Maharana Pratap 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with maldev ji goes with uday singh ji to chittor and uma devi welcome him. Uma devi says, i have seen after so long time. maldev ji says, where is my daughter? maldev ji says, how are you my daughter? Phool says, you look very old. Phool ask about pratap. Maldev says, i cant believe she really grown up, Ajab reaches there. maldev ji says, here is your shagun. Uma devi says to ajab, bring all this at his room. Jb says, dassi will do this. Phool says, ajab will help me to open these gift. Pratap also reaches there. Maldev ji says, you really thinks big dream and after marriage, you can get your dream. Uma devi says, you are not looking happy, after getting blessing. pratap says, now i dont see the dream. Pratap then goes to his room. Phool says, why are you so tensed about pratap?
Maldev says, dont share everything with ajab, otherwise you have to share your lovable thing. Phool says, i share everything with ajab. Uma devi says to DB, i dont know what will pratap do to maldev ji so that they accept this relation. JB then invite uma devi for mahila sangeet. JB forced to pratap for acting. Jalal make planning with bahram khan for attacking on ajmer and soldier will inform to jalal that haji khan’s soldier run away. Jalal says, nobody will stop to him. My informer will stop him at mewar.
Here play starts. Phool and ajab starts acting.
In play, pratap says to ajab, what will you get from all this. you are also sacrificing in it. Maldev ji says, i am not putting my step back with this relation, you will also get the second chance.
Phool cries and think about prataps wordings. Ajab reaches there and says, you will definitely married with pratap. Ajab says, fight with me but dont get angry with me. Phool thinks about her father wordings and says, i did wrong, i shouldn’t share my feelings with minister’s daughter.
Phool and ajab goes away from each other. Pratap and ajab confronts each other. Pratap stops ajab then ajab says, phool is in her room. Pratap meet with phool and gives compliment to her. dassi informed to phool that her father is waiting for her.
phool meets with maldev ji and maldev ji gets angry on pratap. He says, rana uday singh ji and Jb begging in front of me for this relation but pratap likes someone else. Uma devi says, calm down. maldev says, but they hurted my daughter. she is crying. Phool says, you know that i got everything that i want. Still i want to marry with pratap. Uma devi says, you have to choose once from ajab and pratap. Dassi inform to maldev ji that phool’s mother and father came to mewar. Ram singh ji gives thanks to uday singh ji. Haji khan’s minister ask from villagers about chittor fort.
Pratap says, i am gets faulty from all of this. ajab says, i will not see your face unless you will marry with phool. Otherwise i will go from there.
DB reaches there and inform to pratap that phool’s mother and father reaches at chittor. pratap says, i will meet them later. Db molest to ajab.
Ram singh ji says, phool will always stay with ajab. You are looking so upset, i know why are you so upset, tell me about ajab. Pratap reaches there and takes blessings of ram singh ji and phool’s mother. Ram singh ji then ask about ajab from pratap.
Maldev reaches there and says, pratap’s friend is not present there for tomorrow ceremony. Pratap then goes to call their friends. Maldev ji then order to sent ajab back to her home.

Precap:- Pratap ask about ajab then sajja inform to him that maldev ji ordered about it. Pratap gets angry. Haji khan’s minister calls pratap but someone capture him.

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