Swasan- His Love Her Strength (chapter 24)

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Chapter 24.

In the hall.

Ansh: What is this Suju Darling? Dont you eat food or what? See how thin you became..

Sujata: What can I do Ansh? I Miss you so much na?..

Listening this Ram and Uttara’s mouth hung open while Ansh hugged Sujata tightly.

Ansh: Now I am here na. So I will make you eat food with my own hands.

Ram: Hey!! Who are you? And what are saying to my wife? (He said a bit jealous)

(Baap beta dono same same?? jal kukkad??)

Sujata: (breaking the hug): Jii. Dont say anything to him. (She said glaring Ram).

Ansh came in his senses.

Ansh: but I called Sanskar and Suju you picked up the call. How?

Everyone became shocked listening ‘Sanskar’ from his mouth.

Sujata pulled him towards RamTa’s room and Ram and Uttara came behind them.

She bolted the room, when once everyone entered inside.

Sujata: How you know about Sanskar?

Ansh: I was with Sanskar in Mumbai and also here helping him but how you all know him?? (Confused) O. Shit. Maheshwari?? You are Sanskar’s mother and family?? (he said once realising).

Sujata nodded with teary eyes and smiled.

Sujata: Thanks Ansh for helping My Sanskar this much.?

Ansh turned his face angrily.

Ansh: You dont love me Darling? Saying me Thanks???.. how could you? I thought you think me as your own but I am a stranger only (he said dramatically)

Sujata felt bad with her words and turned him towards herself.

Sujata: Aisa na hai chore (its not like this Child) I was just a bit emotional.

Ansh hugged her.

Ram: Now will you tell me how you know each other?? (He sounded angry).

Ansh: Uncle, she is my first gf, my jaan?.. we are lovers..

Listening this Ram almost got a heartattack?? and Uttara’s eyes widened and mouth was hung open.

Sujata: Aye chore ruk. Jii woh when I went to Delhi to meet Renu, my nest friend. I met him there. He is her son’s friend. He saved me from falling and also helped me alot.

Ansh: Suju darling all this later..
Where is Sanskar? First I need to talk to him..?

Uttara dialled Swara’s number.

Swasan was laying holding each other tightly, his face in her crook of neck and she brushing his hairs lightly.

The same time her phone rang.

Swara moved a bit while Sanskar tightened his grip on her.

Swara: Sanskar please let me take the call.

Sanskar: No later. Right now this is my time. The person have to wait.

Swara: Sanskar its late. Maybe its an emergency pleaseee.

Sanskar: Fine but talk like this only.

She sighed and nodded and then reached to her phone and became confused to why is Uttara calling them.

Is everything fine? The first thought came in her mind and she immediately picked the call.

Uttara told them that Ansh came here and wanted to talk to them something urgent.

Swara told Sanskar about this

Sanskar gritted his teeth in irritation.

Sanskar: Kabab mein hadi (bone in the meat?). Cant he just come tomorrow. No one can see me happy.

He was muttering all this under his breathe, Swara heard him and giggled to which she received a glare.

Swara sighed a placed a kiss on his cheek and ran towards washroom holding the blanket?.

Sanskar grinned ear to ear and also got up picking his boxers.

(Haye pati ko patana kitna asan hota hai??).


After sometime SwaSan along with everyone were standing in the RamTa’s room.

They entered and saw Ram glaring Ansh and ,Ansh and Sujata in their own world??.

Ansh: Jiju save me from your dad. He is ready to kill me. (Whispered in Sanskar’s ears)

Sanskar: What do you expect him to do when you are calling his wife as Darling??.. (he smirked)

Dad.. Ansh is saying that he want to take Maa for dinner tomorrow.
(He said taking his revenge for disturbing his moments?).

Ram: will you guys stop? Huhh. Do some work and stop this nonsense. (He shouted startling everyone.)

All were seeing him with wide open eyes and mouth??.

Ansh: Ok Uncle. Sanskar I did the work. He got the contract, he said he will organise that in 3 days. Now I am tensed how will he get these much in 3 days.. what if after doing all this, he comes with a plan to save himself.

Sanskar: Dont worry Ansh. He wont. He is just trying to impress the dealers, I know he is taking huge amount of loan. This is his habit to make a good impression on others.

All nodded.

Ansh: Good Job Jiju. (Saying this he hugged him). Swara. We have to leave by 12 in the noon. (He said once turning to Swara.)

She nodded while Sanskar made a sad face reminding it. He turned towards Ansh and raised his one eyebrow asking ‘Why this suddenly?’
To which Ansh just shrugged his shoulders.

Sujata asked everyone to leave and asked Ansh to stay in MM till he is in Kolkata ,after few minutes.

He agreed instantly to which SwaSan chuckled, Ram made a puppy face and Uttara a shocked one?.

SwaSan went to their room.

Sujata asked Uttara to show Ansh the guest room.


SwaSan room

As soon as they entered, Swara moved towards cupboard and started to pack her things.

Sanskar came from behind and hugged her tightly.

Sanskar: Pleasee dont go. (He said sadly).

Swara:(turning towards him): If it was not necessary I would have never left, I cant stay without you. I will be back soon, Sanskar. Please dont be sad.

(She said cupping his face).

He nodded sadly, she placed a tight kiss on his cheeks and moved towards him to the bed.

He sat down and she sat on his lap entinwing their fingers, his one hand on her lower back supporting her, her one hand rubbing his hairs and his face in her neck.

They sat down in silence assuring each other’s presence.


Uttara and Ansh entered the room.

Uttara: Ansh, this is your room from today.

She said and got no response.

Saying this she turned around only to be caged in his arms and in a swift moment he placed his lips on her’s and started to kiss her making her shocked..

Precap: Swara shouts at Sanskar??..

How was this guys?? I have no idea just written in 30 minutes.. i know it is the worst update but cant help????..
Sorry. Seeing your response and sady sady comments, I wrote this is my sleeping time.. i am half sleepy.
Sorry if it is bad????.

Thank you.

Love you all❤❤

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