Tumhari Pakhi 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anuja filling Pakhi’s ears against Veer, saying he was ready to marry you to make me get Ayaan’s custody. Veer say Pakhi don’t listen to me, she is lying. Anuja says why should I lie, when you got ready to marry her, he gave me this idea. She says its his idea to get Ayaan’s custody and our revenge will be fulfilled. Veer says Anuja is doing this to break us apart. Pakhi says we are not related, I don’t care what she is saying, as she knows what is he. She says I knew this you will have some motive behind this marriage. She says no one can separate me from my son. Anuja smiles. Pakhi says she does not trust Veer and now his face is out. Veer is shocked.

Pakhi leaves from there. Anuja challenges Veer. Veer says thanks for this, bad politics is on four pillar, Saam Daam Dant Bhed. He says you have done a lot, what will you do more, only justice will happen now. He says he will not go anywhere and no one can separate Pakhi and Ayaan, till he is here. She looks at him angrily. He leaves. Lavanya tells Girish that she is going to meet Maa and she has to talk about Riya. He says how can Maa case to get Ayaan’s custody, Pakhi married Veer for Ayaan’s sake. Lavanya says Maa is right, its Pakhi’s punishment to lose Ayaan, only then she will get some sense. Girish says Pakhi is not wrong, you and Anuja are wrong. Lavanya says Aryaman is my brother.

He says he won’t let him support Maa. She asks with whom are you, with us or Pakhi. He says he is with truth and Pakhi is right. She says fine, lets see who wins. She leaves. Pakhi comes to her room and thinks everyone is lying, I can’t believe Maa will snatch my Ayaan. She thinks of her words and is hurt. She picks the glass pieces and Veer comes. He says try to understand, I did this marriage for Ayaan’s sake. She argues with him. He says you are making a big mistake. She says stay away from me. Her hand bleeds. He worries for her.

Pakhi tries to get a good laywer. Veer says you are making Bua play the game. Anuja tells Lavanya that Pakhi is a toy for her and she can play with her, but if Veer plays her case, he will win, no one else will take her case, I will bribed him and made a good story. Lavanya smiles. She says Pakhi won’t manage everything now. Lavanya says Pakhi is very clever, I think Ayaan is free ticket for the property here. She says it will be good if we take Ayaan from her. Pakhi says she will get the best laywer. Ayaan comes and shows a gift for them. He sees her hand hurt and she says nothing. He asks Veer to take care of Maa’s hand.

Veer says sorry. Ayaaan says get the first aid box. Ayaan asks Veer to do the dressing. Veer does the dressing. Ayaan calls Pakhi brave. She says yes, I m brave. She sees the pic. Its their new family pic. Veer likes the pic and smiles. Ayaan says he will hang it to the wall. Ayaan is about to fall and Pakhi and Veer hold him. Ayaan says he is fine as he has mum and dad both. He kisses them and leaves. Veer says listen to me Pakhi, Bua’s try is to make you against me, I think I can prove that, I will go to talk to her and you hear it, she will admit it. Mahaji and all servants talk to Anuja and asks her not to separate Pakhi and Ayaan. Anuja scolds them and asks them to leave the job and get out. Anuja says once she gets the case, she will see them.

Veer comes and says you won the case congrats. Anuja asks what happened. Veer says but you have filled Pakhi’s ears and she now believes you, not me. Pakhi hears them hiding. Anuja is about to tell her plan, but she sees Pakhi and traps Veer again. Veer turns and sees Pakhi. Anuja says you think you are very smart. Let’s see who wins now. Pakhi leaves. Veer goes to her. Anuja looks on.

Pakhi and Anuja are going for the case. Anuja says Pakhi should lose. Pakhi prays for the happiness of the home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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