Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avantika and Harish having a cool talk, after many days. Avantika says she misses Pankhudi a lot. Adi comes to Ayesha and sees her having icecream. He asks her did she call him for this. She says yes, to make him pay the icecream vendor as she did not have money. Adi says are you mad, you called me for this. He says he does not feel to live now, as he misses Pankhudi a lot. She asks him to take him to tour the city, as she wants to roam around. He says come to office. She says please, lets go somewhere. Adi smiles and agrees.

Nani tells Anuj that Payal needs complete supervision, I did not see her doing any boutique work. Anuj says yes, she is not serious. He tells about Kaira’s issue sorted out, thanks to you and Ayesha. Nani says we should thank Ayesha, she is so smart and good. Adi and Ayesha come to a restaurant. Ayesha reads the menu. Adi says its 10 mins, what are you doing, fine, I m scared of your eyes, what happened today, you were getting bored. She says now I came to know this old tape recorder also works. He looks at her. She says I m talking about you. He says me? Leave it, waiter is waiting, give order. She says water for me and rest he will say.

Adi asks her to give order. She says you do as you brought me here. They argue. The waiter says I will bring some special dish. Adi says its so embarrassing. She says then you should have ordered. Adi smiles. She says I will have dessert which you order. He says yes, I will see. She thinks I have to divert his mind all day today. Payal fills Sheela’s ears against Adi and Ayesha. Sheela gets angry as Payal names Rubel too. She asks her to talk with respect, as she can’t backbite about Anuj and Rubel. She says I can break your dream in two mins.

Payal says I landed in this problem as I took money from Kaira, what to do now. Ayesha asks did he not go out for two years, is this because of old age. He looks at her. She says you are talking so much today. He says I m feeling good to hear my voice after so many days, thanks. He eats the food. Pyaar ka dard hai……………. Plays……………Adi and Ayesha have a fun time and laugh while having the food. Ayesha thins she will bring Adi towards happiness and smile.

Rubel comes home and talks to Avantika. She asks about Adi. He says he left office in afternoon and maybe he went on site. She says I m proud seeing you brothers, being so concerned for him, but this is making him careless. Rubel says I understand, I will be careful next time. Avantika wonders where did Adi go and where is Ayesha. Ayesha makes Adi busy and she has double icecream. He says what to do here, to see people. She says that was my fav game with Ruksaar, to guess what people are doing and talking.

She starts talking and Adi laughs. He then dictates his humorous words and she laughs hearing him. he eats the icecream like kids and she looks at him, She asks him to dare to take this icecream, by catching her inside the café infront of everyone. He says really? And runs to get her and the icecream. She falls and he falls by her side. Tune mera saath diya……………. Plays………….. he gives his hand and she goes to hold it. He moves back and eats the icecream. Pyaar ka dard hai………………plays……………….They smile.

They come back at night. Ayesha asks him to sleep. He says such a good day and leaves. She thinks I hope today Adi is tired and won’t need sleeping pills. Avantika sees Adi and Ayesha come home so late. Adi says it was a fantastic day. Avantika asks what about work. He says luckily I have Rubel, who takes all the work. Adi leaves. Avantika sees Ayesha leaving. Ayesha comes to see Adi and sees him working with some people. He asks why did she not sleep. She asks him to come out. She asks him what happened, why is she punishing others if he does not get sleep, I know you take pills to get sleep. Adi is shocked.

Sheela takes the sleeping pills from Ayesha and says it means you are adding this in Adi’s food. I will tell this to everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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