Hamari Sister Didi 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dr. Karan leaves, while Babay tells everyone to go to their work. She laughs and asks Mehr to go and see the patient. Every staff person cries. Babay tells Amrita that she knows she must have tried and must have fought for her. She says that it is all about time, and she will meet her in the evening; Amrita says I am sorry Babay and cries while Babay hugs her. The buttler tells Amrita that he will take Babay home. Babay touched the ground before leaving.

Dimple asks the sister if they discharged the patient number 12. She tells her that she knows everything. Amrita comes to the patient Avinash. He says that he heard he slept, but she kept him alive with her prayers. She says that she didn’t do anything as prayers have no meaning today, neither has belief. She was lost, he calls her; she tells him he will be discharged in a while.

She stands in a window and asks Avi to see how Karan is going against your rules, you called him friend; what kind of a friend he is.

The patient is taken to the OT, her husband tells them to save the mother. She wakes in the operation theatre, and had a memory loss. She asked about the old lady, Amrita tells the doctor that Babay was here when she woke up. Amrita makes a video-call to Babay and shows it to Kavita-the patient. She asks where are you? Babay says that you are going to be a mother and you are afraid, she must listen to sister didi as she is also my daughter. The doctor tells Amrita that they must do the normal operation. Babay cries at home, while Amrita leaves the OT. She calls Babay and tells her that the patient has got quiet, she hears Babay crying. Kavita’s husband asks about the condition of patient. She says that everything will be alright, he says that his family must be saved. She thinks that it is the prayers of the one who saved your family.

Karan was in his house, Amrita comes in and says that Kavita wanted Babay and she was the one to save her. Karan says that he didn’t take a personal decision. Amrita asks him to learn take personal decisions, Avinash ran this hospital on personal decisions for years; he shouldn’t let him down. Karan says that that time has gone, he isn’t Avinash as he is also gone. Amrita gets quiet, and says he can’t be even. She leaves.

At home Amrita looks at a show-piece. She recalls Avinash told her that he brought it from a patient who did not have money. He was worried, she asked him the reason. He said that there are millions for those who make plastic toys, but these men who have magic in their hands couldn’t afford a medicine. What is he also opens a hospital as a business. He says that he will keep it to his eyes always to remember that his hospital isn’t business. Amrita says that today her love for him has increased. She tells him to see what people are doing to his hospital, they have a hurry to forget him. She says that they won’t be successful as you are in every corner of Muskaan Hospital and she won’t let anyone forget this. She gets Mehr’s call, and asks did she go to Babay? Amrita promises she will.

She comes to Babay who was in kitchen, crying. Amrita hugs her and says that everyone is there with her. She says she will fight for her. Babay tells her not to fight for her, as the hospital needs her more than her. Amrita says that they have the complain that you don’t have the degree, so you will get the degree too by going to nursing school and win the best prize.

PRECAP: Dimple asks Babay what she is doing here, as she was forbidden to come here.

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