Rang Rasiya 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
rudra says will you go with me, Maithili says why not, he says we will go leave in 20 minutes, soldier brings their luggage, Maithili is going, rudra stops her, Maithili says 20 minutes are still, I have some work, we will leave after that, rudra says I have some other work, can you send paro to bsd at 5pm, maitholi ask why is there some problem, rudra says I will give her there, Maithili says okay I will send her, she salutes him like soldier and goes from there laughing.
paro is wearing red thread which rudra made her wear as mangalsutra and says this thread is difficult to wear, rudra comes there and makes her wear it by coming too close to her. (rangrasiya song plays). rudra caresses paro check, paro gets conscious and moves back, she says I have to set cloths,. paro is busy in taking out cloths, he says I am going with Maithili, paro says where, he says to go to work, paro ask with Maithili? he says I have some work I will leave her as she have work too, paro says okay but please place this bag on almirah, rudra places it and ask can I go, paro says no, place this bag too, rudra looks at her, paro says okay I will place it, she tries but bag falls from cupboard, rudra looks on, he goes to her and ask to give bag, he places with one hand and ask can I go, he ask what now, paro is confused and says I forgot, rudra sasy okay now I go, paro says no let me think, paro is thinking, rudra comes close to her and pins her to cupboard, he looks at her and says keep thinking, paro says If you look at me like this than my mind will not work, rudra smiles, paro says yes I remember you have to take medicine for last, she goes and brings medicine for him, he takes it and says now can I go, she nods, he goes, paro smiles.

Scene 2
sumer is eating and says wow Maithili make delicious food, mohini says shut up, sumer says don’t you like her fooed, mohini says DIL’s work is to extend family, we will not get even parrots from her, Maithili si talking a lot these days, and aslo rudra’s hand is fine now, sumer says when everything is fine then take me to home, mohini says you are talking about you and I am worried for myself, why this is happening with me, should I also stand on one foot like paro, she stands and get sprain on foot, sumer laughs and ask her to watch her foot otherwise there will two handicapped people in haveli, mohini says its time to cut wings of all.

Scene 3
paro is in bsd, she ask soldier do you know why rudra called me here, he says no, she ask where is he, he says don’t know, he goes. rudra comes there and says paro, she looks at him, he says you must be thinking why I called you here, remember our story started here, how I treated you, what you called me, yes devil, you were right. I want to say.. he stammers. rudra drinks water and says these poetry and all is not my cup of tea and you know bout my singing, since last 6 months, actually no, 15 years back I ran with bapu from chandanpur, then I went to dehli to get enrolled in bsd, then I was posted to many placel I was running all these years because I don’t think while running and when you don’t think than it doesn’t pain you, he says then you came and everything changed, he says you changed my life, when I ran you stopped me, when I didn’t stip so you ran with me, you didn’t leave me, your stubbornness has made me mad, I tried to fight with my feelings but now I tired, I lost to my feelings and this lose is good, its sweet, I want to stay now, I want to breath, I want to live, will you accompany me? I want to make this relation truth. he takes out manglasutra and shows to paro, he says wear it and forget past, will you accept me, I am changed a lot, you changed that devil stone. I don’t wanna say but, I… I love you a lot paro, paro looks at him, he takes mangalsutra and looks in mirror for paro’s reflection, paro is actually in different room, she recalls all her moment in bsd, she says there are many memories related to here, bad and good one but I feel love for these memories. rudra is different room and looks at paro in other room, he says I call you mad and what I am doing, I have to tell her.

Scene 4
rudra comes to paro, paro looks him tensed and ask are you fine, paro says you are sweating, rudra says don’t come near me, don’t touch me and don’t look like this that nothing matters to than me, paro says its right, rudra says shut up, paro makes face, he says okay don’t be angry. I want to say something. he closes his eyes and says paro, she ask him to say, he looks at her and start saying that I don’t know poetry, I cant sing and I didn’t call you here to sing for you, you called my devil and that was right, I am tired of running, paro says sit then, I will give you water, rudra says I am fine, I will start again, he closes eyes and says before you came I was incomplete I was running from myself, I was running from my past but then you came and now I don’t want to run, I want to be with you. they see some lady’s shadow, she comes in and both are shocked as its mala(thakurain) rudra’s mother. rudra looks at her and is stoned, he recalls all his bitter past, how dilsher said that beautiful women is of no one and how students use to taunt on his mother, he looks at her.

PRECAP- paro hug mala and ask what happened to you, are you fine, she keep looking at rudra, paro says he is rudra, she says rudra and goes close to him but rudra moves back and runs from there, paro calls him but he doesn’t stop.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  7. Nyc episode.. Rud plz tel ur love to paru soon.. I want to see paru’s reaction..
    Lovely Rangrasiya.. Love u both..

  8. wow it just superb by rudra but where did his mother beach mai agaya.if she thoda late then it will be awesome but koyi problem naki .finally sure rudra confess his love.

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  10. Ashish superb acting. Some day i may forget ur name, my son calls u as rudra and ur famous as rudra in our family.

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