Hum Hain Na 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Satya informing Bunty that aunty is calling her. He says her aunt is dead already. She says she is talking about his Rama aunty. Sagarika sees Satya roaming around and asks if she stays in Bunty’s house. She says she is a neighbour but will marry Bunty soon. Sagarika gets sad hearing that. Mom is doing post-marriage rituals. She asks Sagarika to give a mug. She picks it, but Satya snatches from her and says mom that she is begali and does not know our culture. Mom then gives her lamps and asks her to take care of them.

Sagarika thanks Ratna for taking her to her home and showing all the rituals. Bunty sees Sagarika and tries to come near her, but someone takes him from there. Satya wishes good bye to Sagarika and she lives. Lamp blows off. Satya starts blaming Sagarika for that and informs mom and everyone that Sagarika blew it off. Everyone start blaming her. Sagarika says she did not do it purposefully. Satya starts scolding her in front of everyone and calls her bengali repeatedly. Sagarika asks her to call her by name and not call her bengali, apologizes everyone for her mistake. Pappu starts his drama and runs to his room. Mom says Sagarika that she is quiet as she is her bahu’s relative, should have been careful with lamp. Sagarika says she will light it back. Mom stops her. Panditji/dad also starts scolding Sagarika. Bunty asks mom to seek a solution. Sagarika again apologizes everyone. Ubali drags Sagarika from there. Satya returns lamp to mom and leaves with everyone. Bunty stops Sagarika. Ubali asks him to leave them and says they are already insulted most. Bunty apologizes her, says she came to his brother’s marriage and was insulted. Sagarika does not reply anything and leaves. Bunty thinks he gave her pain in first meeting, hope she meets him again.

Sagarika comes home and starts crying. Her step-mom asks what happened. She says she should not have gone to the marriage to see rituals, she was insulted a lot. Dad says we have a different culture and it is greater than this banarasi culture. Sagarika sadly goes to her room. Stepmom scolds dad for giving lecture.

Pappu gets desperate to take his wife to his room, but mom takes her to her room. Dad sees his angst and asks him to be in control, asks who will take care of guests. Pappu says he will take care and complains his mom about his dad’s misbehaviour. Bunty sees their drama and controls the situation, sends pappu from there and takes dad to do knee massage.

Sagarika says Ubali that Bunty is different from his family. Bunty who is knee massaging his dad thinks about Sagarika and thinks she is different. In short, they both are thinking about each other. Ubali says Sagarika these are signs of love and says her eyes and heart are thinking only about Bunty.

Precap: Bunty sees Sagarika serving tea to her mom and others happily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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