushi is the best villain ever in this serial

  14. I hate u mausiji……. But I love the sara(maya ) acting becoz she is totally change I love u for that…………
    Nd simar nd roli u r the star of this show nd now the Maya comes nd u all three of us would take ur property from the rajveer……….All The Best…..☺☺☺

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