Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK typing the security code and smiling. Sandhya and Sooraj talk. He says Zakir did not order the cake. She says yes, how can anyone write the love note on the cake, if its not from family, then how. Bhabho asks what is the matter, if Zakir did not order, then who. Sooraj asks Emily did you and Mohit order this cake. Emily says no, we did not order, we thought its Zakir or Sandhya. Sandhya says whoever has sent it knows us very well. Sooraj says we forgot out Chavi and Dilip, even they can send it. Sandhya says no, I spoke to Chavi, she did not send that cake. He says who is that one. Bhabho says did Rajkumar send this cake. Chatuti passes by and stops. Bhabho says he was very close to you, maybe he knows all this.

Bhabho says he wants to trouble us. Chaturi gets afraid. Sandhya says how will he run away, he is in tight security. Sooraj says yes, don’t worry, just check the cake box and get the shop address, we will know who is the sender. Chaturi gets the cake box. Sandhya gets the bill. Bhabho asks her to call. Sandhya calls the cake shop. She says the number is not connecting. Chaturi says she is getting a call here. Everyone looks on and see the phone ringing at home. Sandhya goes to see. She opens the door and sees Disha’s phone ringing. She asks Disha about this. Diaha asks what happened, why is everyone seeing me like this.

Bhabho asks Disha did she order the cake. Disha says yes, why, you all did not like it. Everyone is shocked. Disha says are you worried that it was egg cake, don’t worry, it did not had egg. I k now you all don’t eat egg. Sooraj says no, we all are worried. Disha says whats the matter to get worried, it’s a cake, its not a bomb that you all got towrried. She smiles. Chaturi gets worried. Sandhya says wo aini, how do you know this. Disha says Sooraj was writing this on your gift, and I saw it. Sooraj says I did not know you were there. Disha says I was there. Bhabho scolds Sooraj. Sandhya smiles.

Emily asks what is the meaning. Sooraj says nothing. Sandhya gets worried. Disha smiles and says it means I love you. Everyone is stunned and smile. Disha says its Chinese. Bhabho looks at Sandhya and Sooraj. Meenakshi says great Sooraj, your love message came in Chinese. Bhabho says stop it now. Babasa says yes, Sooraj went to Singapore and he used to sing Wo aini, and I felt Sandhya came, so this is it. Mohit says your Singapore’s secret came out, now you are going Dubai so learn there too. Zakir comes and pulls Sandhya’s leg.

Disha says lets go Sooraj, we have to apply for visa. They leave. The constable comes to talk to RK and he says he has 10 mins, security is loose, so hurry up. RK says 10mins are enough for me. Sandhya and Zakir check RK’s live feeds. Zakir says he is fine. They leave. RK asks the constable to type the code. RK comes out and wears the constable clothes by killing him. Meenakshi comes at the shop and sees Prema. She tries to trouble her again. She makes her get the work done and spoils her cake. Prema says how did it fall. Vikram notices Meenakshi’s wrong doings again.

Prema takes the cake. Vikram says give it to me, its gone bad. He eats the cake. Sandhya and Zakir are on the way. They go to the jail. RK runs from there in constable’s clothes. Sandhya and Zakir reach the jail. RK hides his face and gets his exit from the jail.

RK comes out and says I m out now Sandhya. He opens a car door and turns. Sandhya and Zakir reach there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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