Kumkum Bhagya 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Purab entering marriage venue. Abhi sees Pragya roaming around with open blouse’s back and thinks she is shamelessly walking around and thinks of taking her from there before anyone sees that. He goes to her and jokes about cockroach and asks her to come with him. She agrees. He touches her back, trying to hide her back. She asks why is he touching her. He says he is protecting her. She says his girlfriend will get angry if she sees us like this, Tanu watches them together. Daadi calls Pragya and goes to attend her.

Bulbul meeets her friend who get excited seeing her and ask where was she. She says she was busy with marriage in Pragya’s house. They say they know about her boyfriend and shows her last profile pic with Purab. Bulbul deletes the pic and says they have broke up now. Friend says Purab will not be happy at all. She says Purab is not like other guys.

Purbi show blue umberalla to Pragya, proming neele chatri wale serial. Pragya says it is nice and gives it to servant. She sees Sarla and Daadi and asks why is she late. Purbi says Sarla was shy of coming her because of the Puneet incident. Sarla says she did not have courage to face her family and asks if her family’s behaviour changed after that. Pragya says everything is normal and asks about Bulbul. Sarla says she went to her friend’s birthday party. Pragya thinks Bulbul is suffering because of her. Cousin daadi comes and takes everyone for the garland ceremony.

Abhi sees Pragya sad and says he is happy seeing her sad. Cousin daadi calls everyone for the ceremony. Abhi asks Pragya to stand there and goes to attend ceremony. Aaliya and Purab exchange garlands while everyone clap for them. Abhi asks what is after this. Daadi says phere and bidayi. He hugs Pragya and says after bidayi, even she will have to leave his house. Tanu says Aaliya after her bidayi, Pragya’s bidayi will also happen. Purab does not find Bulbul and asks Pragya about her. She says it is his marriage and should concentrate on it instead. He asks Purbi about Bulbul then who says she went to her friend’s birthday party and says she is groggy nowadays. His aunt sees him enquiring about Bulbul.

Pragya realizes her zip opened and hides her back. Abhi sees her hiding her back towards the wall and says Daadi is searching her. Pragya says her blouse is open. He says he was protecting her, but she was scolding him. She requests him to take her the room as a friend. He says he is not her friend. She says as a human at least. He asks her to request with feeling and praise her. Pragya praises her and requests again. Abhi says she looks pretty saying truth and tries to take her to the room, but cousin daadi stops them and says daadi is calling them. He says he wants to go to the room. She jokes they want to spend time togehter in room. Daadi comes there. Cousin dadi says they were for a honeymoon and says Purab is marrying, but they are being funny. Daadi says she is funny and asks Pragya/Abhi to come and perform rituals. They both reach mantap and perform pooja. Panditji asks Abhi to forward his right hand. He says he will not as he is hiding PRagya’s back. Daadi says he works with left hand and to continue pooja. Panditji performs pooja. Tanu sees them together and asks Aaliya when will behanji go out of this house. Aaliya she will be kicked out tomorrow morning and it is wedding gift for Tanu. Purab hears their whole conversation. Tanu says hope she is right. Aaliya assures again that Pragya will be kicked out in the morning. Purab reminisces Bulbul requesting him to marry Aaliya for Pragya’s sake, then reminisces his aunt to rethink about Bulbul, etc. He calls Bulbul, but she cuts his call and thinks it is his marriage and she shold not pick his call.

Abhi protects Pragya from people noticing her opened blouse and asks her not to stop even if storm comes. Tanu sees them together and asks why he is so close to Pragya and why is he ingoring her. Abhi explains about the situation and takes Pragya. He asks why did not she wear sharlwar kameez as she looks ugly either. She says she would not have let him touch her if her blouse was not open. They both go up. Tanu looks at them and starts blubbering. Cousin daadi sees her blubbering and asks what is she talking about. Tanu says a couple who always fights. Daadi says even she used to fight with her husband after her marriage, but now they are inseparable, it will be the same case with that couple. Tanu gets annoyed hearing that.

Precap: Abhi calls Purab, but he does not pick his call.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I think purab should expose those two witches in the presence of everybody and confess his loving bulbul there to make abhi repent of all his mistakes towards pragya

  2. It would be great, if Purab would marry Bulbul and come before Aliya and Abhi….eagerly waiting to see Abhi being shocked to know Bulbul is the one whom Purab loves not Pragya…………

  3. i dont know as pragay is so good and good hearted girl in this show why she is not feeling her sister and purab pain why she becoming a reason of their sepration when she knew that they love each other and pragaya also believe this love. even she knew that after this marriage pragya will be out of abhi’s life and home and her mom and daadi get to know everything still she is ready to see her own loving sister in this pain and purab as well how can she…..its seems like pragaya become very selfish and bulbul and purab are real actor of this story.

  4. Hopefully the truth comes out. I think Daadi should then have Purab marry Bulbul as they place is already decorated for a wedding while Aliyah watches in agony. Daadi should then kick Tanu out of the house ,forbid Abhi from having any relations with her and have him beg forgiveness fromPragya.

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