Qubool Hai 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While sanam is shocked to see the gate behind the paperwall, she is jolted as rehaan puts a hand on her shoulder. She turns around and shows him the room, saying that she always felt a connection to his house, and also got struck several times, thinking that there was a door behind it, and it turned out there actually was.

As they inspect around the room, zoya’s lucky taveez sticks by the stone in sanam’s dupatta, and she doesnt realise. they find that the room is burnt down, with faded memories of zoya all around, in his ipad, tablet, in the food, beverages cans. they both are shocked. Rehaan says that it must be an old store room. But sanam reinforces that it must have been an old room, somebody’s that got burned down long back. they hear tanveer’s voice hollering them to come out, and are scared. they rush out.

Scene 2:
Location: Munisa’s residence
A faiz and rahat eye haya, as she serves diner, they are surprised to see shoaib, while haya is tensed. Shoaib comes in a leering manner, while rahat is in a rage. But due to faiz’s overenthusiasm, rahat quitenes down and they sit for a family dinner, while shoaib still hs eyes for haya. After the dinner, as he progresses to go to his room for sleep, rahat asks munisa whats going on, and is shocked when she tells him that this house is hers, and shoaib would stay here only, as she has used her power of attorney, that he had given to her. rahat is shocked, Faiz is baffled, while haya stands tensed. Munisa and rahat enter into a verbal spat, as munisa takes her revenge on rahat throwing shoaib out of the house, and that too for haya, bad mouthing her. rahat says that he would have done the same for any other girl, but munisa defends her husband saying that haya is like that. rahat shuts her up, but she doesnt. Haya is distraught, while faiz is confused. Shoaib is amused. Munisa says that she had known that day only, that she would have shoaib back in the house. shoaib says that it doesnt matter who the house belongs to, but who stays. He insults him and says that he can stay in one corner if he so likes, and is used to. he says that he wasnt scared of rahat, but was waiting for the right chance at the right time, as he waited to have the house to himself, and everything in this house too, eyeing haya leeringly. rahat is unable to control his anger and tells him to stay in his limits, grabbing his collar. Shoaib takes his hand down and asks him to control his anger, as now he would begin reciprocating, by throwing him in the jail for being violent. Munisa sneers of rahat’s concern for haya. rahat asks her to shut up, as he now breaks all these bonds, and whatever be the case, he would feel like he donated her all this, and asks her to never dare to open her bad mouth again. shoaib takes munisa aside saying that she wants to sleep. they leave, while haya and rahat are distraught. Faiz stands confused.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Tanveer reprimands them for snooping around and asks what are they looking for. rehaan takes the entire blame on him for being inquisitive, saying that he got sanam to go with him. She is boggled. sanam says that it looks like someone stayed in that room, and tanveer is reminded of zoya’s room, and says that its an old room and they dont need to go. sanam says that if she permits could she see it nicely. But tanveer refuses and says that it was old room, and that the walls are weak and can collapse anytime, and hence would get latif to redo it tomorrow. She asks them both to leave, and they resignedly comply. razia takes the credit for alerting tanveer in time, or else her secret would have been exposed to Sanam. Tanveer smiles.

As ahil is tensed watching sanam and rehaan with each other and bidding each other goodnight, he gets jealous. In the room, ahil discreetly places a taunt on her being with rehaan, without bothering about his wifely duties. Sanam tries to explain, but he clearly tells that he isnt interested. the screen freezes on Sanam’s tensed face.

Precap: As sanam does the bed, ahil comes out with bare torso, and tries to get intimate sanam, while she is uncomfortable. Meanwhile, tanveer evilly begins to place a lethal injection in dilshad’s arm while she is unconscious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. O_o !!!!!! NOOOOOOOO Dilshad…………………………….

  2. now god knows wt she will done 2 dilshad…. 🙁

  3. Always hated aahil she should be with rehaan

  4. I hope nothing happens to Dilshad
    Aahil is acting kind of dumb now

  5. Guys you all have to pray hard that nothing happens to dilshad,dont forget her kids were killed by the same tanveer without any arm of the law cathing up with her and in her usual self still plotting to do more harm with her rival/partner now with her.It is said that the poor will have to die for the rich to always have their evil ways this is what we get to see in all the serials been aired by zee tv ,it is ridiculous

  6. Its dragging wen will sanam and ahil finds out the truth abt tanveer and y they showing rehaan and sanam scenes instead sanam and ahil stewwwww

  7. Plz don’t let sanam get attach to stupid rehaan to good to b truth ahil is not bad guys its the upbringing he got

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