Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
Ranvir is unable to shove off the driver’s memory, which gets him in tension. He is oblivius that his mother inside is trying to hide her own wounds too. He comes inside. ranvir notices the burnt hand, while she tries to distract the topic, and then he also sees the neck wound, and gets angry. Amba vents out her frustration at baa’s behaviour and then relates the entire story. ranvir is apalled. He thinks that baa didnt do right, as she can do anything with him, but not his mother. He starts venting out frustration against baa and hastily rushes out, asking amba to pack all her stuff. As he goes outside, he gets a call on chirag’s phone but doesnt receive it. He goes and hollers at baa. baa gets furious but he is unfazed and angry himself. Baa comes out surprised, and asks how dare he talk in such high voice. ranvir says that he remembers everything. sher is boggled to see his venomous rage. ranvir vents out what tortures he bore till today. baa asks him to shut up, but he defies it, and says that she crossed all limits today. Ranvir says that he falsified everything topday and got their effort in vain. he says that he would leave once ishaani and harshad come. baa asks who has stopped him and asks him to leave. baa says that he should leave after giving the one lakh. Ranvir says that he would pay off every cent. Ranvir tells baa, that he wont bear to work here if they cant respect him or his mother. he reprimands baa for doing such evil for what, a necklace and says that he would get ten such necklaces for his mother. He says that till now he lived for them but he isnt dead for his own mother. baa asks how dare he threaten her. Baa raises her hand to slap him, but he stops it midway, in a fit of rage, while baa is shocked to see such repercussion. ranvir says that had it been anyone else, he would given a befitting reply. He leaves, while baa says to him, that he is pampered by harshad, and wnted money from him, to get chirag and ishaani to marry, and terms him a faithful servant always like a dog. She says that she knows how to get this attitude out, like he did with amba. ranvir asks her to not use his mother’s name. baa asks what else would he do. He says that whatever he has to say, he would tell to harshad. he leaves while baa is tensed. Chirag’s phoen rings yet again and he frustratedly thinks that he would have to go to chirag’s residence to give it back to him.

After he leaves, harshad and ishaani try hard to stop ranvir’s parents and ask them as to where ranvir is.

Scene 2:
Location: Chirag’s residence
Ranvir overhears chirag talking to his girlfriend, that this marriage is just for money, to get their family out his financial problems, and then they shall have their own marriage, aftre he dumps ishaani. ranvir is shocked to hear this, that he just is doing a drama for ishaani who fell into his trap, being the stupid naive girl that she is. ranvir gets angry, as he continues to hear to chirag’s evil plan. He leaves from there and rushes down the stairs in helplessness, and leaves the phone on the stand.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Ranvir again starts running distraughtedly on the road, frustrated at the recent turn of events, as to what he has done to ishaani, as he remembers chirag’s evil’s plan. He decides that he cant let ishaani marry chirag and that he would have to stop this marriage somehow.

Scenbe 4:
Location: Ishaani’s residence
ranvir comes home hassled, and finds his parents, with their bags packed, and harshad and ishaani having stopped them somehow. He is tensed, remembering that he had asked them to pack up. Harshad apologises to ranvir about what happened and says with right that they wont go anywhere. ranvir notices ishaani crying, and amba sees it and is frustrated. she goes to ranvir and asks him not to be influenced by such people, and then asks him to stick to his descision now that he has taken it. harshad assures amba that this wont be repeated again, and that he would get her treatement at the best hospitals. He goes to kailash, ranvir’s father and apologises too. He is embarassed. ishaani is crying. ranvir starts melting, but amba asks him not to fall prey to emotions. Harshad asks her not to say this, as he is his son and he wont be able to live without him, and says that noone would ever dare to even eye them again, and that baa would herself apologise. ishaani begs ranvir to stay back, and listen to harshad, as he would rectify everything, while she would herself take care of amba, and asks her to respect their friendship. She asks harshad to order ranvir to stay back. she begs to kailash too. Ranvir is indescisive and tensed. He remembers about chirag and then gets tensed. ranvir says that they arent going anywhere, and asks amba to unpack, happily surprising harshad and ishaani, while amba is shocked. she tries to speak, but ranvir is adamant and shuts her up. Harshad says that he knew that ranvir cant say no to him, and hugs him emotionally. Amba resignedly eyes ranvir, almost frustratedly. harshad then turns to kailash and asks for one last chance. He apologises to amba too, saying whats done cant be undone, but she doesnt melt. ishaani thansk him. he thinks that he cant leave ishaani alone for chirag, and that he wont leave till he gets her to see chirag’s true face and save her life from ruining. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Ranvir comes to amba who’s crying and is hurt with him, and assures her, apologising for letting him down. he says that he would go and leave this house, but not right now, as there’s a huge work that still is undone, and that he has made a terrible mistake that he has committed which needs rectification, and once thats done, he shall leave with her forever. Amba is surprised and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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