Me and You epi.10 by sukor.

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Precap: Chakor and Suraj are finally out of the forest.

Chakor runs into her house and takes off her shoes.
“Hey mom, I am back” She yells while running upstairs to her parents’ room.
Kasturi is sitting there organizing stuff. She looks up from her job at her daughter’s excited face.
“Chakor, I thought the camping trip was supposed to be 2 days long” She said confused.
She remembered the Trip with Suraj and thought that this was the lie Suraj told her parents.
“Um, oh a girl got sick suddenly so I, Suraj came back with her” Chakor explained praying that her mother believes it.
“Oh, is Suraj the boy that told us about the trip and remembering that why did you not tell us about the trip” Her mother said.
*Suraj, I’m going to kill you!!! Because of you I have to tell my mom so many lies* Chakor thought.
Oh, I did tell you, remember on Sunday but maybe you forgot and then I forgot to remind you” chakor said remembering her mother’s lack of memory.
“Oh, ok then. Are you hungry?”

“No, too full you had a snack” Chakor said rubbing her stomach.
“Mom, I am tired. Can I go to sleep” Chakor asked
“Go, I will call you when it’s dinner”
Chakor went to her room and got out her phone. She took a little piece of paper out of her purse that had Suraj’s number on it. She called him.
“Hi, Baby” Suraj said smirking on the other end.
“What did you call me” Chakor said angrily.
“Don’t you like it?”
“No, not even a little”
“Sweetheart, honey, dear, soon-to-be Mrs.Suraj Rajvanshi” Suraj grinned.
Chakor blushed at the end.
“About that, how am I going to talk to my parents about….. Marriage” Chakor could barely say the last word.
“Um, I don’t know……. Wait idea” Suraj’s eyes sparkled.

“We could tell them you’re pregnant with my child” Suraj said
“What the heck, man. You want me to die before our marriage??
“What it was a good idea” Suarj grinned.
“You wish” Chakor said.
“Suraj, I LOVE YOU” Chakor said.
“I know, Sweetu”
“Suraj, I am going to murder you” chakor whispery yelled.
“Jungli billi” Suraj said.
“You know what, Jungli billi is a perfect name for you” He said angrily and then hung up.
Chakor looked at the ended call and had a frown on her face.

“Chakor, dinner’s ready” Kaustari shouted from downstairs.
Chakor sat down with her dad who was reading the newspaper. He looked up at her.
“Chakor, we need to talk to you” He said looking at kaustari’s face.
“Um, ok”
Kaustari sat down with her husband.
“Chakor, you know our culture, we tend to get our girls married at an early age so we were thinking of your marriage and you can tell us if you like anyone” She said.
Chakor was smiling underneath but couldn’t show it. Oh god she was nervous.
“I actually do like someone” She said nervously.
Her parents smiled in surprise.
“Who” they asked.
Chakor closed her eyes in fear.
That’s all guys. Hope you like it and comment and keep showering me with love. Love you, guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Precap: Parents meet Parents and Sukor romance.

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  1. Wow so good i wanna read more

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear.

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      Thanks yaar

  3. Hy dear so ur name is preet haan lvly name.nd dear m always avilable to read ur ff.u know my practicl exam is going to be held in 15 min.nd i would like to thnku.jst bcz of ur ff.m feeling super fresh.hope everything’ll be fine in practicl.lov ur ff dear nd u.its awsm egrly waiting for next.

    1. Sukor

      Ahh. Thanks dear and I hope your exam passes successfully and tell me how it went as well. By the way I wanted to ask you that did you read this ff on Tue. Or Thu. In Canada I wrote this on Tuesday so just wanted to know when you got it.

  4. Nice episode. I am fan of your fan fictions. Waiting for the next.

    1. Sukor

      Thank you so much dear.

  5. Thnku sooooooooo much sukor jst bcz of ur ff mai apna aag ka darr bhula ski nd my practical exam could hapen succesfuly.thnk u so much.nd yes i can read ur ffs anytime , anywhere.i don’t have any prob.with this. I jst wona read ur ff.pls sory agr mai coment krne mai late ho jao kbhi bt promis jb bhi padungi cment jrur krungi.can i ask u smthing r u a punjabi?

    1. Sukor

      Yes I am Punjabi.also its nice that you successfully past your test and my test is on Tue so wish me luck. And thank you so much for everything

  6. Hy dear u should participate in os writing compition which is held on 1st may-15 may.i know if u’ll take part so definatly u’ll win this please try it dear.

    1. Sukor

      Actually I was thinking about it but I have a speech that I need to present to the school and then exams so I wouldn’t be able to participate but I will try my best to update my ffs

  7. Great episode! enjoyed their nok jhok a lot, they’r very much in love. Eagerly waiting for the next update!

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear.

  8. Super best of luck dear.i wish mera good luck bhi aaphi k saath ho.

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear. And its math test so I am not that worried but still.

  9. Amazing epi. Actually I read it n Wednesday morning bt culdnt reply . Loved it. Like aanya said if u participate in tht os competition u ll definitely get a place. Eagerly waiting fr nxt part

    1. Sukor

      Ahh.thank you so much year but unfourtanaly I can’t but I will see.

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