Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha ( Chapter 2 )

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For: Balwan & Runjhun
Balwan is Shiv’s brother and Runjhun is Aastha’s sister.

( I would be making a separate one for Shiv and Aastha soon )
Hello everyone! Thanks for reading my last fan fiction! Can we get more comments please! I have decided to add more english words than hindi. I live out of India, but I thought most of you guys would wanna read in hindi, but now I know that I should write in english.

So guys! AAYUSH who has written episode analysis of EAAB has decided an ship name for Balwan and Runjhun! Which is…………..RuWan! Tysm for choosing such a beautiful ship name for these two cuties! <3

Yesterday, I created an fan account for Balwan and Runjhun! It’s called – @ruwanholics
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This episode is just about how Runjhun is…

Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha – Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – Kaun Hoo Main! ( Who Am I?)
Written by – @lopaonfleek aka Nikita! @ruwanholics aka Nikita!


Runjhun! Sounds like a beautiful name but is she beautiful? Yes she is! From the inside and out? From the out she is, I don’t know about inside…she’s not beautiful from the inside.

This girl, (Aastha’s younger sister) was beautiful. She was mean though from the inside. She thought she was the best! She was nice with her college mates, but when it comes to family, she was considered as worst!

The best thing is that she stood up for herself and for her friends. She was brave, always brave! She didn’t care what boys thought of her! She just ignored the mens who flirted with her.

Kaun hoon main? This is the question she always asked herself.

She hated her older sister Aastha.She had a misunderstanding with her a few years ago. She thought that her sister was the reason for that. A few years…her best friend Saliya left the city, she had a fight with Aastha. When Saliya left, Runjhun was heart broken. She was her best friend for ever, but she had left her just because of her older sister!

Every night..Runjhun cried

She had a hard past that she couldn’t get over her mind.

That was that her boyfriend 4 years ago had ditched her, and started to beat her up!
After that she lived alone, she always felt lonely!

She is going to Durga Nivas mansion to take ruin her sister’s life.

Present time:

Runjhun grabs guitar and sings a song

Apne Karam Ki Kar Adaayein
Yaara, Yaaraa… Yaara!
Mujhko Iraade De
Kasamein De, Waade De
Meri Duaaon Ke Ishaaron Ko Sahaare De
Dil Ko Thikaane De
Naye Bahaane De
Khwaabon Ki Baarishon Ko
Mausam Ke Paimane De
Apne Karam Ki Kar Adaayein
Kar De Idhar Bhi Tu Nigaahein
Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu
Ro Raha Hun Main
Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu
Kyun Ro Raha Hun Main
Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu
Ro Raha Hun Main
Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu
Kyun Ro Raha Hun Main
Manzilein Ruswa Hai
Khoya Hai Raasta
Aaye Le Jaaye
Itni Si Iltejaa
Ye Meri Zamanat Hai
Tu Meri Amaanat Hai Haan…
Apne Karam Ki Kar Adayein
Kar De Idhar Bhi Tu Nigaahein
Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu
Ro Raha Hoon Main
Sun Raha Hai Naa Tu
Kyun Ro Raha Hun Main


I know it’s very short but just cope with it please! I have important exams coming up!

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