Qubool Hai 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Hotel room
seher is still unable to believe that she actually saw her exact lookalike, but doesnt really consider it very seriously. she eyes her idol of ganesha, and says that she felt that she knows this person who she saw at the hospital. Seher has tears in her eyes, and is surprised again as sanam is tearfully praying to the lord. Seher questions why does she get senti all of a sudden, and feels for someone who she hasnt met yet, and doesnt even know, but feels who needs her, and wants her to come near to that person.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
As sanam runs apalled to Rehaan, and asks him about ahil, he relieves her by saying that ahil is out of danger. She says that she got very scared. rehaan says that she prayed with much devotion. Sanam says that she never saw tanveer with such tension, as she is the mother to ahil after all, but rehaan is disturbed remembering the real truth. tanveer is very happy to think that ahil is safe, as had he died, her efforts would have gone in vain.

In his ward, ahil gets impatient and wants to be discharged, asking where’s rehaan. tanveer asks him to rest as its needed. Sanam comes in and asks if he is okay and if its paining a lot. Ahil misunderstands again between rehaan and sanam coming together. he gets frustrated and jerks her hand away and tries to get up groggily, shocking sanam. sanam asks where is he trying to go. he gets up somehow and begins to leave with tanveer’s insistence. sanam follows as they both come out. The doctor comes and asks him to rest which is much needed. ahil says that he feels restless here, and wants to leave as he feels suffocated here. the doctor agrees, and ahil thanks him. As ahil is being discharged, and taken by tanveer, with sanam in tow, the doctor tells ahil that his condition was very critical, but maybe the medicines were way less effective in curing him, that someone’s desperate prayers. Sanam stands tensed, while ahil turns around and looks at her. But he then asks about dilshad. sanam says that she is out of danger too. hil asks her to be taken care of, and call if anything is needed. ahil begins to go, and tanveer says that she thinks that she should stay back, and sanam go with him. But ahil says that she can stay, while tanveer herself comes with ahil. He doesnt comply to tanveer’s demands, and she gets frustrated. he takes tanveer by her hand and walks out, as sanam stands dazed.

Scene 3:
Location: Faiz’s residence
faiz asks haya to relax, as he knows that this isnt the ideal time for their wedding night, and he just wanted her to have dinner together, pointing out to the dinner spread that he has laid out in one corner of the room. haya is shocked and in a daze. she sits and faiz sits beside him too, but she is unable to take her mind off rahat’s memories. faiz finds her upset and drwas her attention back again, asking whats she thinking. She gets up hastily and rushes from there, but is shocked, when she finds that has has caught her hand. he surprisingly asks what happened. she frees her hand with a jerk, and runs away while he stands shocked.

In her room, haya cries profusely, remembering rahat’s departure. she hears the room knock, and pretends to be sleep. faiz finds her lying on her back, and sits by her side, caressing her on the head, while she bears with much discomfort, but not moving still. He draws the blanket over her, and then says that he loves her. As she finds him gone, she again starts crying.

Scene 4:
Location: Restaurant
The next morning, while rehaan discusses business with a client, seher comes disguised as a good natured girl, dressed in traditional attire, as she eyes her next victim, the top business couple of Bhopal, who are issueless, and hence keep donating charity. she tries to get into a sob sympathetic story, in loud tones, talking on the phoen, pretending to be terribly distraught, and finds that its actually affecting the couple. She starts threatening to commit suicide, and the couple gets the notice. But just then, rehaan’s meeting gets over and he gets up. Rehaan finds seher, at a restaurant, in a diferent attire, and demeanour, and confusing her to be sanam, he is surprised. he is tensed. seher is tensed too to look to rehaan. He refers to her as sanam.

Scene 5:
Location: Ahil’s residence
sanam comes in and finds that ahil is having trouble wearing his shirt, while one of his hand is wounded. She tries to help, but he continues to jerk her off. he hollers for tanveer and latif, and sanam retorts if he is a child. Despite him thwarting her off, she gives that one extra support, and it gets over his arm. Ahil refuses to take sanam’s help, while wearing the shirt, and even refuses to acknowledge her help, when she does. She is amused to see him like that. she amusingly waits for him to try and fail at buttoning his shirt all by himself. finally she orders him to stand still, and let her do it, and she is stunned into silence. Finding that he is unable to button up his shirt, he does so for him, while he romantically eyes her overwhelmingly. An awkward romantic glance follows. Finally she begins to leave, but then stops, nervous and then finally turns around, and finds that her dupatta is stuck in his shirt, while she was thinking that he had held her back. he eyes her teasingly, as she is embarassed. then he remembers seeing her with rehaan at the hospital, and takes it off with a jerk, and lets it off. He leaves hastily, while she is surprised. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: sanam tries to get him to eat, while ahil continues to say that he doesnt want to, and asks whats her problem, that she is insisting and asks who is she to him after all. she is shocked. In his fit, he accidentally topples the plate of food, and is shocked, as sanam is scared too. While haya lays out the table, one of the ladies related to faiz, finds that she is deaf and dumb, and then goes on to ask faiz, if there was such a dearth of girls, that he had to marry a deaf and dumb one.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. update fast plzzzz

  2. in the precap sanam is feeding to sanam………..

    1. sorry…sanam feeding ahil

  3. Bsr!!!
    Olala franchemen fo pa Dconer, j croyai e Aahil et Sanam aller se rapprocher mai c pa le cas….nul nul nul!!!
    Jaim cette seri mai la sa me Dsespere j penC kil y orai avoir du move!!! Mais non!!!
    Fo ke la serie evolu positivemen aai c koi sa?!???
    Pr une serie musulmane…sa fai honte l’islam!!!

    1. De quoi on parle la!!!! Qu’ a l’islam a voir avec ce que tu penses d’une série franchement je ne vois pas le rapport ???

  4. Just wen I was enjoying sanam n ahil moments he starts fighting again can’t we have a sanam and ahil moment jeeeez wen will they profess there love damn

  5. Hahahaha!
    Sanam is feeding to sanam…

  6. What’s wrong with ahil? Why is he misunderstanding sanam everytime??? Realy, rehaan didn’t have to express his love for sanam to ahil. And what is the next between seher and rehaan???? Can’t wait for the next episode…

  7. how long before the spark wil happen I’ve never missed one epi in this show and now zoya and asad are gone why uhhh please hrry up and make these 2 fall in love cause thay are already living together and time for the the contract is almost up and they can’t confess their love how long will it take I for one am totally losing patience

  8. this show keeps going in circle …. tenever always killin and never gets caught key role people never find each other

  9. It was cool to watch Sanam helping Ahil wearing his shirt……….but as usual after such a romantic scene. they started quarling again……in dono ki prem khani kab suru hogi..??????

  10. Il y a tro de malentendu a chak foi, par rappir a l’islam soi disan c une seri muslim….Il montr pa une bne image de l’islam
    Il doi montrer yakeen en Allah,muhabbah….

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