Tumhari Pakhi 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anuja asking will my children identify me. Pakhi says yes,thanks for all the favor. She hugs Pakhi. Deepika asks what about me. Anuja hugs her too. Pakhi says it means you have forgiven us, I said everything will be fine at end. Anuja asks where did all good happen. Pakhi asks why. Anuja asks what about you, are you happy. Pakhi says I m very happy. Anuja says tell me are you happy for yourself. Pakhi says I don’t have any complains. Anuja says do you want such a lonely life. Pakhi says I don’t want to go in my old life.

Anuja says go ahead, your way will get tough from here, I have to return back, but you have to go ahead. She says you should not go back, so accept Singapore offer. She says life does not give second chance, please accept this. Deepika says Anuja is right, she will go her home, I will go my home after my project ends, please say yes to this offer. Anuja says you will forget your past, don’t be scared of just a name. She says if you don’t agree, I will not meet my children tomorrow. Pakhi says what?

Anuja tries to convince her. Pakhi says I will think and promises her smiling. Anshuman says Delhi tickets are done, have to wait till tomorrow. Pakhi tells Anuja that she has booked Singapore tickets. Deepika and Anuja dance. Anshuman talks to Pakhi’s pic and says I will bring mum back, you wanted this, you would have been happy. Pakhi says I won’t be here tomorrow. Anuja says I m happy for you. She hugs them. Pakhi asks Anuja to go alone to meet her children and then she will also meet them before leaving.

She says we will be here to welcome them. Anuja says she will make tea today. She says I m a big cook. Pakhi says I knew this. They have a great time. Anuja says our lives will take different turns, cheers for our lives. They dance together on music. Its night, Anshuman and Pakhi looks at the moon. Ayaan comes to Anshuman. Anshuman shows him the moons and stars. Pakhi tells the same to Anuja. Anuja asks di you still love him. Saiyyan……………….plays……………….

Pakhi says you are right, I should go far from here, very far from my old memories. Pakhi shows thee sindoor box saying she has many memories linked to it. She thinks how Anshuman used to apply sindoor in her Maang. She says I have to lose this too, will you keep this. Anuja takes it. Pakhi says it has my sindoor. I will always pray for him. Anshuman says I know Pakhi will always pray for us, and how can we be happy without her. Ayaan says do good work and you will get the reward, you already did many good work, then you will surely get her back.

Anshuman hugs Ayaan. Anuja says he lost you, now you value yourself. Pakhi nods yes and says its an important day for both of us, good night. Pakhi cries and hugs her. Its morning, Anuja waits for her children at Qutub Minar where Pakhi asked them to come. There is much crowd and she thinks will they come or not. Anshuman comes there. They look for each other. Anuja thinks its going to be 4pm. Anshuman says still 15mins left. He says I will call at 4pm, will she come after so many years. She always felt we hate her, but today will she meet us. Anuja thinks don’t know will they accept me or not.

They think what will they answer each other. Anshuman says what will I say if she asks me why did I not stop her. Anuja thinks I was not with them in their childhood, will they forgive me. Anshuman calls her and she is behind his back. She says no, I can’t meet him. He keeps calling. She makes her phone on silent. She says I just want to see him. Someone pushes Anuja and she falls towards Anshuman. He bends to pick u[ his phone and she blesses him keeping her hand on his head. Anshuman feels his mum’s touch. Anuja sees him that she saw him before and realizes he is her son Anshuman. Anshuman feels language of touch and recalls Pakhi’s words. He gets a pic of him and Lavanya. He looks at her. Anuja starts leaving. He says Maa and she stops.

Anuja meets Anshuman and hugs him. Deepika and Pakhi do the welcome arrangements. The bell rings. Pakhi says lets meet Anuja’s son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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