Gustakh Dil 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasmine reading the news about Trishna and Sagar attending event in Agra. She thing what happened there and says great news, I have to tell this to Nikhil. Nikhil comes to meet her. She greets him and hides the paper, showing she cares for him. He takes the paper and sees the news. She smiles. He gets annoyed. She says I wanted you to forget everything, afterall Lajjo is your wife. She tries to cheer him. He says Lajjo’s family is very simple and honest people, whatever happened between me and Lajjo, I have to support her family. She says true and thinks lets see till when you do this duty.

Nani and Barkha go to meet Ayesha and does not like the area. Nani rings the bell. Adhiraj opens the door and says you… Barkha and Nani smile. Lajjo comes to meet Jasmine. Jasmine says what a pleasant surprise, come. Ayesha welcomes Barkha and Nani, and cleans the room fast. Adhiraj helps her. Barkha says you should keep room clean. Adhiraj says she improved the room, its Sunday, so I wanted her to sleep and made breakfast for her. Nani and Barkha are glad. Adhiraj asks will they have tea. Nani says I want to see the talk show on tv. Adhiraj tries to open it. Ayesha says it works when I slap it, see I will show.

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She bangs it and it starts. Nani and Barkha laugh. Adhiraj treats them well. Barkha asks for tea. Adhiraj says I will make. Ayesha says no, I will make tea for them as your type of tea. Nani and Barkha smile seeing their love. Lajjo confronts Jasmine for creating misunderstanding between her and Nikhil, but she won’t bear this. Jasmine gets angry. Jasmine acts sweet and says what can I do if Nikhil saw all that, it was all true, what did I do. She says I know what he saw and what he understood, who planned for this, you got him to Agra.

Jasmine says ok, you were in Sagar’s arms, in compromising position, I did not make you do that rught. Lajjo says you did all this, I checked it, Sagar booked two rooms. Jasmine says what do you want to say, I cancelled one room, how can I do this. Lajjo says you can do anything, I know it very well. Jasmine says great, cool, if you know this, I don’t want to argue, you trust anyone you like, fine. Lajjo says I will trust Sagar, not you, as I did not see a big liar than you in this world. She says you told Nikhil about Sagar’s past, who told him that Sagar molested you, you said it right. She says I know it Sagar is a very good human being, and even then you met him, blamed him, Sagar did not even touch you, this is the truth.

Jasmine smiles and asks how will she prove all this. Barkha and Nani come back home and are happy seeing Ayesha and Adhiraj. She says its not important what we dream for kids, its important what we taught them to dream, we should be proud of Ayesha and Adhiraj. Inder comes and Nani asks him the same thing. Inder says kids’ dreams are imp. Nani says we went to meet Ayesha, they are so happy and have wonderful chemistry. Inder smiles. He says understanding is required in good marriage. Barkha taunts Inder for having another daughter. He says please, servants are here, don’t say this. She says everyone will know one day, and joke will be made of me, as you are a man. Lajjo laughs on Jasmine and reminds her how she worked here and got all proof, and sent her dad to jail. She makes Jasmine more angry saying her dad is having jail air. She says if I can send Ranawat to jail, then what are you. Jasmine says she will win Nikhil, we will see. Lajjo smiles. Jasmine says you know you know the truth, I m so relieved, now it will be fun. I can play the game well now, see we know the truth, but Nikhil does not know, Nikhil is just mine and I will take him right from your clutches. She says this is my challenge. Lajjo says fine then, I accept it. Nikhil won’t be yours for seven births, he will come back to me, to his Lajjo. Jasmine looks on angrily.

Lajjo hears Nikhil talking to Jasmine and leaving to meet her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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