Rang Rasiya 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Rang Rasiya 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
maayra says to Maithili that rudra stopped, I know he did that for dhruv but I liked it, I felt like he stopped me fro himself, Maithili says I understand but whats next? maayra says I will stay here till drhuv gets fine then I will make him understand, I saw dhruv for the 1st time smiling at me so I want to leave seeing him like this, I will go back to US with lots of memories and this feeling, I cant cheat myself and rohit, I tried to contact him but couldn’t get through so I sent video message to him telling him about my love for rudra.
sumer ask mohini whats her plan? shtabdi says tomorrow maayra will want clothes to change but when she wont get her bag then what will she do? mohini says leave that on me.
maayra comes to Maithili in kitchen, rudra comes there too and ask Maithili about pulse being made, maayra says I am making soup, rudra says no need, I know how well you cook, maayra says I know little cooking and I know how to make good soup, rudra says no dhruv will have pulse only, maayra says he cant open his mouth, soup will be better for him, Maithili agrees, rudra goes from there, maayra says when I get ill I feel like killing my ill health.

Scene 2
maayra is giving soup to dhruv, rudra comes it and see this, he goes from there, dhruv ask maayra to sing heli mali song (which paro used to sing), maayra says I cant sing that, I don’t know that song, dhruv insists, maayra says I don’t that song, only your mother knew this song, she plays the song in rudra’s phone and smiles, dhruv listens the song and gets the sleep, rudra comes there and says why are you playing this song, maayra ask why are you so rudra, dhruv wanted to listen this song so I played it in your phone and look he slept, she checks dhruv if he is sleeping and is about to go but dhruv holds her hand in sleep, maayra sits beside him on floor, rudra sits on other side of bed and looks at them.
in morning, rudra wakes up and is shocked to see maayra sleeping on ground holding dhruv’s hand, he is shocked.

Scene 3
maayra says t mohini what my suitcase didn’t reach the house? I gave the address of ranawat house only, what will I wear now? mohini shows her saree and ask her to wear it, maayra is skeptical but takes it, mohini thinks that now she will become like paro and rudra will go mad seeing her then he will make her his wife then we will play in money and only money, maayra’s alarm rings, she says its time for dhruv’ medicine. she goes to rudra’s room who is finding medicine, maayra says its in other drawer, rudra says why did you change its place, maayra says dhruv could have thrown it so I put it in other drawer, rudra say what if didn’t get it, maayra says I came on time to give medicine, don’t become irritated on small things, especially infront of dhruv, dhruv laughs seeing them fight, rudra gives dhruv medicine but he says its bitter, I wont take it, maayra says what its bitter, she mixes it in water and gives it dhruv, he drinks it and says its fine now, rudra looks on, maayra says to rudra that nothing is that much bitter that it cant be represented in sweet form, atleast this way, you can swallow bitter things, rudra says I don’t know these things.

Scene 4
sumer says to mohini that just by making maayra wear paro’s saree, rudra will not melt, maayra have to make 100 dishes to impress rudra while maayra doesn’t even know how to handle things in kitchen, mohini says I thought about it and as they say that man’s heart way is from belly so maayra will make food for rudra and will impress him, sumer ask how? mohini says leave that on me, I have planned it.
maayra comes toher room and thinks what to wear, she finds saree which mohini gave her, she says I have seen this saree earlier, she thinks maybe its of paro and says I will return it, she goes out to return it.
Maithili gives tiffin to samrat, he romantically looks at her, she ask what happened? he says cant I see you even? she says no, I thought you need something, samrat says we should go out tomorrow, Maithili says I have work tomorrow, is there something special tomorrow? samrat ask you don’t remember it? Maithili says no, samrat says its our 12th marriage anniverwsay tomorrow,,, har saal tum yaad,,

SCene 5
maayra as paro’s saree in her hand, rudra see it and gets angry, he says how dare you touch it, maayra says I was coming back to return it to you, rudra says were you going to wear it, he grabs her by shoulder and it pains maayra, maayra shockingly looks at him, he leaves her, maayra says why did you stop rudra, were you going to beat me so that I don’t look like your wife, I am not interested to look like your wife, she says I was not going to wear it, rudra ask then why is it in your hand, maayra says its in my hand but its under your feet, rudra sees it and removes his feet from saree, maayra says I am sorry for wearing your wife’s dress earlier, I know it hurt you but it was unintentional, rudra says what you know about love and emotions, maayra is in tears and says yes you are right, what I know about emotions and love, she says I am tired of this blame game. maayra say to rudra that I know its paro’s saree and I don’t want to wear it, don’t want to be like paro, because I am happy of what I am, now I will come infront of you when dhruv needs anything as i came back to house only for dhruv.

PRECAP- rudra is on door of maayra’s room, maayra says to rudra that go from her room, rudra says listen to me, maayra says I just came for dhruv here, I don’t want to talk to you please leave from here, rudra tries to talk to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Greedy mohini donno u guys making better or worse plan shut!! 3 greedy ufffffff!! Myrah nd dhruv bond is suprbbb**

  2. really so cute dhruv and myrah.i like that when she didnt want to become paro.ur right dear u be as ur.so nice of myrah and rudra.thank for update

  3. i love today episodes pa . super

  4. Dhruv is the only one who can make a bond between mayraa n rudra.i think rudra will soon fall for her.

  5. Feeling very sad about the news of show go off air….so no mind for comments

  6. v miss u paro.

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