Laut Aao Trisha 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lavanya gives Pratik office file and asks whom he was talking to. He says she should not bother about it. She says he should give her some respect. Pratik says clients are coming from Dubai and he cannot lose them. He asks when is he the meeting. She says tomorrow 10 a.m. He says he wants to tell one more thing, but stops thinking how she will react and says he will speak later.

Kabeer and Amrita meet Trisha’s principal. Principal says whole college is with Trisha now. Kabeer asks principal if he found something weird before Trisha got missing. He says she used not concentrate on her studies and looked tensed. Kabeer asks if he cant meet Trisha’s classmates. Principal agrees. Students says Trisha was very jovial and used to play pranks with professors. Amrita smiles hearing that. Kabeer asks if Trisha had a boyfriend. Student says she does not think so, but she had a showdown with Meghan a few days back.

Gaurav asks Nikhil why he wants to spoil his marriage. Nikhil says he cannot hide the truth when his wife comes here often without prior information. Gaurav says he loves his family. Nikhil says he should tell them truth then. Gaurav warns him to stay away from Sonali. Nikhil gets a call from Kushan who asks him to meet in the evening today.

Amrita and Kabeer check Trisha’s locker. Amrita gets busy seeing Trisha’s pics and gets emotional. Kabeer checks remaining items and is shocked to see a sex book “moment of passion.” He asks Amrita if trisha used to read it. He opens it and sees written “moment of passion, how about creating it.” Amrita says it must be someone else’s book. Kabeer says he thinks she should keep away from the investigation as she may get more shocks. Amrita says it is already 7 days and she cannot wait at home. Kabeer gets a calls from Abhay saying expert recovered Trisha’s mobile data. Kabeer says he will drop Amrita home. She says she has some work and goes and meet Vivan.

Kushan says with this opportunity, he will be a big architect. Sonali says what was he till now and says he can take Pratik’s help in locking the deal. Kushan says Pratik is a shrewd businessman and will not help. Sonali says she will help him instead.

Amrita asks Vivan why did he give Trisha a sex book. He says he did not. She says only he can give it as he wanted to lure Trisha. Vivan says it was not one-sided love. Amrita slaps him and leaves. His friend sees that and says she will not tell it to anyone as she knows he is not behind Trisha’s kidnapping.

Nikhil reaches Kushan’s office and Kushan introduces him to Sonali as his partner. Sonali gets happy hearing that and then asks Nikhil where is he taking her for dinner. Nikhil reminisces Gaurav asking him to keep away from Sonali.

Lavanya is busy with her work. Prem comes and hugs her. She asks him to let him work. They both then start romancing. Gaurav comes and sees them intimate.

Kabeer’s officer shows him Trisha’s mobile calls details and tells him about a message to Vivan to meet her in 10 minutes. Kabeer thinks Vivan knows much more.

Precap: Pratik scolds his secretary for calling him while was with Amrita. Kabeer questions Vivan. Pratik sees a lady and gets tensed.

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