Tumhari Pakhi 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Pakhi trying the passwords. Anuja asks Veer that if password is cracked, then Aryaman can’t come home. Veer says don’t say this, its wrong, we have many plans. He asks her not to worry as she will convince Pakhi to bring Aryaman back. The password is wrong, and she tries again. She gets the message which says just one attempt left now. Veer plays the mouth organ. The servants miss Anshuman and feel Veer is bringing good things back in this house. Pakhi comes to Veer and he stops the music. He asks did the password fail. She says yes, what to do now.

He asks is she asking him. She says sorry. He says you don’t agree to me, its fine. She asks now what. He says music is good to get rid of stress. She says she wants the password. He says we have just two options to get it, either freeze the account or take Aryaman’s help. He explains her his advice and says we are taking tough path, maybe the path is easy. He says Anshuman gave his authorities to Aryaman, he will get the password in one day, he is authorized.

Ayaan gets international holiday form and says I need Maa’s sign on it. He rushes to meet Pakhi. Veer asks Pakhi to agree. She thinks she has convinced Anshuman to take Aryaman to office. She says that time was different when I did not see his real face, I won’t take his help. He says your business can get ruined. Ayaan says I went everywhere with dad, but it will be good if I go with friends. Veer says we have to pay Vaswani.

Ayaan hears Pakhi does not have money, how should he talk about going Switzerland. Pakhi says she will find a way. Veer says you will need money right now, he won’t give you blueprint. He says take the work from Aryaman. She says she won’t take his help, he can’t cheat Anshuman. She says I will go tough path. She says I will find it, else I will talk to Vaswani again. Veer says he won’t agree. Pakhi says I will think how to get the blueprints. He says I don’t know Aryaman, but he is the only way. Pakhi says you can give advice, its my wish to agree or not. He asks her to get the blueprints without money. She says she will show him he is wrong.

Pakhi thinks how to get the blueprints, how to convince Vaswani. She sees Ayaan’s diary and comes to know about his school foreign trip. She asks him to go, why did he not tell her. He says he does not want to go. She asks why. He says I went there with dad. She says you will enjoy a lot. He says no. She asks why don’t you want to go. He says nothing. She says you are thinking I will be alone, its few day time, you go. Ayaan says we will go some day, you are busy. She asks is it because of her he is saying this. He says no. She says fine, I m happy, and hugs him.

Pakhi sleeps and thinks Anshuman’s company is locked and his project is ruined. She wakes up worried. She thinks of Veer’s words. She thinks she won’t take Aryaman’s help. Ayaan talks to his friends and says he is not coming. Ayaan tells how their parents work so hard to earn money. The kids get an idea for talent hunt, whoever wins, gets the money. Ayaan says no one watches tv at my home and thinks to participate in the contest, win it and give money to Pakhi.

Girish calls Anuja and says Lavanya delivered the baby. Anuja is glad. Anuja asks them to come back from London soon. He says yes, we will come soon. Pakhi talks to Veer and says what you suggested, I thought about it, and I think you are saying right. She says emotions and reality should be in different place, mind should be used not heart in business. He says that’s great. Pakhi tells Veer that Vaswani loves food, and I will cook his fav food, it in uncontrollable. She says I can make him agree to give the blueprints.

He says I thought you are agreeing for Aryaman’s help. She says no way, its foolish to trust the man who cheats once. He says I don’t think Vaswani will agree, he will not work without money, you try it. All the best. She nods yes. He says don’t be someone’s enemy that it is your loss.

Vaswani agrees to give blueprints having good food made by Pakhi. Anuja makes Veer call Vaswani and he offers him 3 crores. Vaswani refuses to Pakhi.

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  1. So Anuja is the main villain? Did she get Anshuman killed? Is she even anshuman’s real mother or is she Aryaman’ real mother and they planted this whole story get access to their house?

    Real mother or not, bringing Anuja home was the reason of all mishaps that took place with the family – theft, kidnapping, accident, death and now she is planting obstacles in Pakhi’s already difficult path.

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