Tumhari Pakhi 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
nandini says to pakhi that you broke jiji’s heart, jiji was insulted, you were busy in havan, lavanya didn’t even allow her to meet you, she insulted jiji, pakhi ask jiji to open the door, she says I didn’t know you came to lavanya’s house, I woulnt have let lavanya do this with you.
Lavanya says to veer that pakhi was busy in havan and your jiji came here so I stopped her from meeting pakhi, veer says this mean you insulted her, lavanya says no, you insulted her, you fooled her, you didn’t tell her that pakhi and you have nothing in between, di you ask jiji to plead infront of pakhi for your love, veer you have started loving pakhi, she shows him earring he brought for pakhi, she says you cant win pakhi by all these things, she gave these expensive earrings to me like nothing, it doesn’t matter to her, the only thing that matter to her is anshuman’s love, veer says I understand that pakhi didn’t know about jiji coming here but only you can think price of gift, pakhi know importance of relations, yes I love pakhi and pakhi is not related to anshuman and veer, she has her life and she can take her life’s decision, every person has right to chose anything for themselves, you cant stop pakhi for choosing anyone, he leaves, lavanya says to anshuman’s picture that pakhi is only yours.
jiji opens the door, jiji ask why so much drama, she ask kumu to bring food, she sends charu too, nandini thinks that my plan failed, jiji is calm, pakhi says to jiji that I am sorry, I didn’t know you came there, jiji says I am fine, go and get ready, this is your first karwachauth, dress and jewelry is in your room, pakhi says actually…, jiji says I cant listen anything, you have to do all the ritauls, its first karwachauth so you should do it, pakhi says if you are happy in it then I will do it. nandini thinks that this calmness is of before strom, something big is going to happen.

Scene 2
Pakhi gets ready as married women in red-green saree, veer comes there and is shocked to see her dresses, pakhi says what happened with jiji was wrong, veer says you wont be forced from now on, pakhi says nothing to worry, when we followed so many rituals for her then we can do one more ritual for her.
Pakhi and veer comes down, jiji says to pakhi that you are looking beautiful. she says you both have to do the pooja, all comes to mandir in house, charu make veer and pakhi wear dupattas, charu does gath bandhan, jiji says we do this in karwachauth, jiji does their aarti, she makes veer and pakhi hold their hands, she says now you do sankalp, veer ask for what? she says for good child so that our family extends, pakhi is shocked and takes back her hand, pakhi says I wont do anything, jiji says why not? you are his wife, you have to give heir, veer says I told you all truth, jiji says but I didn’t accept it, she says to pakhi that veer told me that you don’t have wife relation with him? why not, if veer can be father of your son then why cant be he your husband? pakhi leaves from there breaking gath bandhan.

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Scene 3
Veer stops pakhi, jiji comes there, she says what are you doing pakhi with my brother, he has accepted you, he has given name to your child, why you are not accepting him, pakhi says I have talked to veer, if you want answer then listen I cant accept veer as my husband, this marriage is a deal, we married for Riya and Ayaan, jiji says no you married for ayan, you had the reason for marrying him, you used veer, pakhi says I just want to say that I love anshuman only, jiji says you are selfish, you love someone who is not in this world but what about love of my brother? veer loves you a lot, pakhi is shocked, she says you are mistaken, we have no hope with this relation, like I love anshuman, veer loves keerti, jiji says veer told me that he loves you, pakhi is beyond shock, she looks at veer, she says this cant happen, jiji ask veeer to tell pakhi that he loves her, you have to tell her today, goodness doesn’t mean that for other you kill your happiness, veer says we will talk later, jiji says if you respect me then tell her that you love her, she puts his hand on her head and says you will see my dead face if you dotn tell her today, she ask veer to say truth otherwise see my dead face, veer is shocked, veer says yes, I love pakhi, pakhi cant believe her ears, veer says to pakhi that don’t think about it much, lavanya comes there, she says you were in lie pakhi, jiji says is right, veer has started loving you, he has stooped in love, he is lying to show his love, she show her earrings which veer brought for her, lavanya says no client gave it to veer but veer brought these as gift for you, Riya also know it, call her, veer says to pakhi that don’t think wrong about it, pakhi leaves from there. lavanya says to jiji that you didn’t believe me, now you saw that pakhi only loves anshuman, she cant love veer ever. she gives earrings to jiji and leaves.

Scene 4
Pakhu is crying, veer comes there and says everything is wrongly portrayed, pakhi says I was wrong, I gave you chance to fool me, you were around me with these intentions, you are not that person which I thought, what you want? when you came in this house, you took ayan’s love from me, then you married me and broke my promise to anshuman and now you want to finish my identity, anshuman is everything for me, I married you ayan only, I know you have done so much for me and my son but now its enough, she angrily looks at veer.

PRECAP- pakhi’s saree is about to get burn with diya, veer sees it and says pakhi, he tries to make her away from diya, pakhi pushes him and says how dare you touch me, you thought that you got young wife so you changed your mind and got lured, veer says thanks for telling me that what is my worth, now I know what I have to do.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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