Tumhari Pakhi 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Veer saying it won’t matter if you call Vaswani on lunch, all the best. She is adamant that she won’t take Aryaman’s help. She leaves. He says she is solid, but Vaswani won’t agree without money, lets see it works, she is thinking as housewife, not as business woman. Pakhi makes the food with the help of her servants. She asks Ramesh about sindhi Kadi. She does not get the recipe on her tab and complains about the internet. Anuja looks on and asks what happened. Pakhi asks does she know Sindhi Kadi. Anuja says no. Pakhi says net is not coming, how to make it.

Anuja says don’t worry, I will call my friend and ask. Vaswani comes and Pakhi says I m gone now, I will see. She says you? Veer says why is it not ready, find on net. She says net is not working. Veer laughs and says best of luck. Ayaan comes home and greets them. He says everyone liked the food made by Veer. Pakhi looks at Veer and says Sindhi Kadi. Veer says I know. She says why did you not tell me. She asks him to make it in 15mins. He helps her in making that special dish. Veer says Pakhi, he has saved her again.

He says congrats, the sindhi Kadi is ready. She thanks him. Maha ji says Pakhi made all this. Pakhi says I will take juice for Ayaan, I have to meet him. Ayaan thinks about Pakhi’s words, not to lie ever. Ayaan talks to Pakhi and wants to ask her what if he is doing something right by a wrong move. She says close your eyes and ask your heart, heart will always say the truth. Ayaan says if we do wrong work for someone’s good. Pakhi says wrong is wrong, if you do for good motive, even wrong work gets good at the end.

She asks him to get ready soon as Vaswani is coming for lunch. She leaves. Ayaan looks on. Veer gets Anuja’s call. Anuja asks her not to make Vaswani agree. Veer says he won’t leave Rs 2 crore having food. He says Pakhi wants to try, let her try, she will fail and will take Aryaman’s help. Anuja says if he agrees to give blueprints. Veer says I really appreciate your efforts, I can’t do this, else she will understand. Anuja says fine, do as you feel like, I have fallen in my eyes, as I m spoiling Pakhi’s work. I don’t care if people think I m wrong, I want my children to be together.

Vaswani comes for lunch and likes the food. Pakhi praises him and asks him to taste it, as its all Sindhi food, which makes him talk so sweet. Pakhi says we are impressed by you, and we also kept our house like us, I want to meet your star reader. Vaswani says I come to know whats going to happen. Veer asks about blueprints. Pakhi says let him taste the food first. Veer asks him to have sindhi Kadi, that is the special dish of the day. Vaswani tastes it and praises it. Pakhi and Veer smile.

Veer also for her the Kadi and Pakhi just serves Vaswani. Veer serves himself. Veer takes the Kadi. Pakhi drops a fork and tells Veer to make Vaswani have it, as if he goes without giving blueprints, her plan will fail. Veer says fine and gives the kadi to Vaswani. Vaswani says he does not work without money. Pakhi praises him and says work satisfaction is also required, you love food and I heard big artists love food. Vaswani praises the food and asks what does she want now, as his blessings.

Pakhi says nothing, your blessing is enough, I m happy, sweet is also there. He eats the sweet. She asks about the blueprints about their project. He says I will give you in two days, its ready. She says yes, I m taking time, as its new work for me, financial matters are many which I have to sort out, as it was Anshuman’s dream. She says you supported him since many years, I was thinking if you give me blueprints, as I have meeting with my investors next week, but you are right about money, I will give you post dated cheque, I want blueprints today.

Vaswani says you think I don’t work without money, but the truth is Anshuman was like my son, he did not call me in any party, but you gave me respect and called me here, I can’t say you no, its good. He says I will send blueprint to you today. Anuja and Veer are shocked. Pakhi smiles happily. Pakhi thanks Vaswani and says its your big favor, I will bring your cheque. Vaswani goes to wash hands. Veer calls Vaswani acting as his client, as offers Rs 3 crores, for the same blueprints. Vaswani says how can I give you, but 3 crores. He agrees and Veer is shocked.

Pakhi brings the cheque and documents to take his sign. She says it’s a good day for both of us. Vaswani tells Pakhi that’s its good day for me, I don’t know about yours. He says he can’t give her the blueprint. She is shocked.

Veer tells Anuja it’s a problem. Vaswani asks Pakhi to give Rs 3 crores in two days. Pakhi says you will get the money, but don’t give those blueprints to anyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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