Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RK falling on the ground. Maya thinks what happened to RK. Sandhya and Lohya call the doctor. RK gets checked and doctor says his BP got low, so he fainted. Sandhya says BO low and sees the food made by Bhabho. She says when will he get fine. The doctor says we can’t say. Sandhya asks Lohya to shut all hospital exit points. Maya leaves out hearing this. She calls Prema and asks why was she not taking call, her Plan A and B are failed, you should be ready for Plan C. She says RK got unwell, don’t know how did this happen. Prema asks it means he ate that food. Maya says yes, but if you changed the plan, you should have told us.

Prema says I came to know RK’s food is going from here. The FB shows Bhabho asking Prema to fill all dishes in the tiffin. Prema added the medicine in it, thinking its RK’s fav food and its for him. Bhabho tells her that the tiffin is to be sent to Sandhya. Prema asks why. Sandhya says I don’t know, its not liked by Sandhya, maybe someone else like it, leave all this, pack the tiffin and give it to Lohya. Prema thinks RK is getting hanged today and Sandhya got his fav food, it means its his last wish. She tells Maya that the medicine reduced his BP. Maya says you did well, if we failed today, RK would have been hanged.

Sandhya says how our game failed, everytime they come and do their work, how did this happen Lohya. The doctor says RK is fine now, his BP was low. He says we took blood sample and sent to lab, we can say after reports come, it will take one or two days for him to be completely fine. She says don’t know how did this happen. Lohya says yes, he was fine before having food. Sandhya says the food came from my house. She asks did he meet anyone while getting tiffin. He says no. She says no one knows this food is for RK, but someone mixed medicine in it.

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Babasa tells everyone that Vikram is not realizing his love for Meenakshi, but he won’t hide it from us. Meenakshi says yes, but I want to hear it from him that he loves me, like he made me leave the room, he will hold my hand and take me to the room. Bhabho asks her not to do anything that he kicks her out of the room. Sandhya calls Mohit. She asks for Bhabho. Mohit gives the phone and Meenakshi takes it. She says Vikram stopped the engagement and kicked Amit out, saying he won’t let me remarry. Sandhya says great news, I m happy. She says she will talk later and asks for Bhabho.

She talks to Bhabho and asks about the food sent, it was very tasty, I liked it. Bhabho says I know it was not for you, you don’t like those things, I don’t know why you got it. Sandhya says I will tell later. She asks did she make it, did anyone help her. Bhabho says yes, I made it alone. She asks I felt maybe someone came at home. Bhabho says many people came, but I did not let anyone come in kitchen. She says fine, I will come home and talk. She ends the call. Sandhya calls Lohya and asks about food sample testing and report. She says tell me if you get to know anything.

Sooraj comes home and says he gave leave to Birju, to get well. Bhabho says you have to go Dubai, who will take care of shop. Mohit says he will manage the shop, surprising everyone. Sooraj thanks him and says he is glad to hear this, but he will be glad when he does the work he loves. Mohit says I m trying, I will get job soon. Vikram comes and Bhabho tells Sooraj to see that Vikram is looking for Meenakshi. Bhabho asks Emily to get tea. Vikram says I will have it later. He says house looks lonely today, is everyone here. Bhabho says why, we all are here. He says no, nothing.

He sees Meenakshi coming in her new dress. Meenakshi asks how is she looking. She gets a call and says I will meet you outside the chaat stall, no one is coming with me. Vikram thinks she is going to meet Amit who came today for engagement. Vikram stops her and says I know you are going to meet Amit. He asks why is she going and to meet whom. She asks how do you know. He says I know you are going to meet him. She thinks he is mistaken and its good chance to make him more jealous. She says she is getting late. He stops her and asks her to sit. She praises Amit. He says I will stop you, with all right. He asks Babasa to get up and go. Babasa says whats this, its wrong. Everyone smile.

Vikram gets the aarti plate and fills Sindoor in Meenakshi’s hairline. Meenakshi and everyone get happy. Meenakshi gets tears in her eyes and says he will beat Amit if she meets him. He says he loves her and nothing can value his love. He asks her not to think of anyone, as she is tied to him. She asks her to erase Amit’s number. Everyone smile. Babasa shows Vikram that Prema came. Vikram looks at her.

Sandhya questions Amit and his mum. She wants to know did they go to kitchen. The lady says we feel we are stuck by helping you. Sandhya asks did anyone tell you to do any work. They say no. Sandhya thinks Bhabho won’t let strangers go in kitchen, and only Prema can go, so is it Prema.

Sooraj gets the letters from Zakir and asks what does Zakir wants to say. Sooraj gets Sandhya’s call and says he is with Zakir, he told me something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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