Tumhari Pakhi 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Veer saying he knows everything about her and saying what all she did for Ayaan and Anshuman, as he did her homework. What do you know about me? I came here as I saw Bua’s truth, not just because she called him, I stayed here for Ayaan, I feel life can’t be led alone, I don’t care what you think about me. I see Ayaan missing his dad and I think he should get a father, the life is still in hands, the time won’t be same always. Pakhi comes to his room and packs his bag in anger. Anuja comes and is shocked seeing it. Veer comes and looks on. Anuja asks what is she dpoing. Pakhi throws the bag near him and asks him to leave the house now, not after 10 ddays.

Anuja scolds her and says you always misunderstand people, this is my house too, I called him and he will leave when I say, you can’t do as you wish always. Pakhi turns and tells Veer that Anuaj is against her because of him, he did not come to unite them, but to break relations. She says everything will be fine once you go from here. She leaves. Ayaan is in his school and thinks its not easy to convince Maaa, if she does not want to marry Aryaman, she won’t.

Ayaan says he has to get some idea to convince her, but what and asks Lord to help him. He has a medal in his hand and comes out of the school walking. He sees few kids fighting. Ayaan comes and argues with the bad boys. The boys beat up Ayaan. Pakhi is working in office. Ayaan comes to her in bad state and she is shocked seeing him. She asks what happened. He says those boys have beaten me. She asks why. He says the slum boys. She asks why did you go to slums. Ayaan says he took my trophy also whuch I won in competition. Pakhi says I will break their hands, show me who are those boys.

Veer tells Anuja that its no use if he stays here. Anuja says did you come only for work. He says you both solve this. She says fine, you also go, as everyone left me. She says she needs his support, fine leave me alone. Lavanya comes and asks what going on. Veer stay here for Maa’s sake. Veer says I m not annoyed, I can’t help anyone, I think things will get ugly if I stay here. Lavanya asks her raksha bandhan gift and says its decided he is not going anywhere. Veer agrees.

Lavanya says her car stopped mid way. Veer says he will get it and leaves. Pakhi comes to the slum and sees the boys with Ayaan’s trophy. Ayaan shows her those boys. The boys see them. The boys and Ayaan talk. They taunt him saying he does not have father and he is orphan. Pakhi asks the boy to give Ayaan’s trophy. The boy’s father talk to her. Pakhi says your son has beaten my son and took his trophy, please explain him not to do this and return the trophy. The man says fine, take it and does not give her. He says you have to do arm wrestling with me if you want this, fine you apply full strength and I will have half strength. Pakhi says Ayaan, they are bad people, lets go.

The man challenges her saying Ayaan said she is his mum and dad, and you are running being afraid. He taunts Pakhi. Ayaan says if dad was here, he would have shown them and got my trophy, they are saying bad things. Ayaan intentionally makes Pakhi realize that he needs a father. Hee says you say you are my mum and dad, but see you are unable to do anything. Ayaan thinks spry, I m doing this to make you ready to marry again. The man asks Pajhi to get the trophy if she has guts. Pakhi turns and goes to get the trophy. The man holds her hand while she lifts the trophy. Veer comes there as he was going to get Lavanya’s car and stops seeing Pakhi. He asks the man to leave Pakhi’s hand. The man asks are you Ayaan’s dad, will you challenge me. Pakhi looks at Veer.

Veer sits to arm wrestle with the man and keeps the trophy. Veer wins and pushes the man down. He asks him to apologize to Pakhi and makes him fall in her feet. He says he roams in big cars but he know show to tackle people like him. The man apologizes to Pakhi. Veer gives the trophy to Ayaan and says he will not like to see him again with these boys. He asks Pakhi will she come or does she need any invitation to come. Pakhi looks on.

Anuja talks to Ayaan. He asks how will Maa forgive Chachu. She asks if you want dad, make her realize that you need a father. Ayaan gets into a fight with a goon and police calls Pakhi informing Ayaan is on police station. She is shocked.

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  1. I hope veer marries pakhi and help her in her bad time

  2. She is a witch she is rude,dhokebaaz and a churail :-/
    I hope she dies and pakhi marries veer and they live happily ever after

  3. I dont want Pakhi remarry Aryaman.. I wish Anshuman could come back^^

  4. Sick of anuja !!!!
    She is putting a little child into trouble for her own gain.

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