Rang Rasiya 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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SCene 1
sumer says to rudra that money was coming and you said no, rudra says money is not everything, we cant just be bought by money, we have many memories from this house, maasa and bapusa, and our family cant become servant just for money, don’t talk about it from now on, mohini says that we got rid of one paro, its good he threw her out.
maayra makes video and says that my mind is hot, I am fuming, I found a good havli, like a palace but that rudra pratap ranawat who was owner of house did height of misbehaving, he threw me out from his house, I wont let him forget this date ever, her uncle calls her and she talks to him.
dhruv says to Maithili that why did rudra let go mama.
danveer says to rudra that try to understand when you are so disturbed seeing that girl then dhruv must be disturbed, he has seen his dream of seeing his mother, she had same innocent face, same cute talks and had same love in her eyes, rudra says no, you ant compare myt paro’s motherly love to that girl.
dhruv is not eating food, rudra comes and says I will make him eat but dhruv goes from there, rudra comes in room where dhruv is lying on bed, rudra ask him to eat something, dhruv says no, iw ant to sleep, rudra says ok I will sleep too, he lies, dhruv gets up and eats the food, rudra is happy.

Scene 2
in morning, dhruv is sitting silently on dinner table, all sees him, koyal says I showed him making different faces but he is not smiling, sumer says we will go to see movie then he will smile, dhruv says to rudra that whether maayra aunty wont come with us, maayra comes there and says why will I not come with you, rudra is shocked and ask her why is she here? he ask her to go from here, maayra points him that he blabbers a lot, maayr goes to sumer and gives him money, she ask him to show her room, he says ok, maayra says to dhruv that I will come in five minutes, rudra says I told you to go from here, maayra says did anyone listen to phone ring, she says phone will ring in five seconds, after 5 sec, rudra’s phone rings, maayra’s uncle calls rudra and says I am minister amar mehra, my neice is like my daughter, what she asked? she just want to do her marriage in your house. maayra’s uncle says to rudra that I gave you responsibility of my niece and you threw her out of house, rudra says my house is not hotel that she can check in at anytime, uncle says your house is bsd’s property/ government property and you haven’t paid for this villa so maayra will stay there only, now choice is yours if wanna see happily maayra going after marriage from your house or see her going to her in laws house when your house is snatched. maayra will live in your house till she gets married and I don’t wanna listen anything.

Scene 3
sumer ask maayra to come and see her room, maayra ask where should I place my luggage, sumer bring maayra in his room, shtabdi is shocked, he gives her his cupboard, maayra likes one antic showpiece in his room, sumer says my in laws gave me this, if you like it then I will give you this when you will leave this house, maayra say wow you are such a coll person and that rudra is just so rude. shtabdi drags sumer from her room.
rudra comes in maayra’s room and pushes her, she ask how dare you do this, rudra says I cant believe that you rich spoil brat is staying here, maayra says enough, why are you calling me rich brat, I think you always talk with everyone like this, you insult people and nobody stopped, I wish somebody could have scolded you before, you have no manner how to talk with a girl. maayra says to rudra that whats your problem, why you behave rudely with me, we haven’t crossed each other’s path ever than whats his problem, she then says oh I get it, its your wife, your wife must be a problem, rudra is shocked to listen it. she says don’t worry, your wife shouldn’t be jealous with me, firstly i am going to marry and secondly you are not my type, rudra says enough, don’t talk rubbish, just go from here soon, my family will not be your servant, he leaves, maayra makes angry face.
shtabdi brings sumer to other room, she is angry on him to be frank with maayra, sumer ask are you jealous of her? she says why did you her our room, this room is so small, she runs behind him to beat him, sumer holds her and back hugs her, he says to shtabdi that man marry once in life and falls in love once only and i have married and love you only, she says hmm now we have to live in this small room.

Scene 4
rudra ask Maithili where are kids, she says i told them that maayra is sleeping and they went to play, rudra calls everyone in hall and informs them that maayra’s uncle called me and said that this house is government property and we haven’t paid for it so we have to let maayr stay in this house, sumer says its good, she is giving us money, we will pay for house, rudra says my talk isn’t finished. rudra says that till maayra is here, i will keep paor’s pic in cupboard and ask Maithili to put paro’s things in drawer till she is here, i don’t want any drama in house, danveer says what about dhruv, he should understand, rudra says i will handle him,
dhruv and koyal comes in maayra’s room, koyal ask dhruv why we are here when maayra isn’t here? he says that we will check her luggage and will see what mummy remembers, they check her bag, maayra comes there and says its bad manners to see girl’s luggage, koyal says sorry aunty, maayra says don’t call me aunty,call me maayra, she ask what were you finding in my luggage, dhruv lies that we were finding milk, maayra laughs and says i don’t drink milk, i drink coffee. dhruv ask where were you till now? she says i was in U.S. he ask what were you doing there, she sasy 1st i was born, then i became kid then i became girl, dhruv ask do you like india? do you like rajhistan and how much you like me? maayra sits with them and says that i just love india and this palace, i love people and i most love you two kids, koyal sees cards and ask do you write letter to someone? she says no, these are invitation cards for marriage, dhruv says it must be some friend’s engagement? maayra says no its my engagement after month, dhruv says no you cant marry, maayra ask why are you saying this, dhruv says you have to live with me and papa, maayra is confused.

PRECAP- Maithili tell maayra that rudra’s wife is dead, maayra is shocked and in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. kya bath hai rudra ur not change at all.ur still the same paro ka major saheb yaar.dhruv ur so cute and dont worry u will get ur mumma soon.thank for fast update.

  2. I cried reading the precap

  3. Cool episode…what will be her reaction when she see paros photo?And what about sunehri,??

  4. Really nice and mind touching episode……..good acting…….thanks for fast written updates

  5. OMG ! Myrah back in the house :* wait till she finds out the truth abt PARO 🙂 hope she stays 🙂 Rudra doesnt hav to be so cold on her 🙁 n dhruv is soooo innocent 🙂 love him soooo much ! Lovin sumers cheezy romance with shatabti 😉

  6. You’re the king of expressions. Wish you advance happy birthday

  7. I had made drawings of you. Your my favourite hero

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